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Soul Metamorphosis

Album: ''Soul Metamorphosis'' (2003 EP)
1. Pioneers of a Dead Future
2. Dawn of Darkness
3. Soul Metamorphosis
4. King God

Welcome to the Battlefield

Album: ''Welcome to the Battlefield'' (2004)
1. Shunned by Life
2. Madness in the Realm of War
3. Eldjättar
4. Scorched World
5. Soul Metamorphosis
6. Despoter
7. Serpents
8. The Blood Divine
9. Stonefaced Mountains
10. King God
11. Mass Produced Hybrid Humans

in battle


In Battle was formed in 1996 when Frölén, Wiklund and Östlund-Sandin of ODHINN joined forces with Sjödin (aka Mysteriis) of SETHERIAL. The band recorded a rehearsal tape containing three songs in a local studio in Sundsvall. The tape was sent to Napalm Records Austria and a record deal for two albums was signed. In April 1997 the first album "In Battle" was recorded at Sunlight Studio in Stockholm Sweden. The album contains twelve extremely fast and brutal songs. The response was great and a European tour was to follow.

Nov-Dec 1997 In Battle made their first public appearance on the "With Us Or Against Us Tour" with SETHERIAL and MALIGNAT ETERNAL. In 1998 the second album "The Rage of the Northmen" was recorded at Ballerina Audio in Umea Sweden. Before entering the studio, the IN BATTLE line-up was reduced due to some personal problems in the band. Wiklund took over the vocals after Östlund-Sandin who left the band one week before entering the studio. Frölen played all Guitars/Bass guitars on the album since Sjödin decided to leave the band after the first album to concentrate on his main band SETHERIAL

In 2001, the only member left is John Frölen because Wiklund left the band after the second album. Frölén (guitar and vocals) and Sandin (drums) started rehearsing new material and asked Hans Karlsson (guitar) from DIABOLICAL to join the force in 2002. Then in 2003 In Battle played their first gig in 3 years on the SmackRockFestival in July as one of the headline bands, with J.O. Sandin on drums, Frölen guitar,H Karlsson guitar, ( M. Ödling of DIABOLICAL on session vocals and Victor Brandt of NECROCIDE on session bass).

After some searching for a drummer the band finally got their hands on Nils "the machine" Fjellström also in (AEON). In Battle went to Necromorbus studio to record a 4-song promo called "Soul Metamorphosis", the result was good production and sound. In Battle then signed to ColdRecords, a sub-label to Metal Blade in Europe with their first release on the new label in 2004.

In 2004, the third full-length album "Welcome to the Battlefield" is recorded. It contained 11 songs of aggression and boiling adrenaline. The production from famous guitarist of ex MORBID ANGEL/HATE ETERNAL came out excellent and fit this album perfectly.

Viking/Black/Death Metal

Norse Mythology, War...

Sweden (Sundsvall), formed in 1996

Candlelight Records


John Odhinn Sandin - Vocals (Valkyria (Swe), Abyssos (Guest), Norrsken)
John Frölén - Bass (formerly Guitar) (Odhinn, Norrsken)
Hasse Karlsson - Guitars (Diabolical (Swe), Odhinn)
Tomas Elofsson - Guitar (God Among Insects, Sanctification)
Nils Fjellström - Drums (ex-Aeon (Swe), Chastisement, Odhinn, Sanctification, ex-Souldrainer, A*Teem , Dark Funeral as Dominator)

Håkan Sjödin - Guitar, Bass (Setherial, Blackwinds)
Chastaintment - Bass
Otto Wiklund - Drums (Odhinn, Setherial) (on 'In Battle' and 'Rage of the Northmen') (R.I.P. October 18th 1976 - August 13th 2006, Suicide)
Marcus Edvardsson - Session bass (on 'Soul Metamorphosis') (Souldrainer, Chastisement, Sanctification, Endless Torture)


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