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In Blood We Trust

Album: ''In Blood We Trust'' (2000)
1. Incantation
2. Burn The Angels Down
3. Fatal Shine Of The Sky
4. Infernational
5. Lovesong
6. Open The Gates Of Hell
7. Sacrilegious
8. Across The Battlefields
9. Breeding The Scum
10. In Blood We Trust
11. After The Carnage

The Revenge Ride

Album: ''The Revenge Ride'' (2001)
1. Raven's Opera D-Moll
2. Crystal Purity of Treachery
3. Evil Awaken
4. Regicide
5. Journey Into Doom
6. Endorsed By Satan
7. Spider-Werk
8. I Am The Wind
9. Lost
10. Heroism of New Era

Rabble M�nifesto

Album: ''Rabble M�nifesto'' (2005)
1. The Message
2. Drowned In Burial Mud
3. Cleansing Extrema
4. Krieg (The Alpha Paradox)
5. Tribe Fire Rituals
6. Firecult (Törr cover)
7. 18x37 (Adrenaline Code)
8. Supernatural Race Disharmony
9. Black Nymph Reveals
10. The Quisling Celebration
11. At Death's Door



Hypnos was one of the best death metal bands in the Czech Republic. Bruno (ex-Krabathor) formed the band in 1999 and since then they managed to release 3 records: In Blood We Trust (2000), The Revenge Ride (2001) and Rabble Mänifesto (2005).
The last known line-up was Bruno (bass, vocals), Butch Mills (guitar) and three session members: Peter B. (drums), Igor Hubík (guitars; also Root) and Alex (guitars; also Pandemia).
Now the band is temporarily split-up, because Bruno claimed that he needs time to rest after a lot of busy years.

Brutal death metal

Czech Republic (Stare Mesto), formed in 1999

Morbid Records


Bronislav "Bruno" Kovarik - vocals, bass (Krabathor, Krabator)
Butch Mills - guitar

Session members:
Peter B. - drums
Igor Hubík - guitar (Equirhodont, Solfernus, Root)
Alex - guitar (Pandemia (Cze))

Petr "Pegas" Hlaváè (1999-2005) - drums (Apoplexy (Svk), ex-Dehydrated (Svk), ex-Krabathor)
David M. (2001-2003) - guitar (Melancholy Pessimism)
R.A.D. (1999-2000) - guitar (Bad Face, Stagnant, Shaark, Proscription)

Session members:
Icaros (Deimos tour) - guitar (Stillborn (Pol))
Mores - guitar
René "Hire" Hílek - guitar (Krabathor, Flood; Terminator (Cze), Melancholy Pessimism)
Honza Samek - guitar (Sabathory)
Mika Luttinen - guest vocals on In Blood We Trust (Impaled Nazarene, Diabolos Rising, Raism, Obscene Eulogy, The Rocking Dildos)


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