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Four Depressive Seasons

Album: ''Four Depressive Seasons'' (1993)
1. Forbidden Summer Poetry
2. Reversed
3. Weeping Souls Of Autumn Desires
4. Life Equals Zero (A Love Song)
5. A Deathwork Orange... The Winter Of Our Discontempt
6. Wardance Of The Technocracy
7. Never Ceasing Melancholic Spring
8. Inherit The Wind
9. With The Lost Souls On Our Side

Return From Tomorrow

Album: ''Return From Tomorrow'' (1994 EP)
1. Depersonalisation
2. Return From Tomorrow
3. On Death And Dying
4. Darkness Weaves With Many Shades
5. Impact
6. Whitering Teardrops
7. Instrumental (Outro)


Album: ''Submit'' (1995)
1. Purity Of Sadness
2. A Frame Of Mind
3. Vesuvio
4. The Hidden Ache
5. Memories Expanded
6. Slow Death Factory
7. Submit
8. Flogging A Dead Horse
9. Die Kingdom


Album: ''Helvede'' (1995 Best of/Compilation)
1. A Deathwork Orange (Introsection)
2. The Winter Of Our Discontempt
3. A Darkening Age
4. With The Lost Souls On Our Side
5. Inherit The Wind
6. Soulstorm
7. Teardrops
8. Darkness Weaves With Many Shades
9. To Be Continued
10. Whitering Teardrops
11. Instrumental
12. Die Kingdom


Album: ''There's Something Rotten In The State of Denmark'' (1997)
1. Psychic Cyclus I-III
2. Near The Gates
3. We Lie In The Snow
4. Wake Up Dead (Megadeth cover)
5. Life: An Evaluation
6. There's Something Rotten...
7. Pimp
8. Days On The Floor
9. Not A Vision - 1991
10. Instrumentally Illdisposed
11. Horsens Highway


Album: ''Retro'' (2000)
1. Cromlech (DARKTHRONE Cover)
2. None Shall Defy (INFERNAL MAJESTY Cover)
3. Reek of Putrefaction (CARCASS Cover)
4. Rapture (PARADISE LOST Cover)
5. Nightmare (VENOM Cover)
6. Gasping for Air (AUTOPSY Cover)
7. Open Casket (DEATH Cover)
8. Killed by Death (MOTÖRHEAD Cover)
9. Out of the Body (PESTILENCE Cover)
10. Intoxicated (OBITUARY Cover)
11. Beating Around the Bush (AC/DC Cover)

Checkpoint #3

Album: ''Checkpoint #3'' (2001 Split)
1. Gone Forever
2. Richard Scarry
3. Biomechanical Death Machine
4. Pumpjack Pleasures
5. Enter the Halls

1-800 Vindication

Album: ''1-800 Vindication'' (2004)
1. I Believe In Me
2. Dark
3. Now We're History
4. When You Scream
5. Jeff
6. In Search of Souls
7. Still Sane
8. You Against the World
9. No More Time
10. The Final Step

We Suck, Live Aarhus 2004

Album: ''We Suck, Live Aarhus 2004'' (2005 DVD)
1. Hell Awaits (Slayer cover)
2. Reversed
3. Submit
4. Wake Up Dead
5. In Search of Souls
6. Near the Gates
7. Dark
8. A Warm Welcome
9. Richard Scarry
10. No More Time
11. We Lie in the Snow
12. Psychic Cyclus I-III
13. Purity of Sadness
14. The Final Step



Illdisposed are currently the biggest name in Danish extreme music. Since the beginning of the 90’s, when they were a 100% underground band, Illdisposed have made a name for themselves with most metal fans and a lot of people within the trade of extreme music because of an uncompromising style. The band has toured most parts of Europe through their career. Time after time these 5 lads of Aarhus fill the venues. Several concert organizers find that Illdisposed is the most successful Danish metal band.

Death Metal

Metal, Conflict, Hate

Denmark (Aarhus), formed in 1991

AFM Records


Bo Summer - Vocals (also in Panzerchrist, ex-Detest (Dnk))
Jakob ``Batten`` Hansen - Guitar
Martin Thim - Guitar (Exmortem (Dnk), Mordulv)
Thomas ``Muskelbux`` Jensen - Drums
Jonas ``Kloge`` Mikkelsen - Bass

Ronnie R. Bak - Bass (1993-1998) (ex-Angel Accelerator Death)
Michael Enevoldsen - Drums (1993-1994) (Panzerchrist, ex-Angel Accelerator Death)
Morten Gilsted - Guitar (1993-1997) (Furious Trauma, Slow Death Factory)
Lars Hald - Drums (1995) (Dominus (Dnk), Panzerchrist, ex-Infernal Death (Dnk), Deadflesh (Dnk))
Tore Mogensen - Guitar (1997-2002)
Rolf Rognvard-Hansen - Drums (1995-2002) (Guitar in Caustic (Dnk), Slow Death Factory)
Hans Wagner - Guitar (1994)
John Doe - Bass
Lasse Bak Laart - Guitar (Goat, Slow Death Factory)


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