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Messias Abaddon

Album: ''Messias Abaddon'' (1995 Demo)
1. Darkness
2. Nosferatu
3. ...With Hate and Impurity
4. Soulbrothers
5. Oratorium
6. My Goddess
7. Downfall: Part I: Entlebt Part II: The Downfall Part III :Under the Moonshine
8. Sadness

Pagan Fires

Album: ''Pagan Fires'' (1996 Demo)
1. Horrorsinfonie (intro)
2. Aeon of Dreams
3. Funeral Pile - My Throne of Fire
4. Hellhammer
5. Screams of a Raven
6. Pagan Fires

Caedes Sacrilegae

Album: ''Caedes Sacrilegae'' (1997)
1. Caedes Sacrilegae
2. Aeon Of Dreams
3. ...Be My Blood Of The Night
4. Draculs Passion By The Light Of The Bloodmoon
5. My Goddess
6. Autumn Silence
7. Funeral Pile
8. Revelation Of Baphomet
9. Downfall Of God
10. Impending Doom

Pagan Fires/Messias Abaddon

Album: ''Pagan Fires/Messias Abaddon'' (1997 Best of/Compilation)
1. Horrorsinfonie (Intro)
2. Aeon of Dreams
3. Funeral Pile - My Throne of Fire
4. Hellhammer
5. Screams of a Raven
6. Pagan Fires
7. Darkness
8. Nosferatu
9. ...With Hate and Impurity
10. Soulbrothers
11. Oratorium
12. My Goddess
13. Downfall of God
14. Sadness
15. My Goddess

Promo Tape 11/97

Album: ''Promo Tape 11/97'' (1997 Demo)
1. The Age of Antichrist
2. Armageddon Tales
3. Demonarchy
4. Land of Burning Coffins
5. Hellhammer
6. Dethroned Emperor

Signum Of Hate

Album: ''Signum Of Hate'' (1998)
1. The Age Of Antichrist
2. Armageddon Tales
3. Demon - (Mon)archy
4. Land Of Burning Coffins
5. Hellhammer
6. Sumerian Awakening
7. The Rebirth
8. Domination Of Suffering Souls
9. Forward To Golgotha
10. Stigma (Signum Of Hate)
11. Metal To The Metals

Promo Recordings 11/99

Album: ''Promo Recordings 11/99'' (1999 Demo)
1. Atone for your Mistake
2. Obscure Funeral
3. Revocation of Creation
4. Chaos God

Blasphemy Incarnate

Album: ''Blasphemy Incarnate'' (2000 EP)
1. Dead But Dreaming (Intro)
2. Atone For Your Mistake
3. Revelation of Baphomet
4. Burn The House of God (live)
5. Obscure Funeral (live)
6. Dethroned Emperor (live) (Celtic Frost cover)
7. Raining Blood (live) (Slayer cover)

Apocalypse III The Manifested Purgatorium

Album: ''Apocalypse III The Manifested Purgatorium'' (2001)
1. Hatespawn
2. Burn The House Of God
3. Chaos God
4. Obscure Funeral
5. Bloodpraised Agony
6. Revocation Of Creation
7. Atone For Your Mistake
8. Frozen Empire
9. Where Sinners Bleed

The great pale Hunter

Album: ''The great pale Hunter'' (2001 EP)
1. The great pale Hunter
2. Co Dobre Pro Mue, Dobrym Jest ... (Maniac Butcher cover)

Beyond The Altar Of Obscurity

Album: ''Beyond The Altar Of Obscurity'' (2003 Best of/Compilation)
1. Dead But Dreaming
2. The Great Pale Hunter
3. Bloodpraised Agony
4. Headshot Christ
5. Raining Blood
6. Obscure Funeral
7. Burn The House Of God
8. Cromlech (Darkthrone Cover)
9. Sumerian Awakening
10. Chapel Of Ghouls (Morbid Angel Cover)
11. Armageddon Tales
12. Draculs Passion By The Light Of The Fullmoon
13. Hellhammer
14. Dethroned Emperor


There are two bands called Impending Doom.

1)A German Black/Death/Thrash Metal band, formed in 1993 by Marcus Regel, Uwe Roedel, Thomas Born and Pierre Krueger under the name of Black Prophecy. They released three albums and split up in 2003.

2)Christian Deathcore band originating from Riverside/Corona, California.

"There’s a new marque of darkness coming out of the amplifiers of Impending Doom. Three guitarists contribute to the density of sound that fills your head like an inky black menace when first you hear this band. This is a band comprised of musicians who manipulate the genre of death metal like a butcher wields his cleaver. Bending vocal sounds to his whim, Brook Reeves takes the listener on a downward spiral into the depths of the band’s convictions where one may be surprised to find a shining light of unbelievable brilliance. The juxtaposition of guttural bellowing and slaughterhouse wailing isn’t the only thing that catapults Impending Doom above the rest of the death metal bands. The fact that Impending Doom refuse to toe the line with their spiritual convictions in a genre long known for it’s demonic inclinations is paramount to the band’s impending notability…and your impending doom.

Impending Doom will be recording their debut full length this summer for an September '07 release on Facedown.

Brook Reeves - Vocals
Manny Contreras - Guitar
Greg Pewthers - Guitar
David Sittig - Bass
Andy Hegg - Drums"

Black/Death/Thrash Metal


Germany (Weida/Rockendorf,Thuringia), formed in 1993

Voice of Life Records


Thomas Born - Bass
Patrick W. Engel - Guitar (ex-Final Dezision, Nameless (Ger), Anael, Hatespawn, Signum Diabolis, Buried God, ex-Charon, ex-Cenotaph (Ger))
Andreas Kaufmann - Vocals (ex-Krypta (Ger), Hatespawn)
Pierre Krueger - Drums
Marcus Regel - Guitar

Olaf Riegler - Keyboards (until Caedes Sacrilegae) (ex-Final Dezision)
Uwe Roedel - Guitar (Defloration)


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