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Angelic Voices Calling

Album: ''Angelic Voices Calling'' (2001 EP)
1. Ancient Legacy
2. Death Becomes All
3. The Blood Is The Almighty Sin
4. Angelic Voices Calling
5. Never Again

Cast Into Fields Of Evil Pleasure

Album: ''Cast Into Fields Of Evil Pleasure'' (2003)
1. Zetite
2. Behind The Mirrors
3. Cast Into Fields Of Evil Pleasure
4. Temporary Borders
5. The Creators Biggest Pride
6. Gloomy Gathering
7. Bring Down The Witching Hour
8. By The Hands Of Violent Winter
9. Frozen Constellations

Second Skin Of Harlequin

Album: ''Second Skin Of Harlequin'' (2006)
1. And There Was Light
2. Virgin Soil
3. Pieta
4. Sought By The Fallen One
5. She, The Plague
6. Feathers Shall Fall
7. Clockwork of Time
8. Book of Sand
9. Aqua Diabolicom (Bonus track)



Formerly known as Flagellation, Illnath is a Danish black metal band, formed in 1997 by Peter Falk and Jokum Thor Larsen. The current line-up is: Bjørn Holter (vocals), Kenneth (bass), Peter Falk (guitars), Artur Meinild (keyboards).

Their music is heavily influenced by Cradle of Filth, a band from England that plays symphonic black metal.

In spring 2002, they signed a contract with Japanese label World Chaos Production. Illnath has expressed that they do not wish to work with World Chaos Production.

"Once again we must conclude that WCP is a crap label and we will use this opportunity to strongly warn potential bands from signing with World Chaos - Do not work with this label!!"

They are planning on finding a bigger label to work with for future albums.

Illnath has asked their fans for help in a legal battle against World Chaos Productions. It is still unknown what the reason for this legal battle is, however Illnath did ask their fans how and where they bought their Second Skin of Harlequin album.


* Angelic Voices Calling (2001) (self-financed EP)
* Cast Into Fields of Evil Pleasure (2003)
* Second Skin of Harlequin (2006)

Melodic Black Metal

Denmark (Lyngby), formed in 2000

Deathlight Records


Narrenschiff (Bjørn Holter) - Vocals (54, ex-Ásmegin, Esgaroth (Nor), Deject)
Pete (Peter Falk) - Guitars, Vocals (7 Thorns)
Tyr (Artur Meinild) - Keyboards (7 Thorns)
Lars - Drums (7 Thorns)
Kenneth Frandsen - Bass (7 Thorns, Beyond Reality (Dnk), Renégadeth, Defiled Dreams)

Benjamin Johannesen - Drums
Jokum Thor Larsen - Guitars (1997-2000)
Simon Thorsback - Vocals (2000) (Ofring)
Rasmus Jakobsen - Drums (2002-2003) (ex-Mercenary (Dnk))
Tobias Jensen - Bass (1998-2005)


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