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And the Worst is Yet to Come

Album: ''And the Worst is Yet to Come'' (2007)
1. And the Worst is Yet to Come
2. Buried in Blood
3. Unconform #756
4. Megamosh
5. Disposable Planet
6. Pharmageddon
7. New World War
9. Skate Addiction
10. Valley of Tears
11. Wops Still Thrash



Hyades formed back in 1996 by the idea of "Little Italian Donkey Ass" Lorenzo Testa (thanks Kenny Powell for quote), they released four demoCDs: something good and something absolutely to forget or wipe out completely from memory... But, hey! We were so fucking young! "No Bullshit, Just Metal", the absolutely-no-alternative 2001's EP, was surely the best release of our first nine years of career: we appeared in a couple of well-known compilation such as "Metal Crusade IV" by German mag "Heavy Oder Was!?" (now simply called "Heavy!") and "Metal Gospel". We reached a stable line-up in 2003 with the addition of Mauro "Jorgy" DeBrasi on drums and the hairball Rob "Bardo" Orlando on bass. We quickly grown up, playing a lot of shows each month, everytime and everywhere (including the worst pothouses we have ever seen hahah!). We declined a couple of deal offers from rip-off's labels and we keep on going ahead on our road without a motherfucking record deal. Who cares?

We recorded by ourselves the first album between January and February 2004: nine unreleased songs more aggressive, fast and uncompromising than everything Hyades did before. From the heavy/speed of the beginning we evolved bit by bit towards a groovy & funny thrash metal in Bay Area style, but with a personal and European approach. The full-length album, titled "Abuse Your Illusions" aroused the interest of many record labels and we finally choose for a double deal, both with Belgian Mausoleum Records (for the main worldwide release) and Brazilian Marquee Records (for a special release in South America and Japan with bonus tracks and a different artwork). "Abuse Your Illusions" was released on November 14, 2005 and received awesome reviews, with a rate average of 8/10 points!

Hyades toured Italy in the first half of 2006, celebrating the tenth anniversary together with long-time friends Hatework and Vexed, recording a video DVD (to be released in 2007) during the special show in Busto Arsizio on January, 14 in front of an incredible loud audience.

On September 2006 Hyades toured Europe with legendary US-act OMEN (Los Angeles, CA) and new heavy sensation PHANTOM-X (Dallas, TX). Two weeks on the road with only a day off: 6000 KMS across Europe playin in Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and in beatiful cities such as Wien, Copenaghen, Graz, Wurzburg. What a unbelievable experience!

But now it's time for a new fist in your silly face! The new album is ready to kick your fucking ass and it's going to be released worldwide by Mausoleum Records on January 26. The cover artwork for the new full-length album, titled "And the Worst is Yet to Come", has been hand-painted by legendary Ed Repka, the best artist in thrash metal history, author of cover artwork for Megadeth, Death, Toxik, Evildead and many more!
Marquee Records release will contain bonus tracks, live songs and unreleased videoclip and it's going to be released in the first week of February.

"And the Worst is Yet to Come", the first album with the impressive drummer Rawdeath, will be followed by new European gigs and the first US tour in Hyades history: we're going to play shows in Texas and California with OMEN (US) and another legendary cult band from States (are you in hurry to know the name? hahah be quiet!)


Power/Heavy/Thrash Metal

Politics, Society, Humor

Italy (Varese), formed in 1996

Mausoleum Records


Marco Colombo - vocals
Lorenzo Testa - guitars
Marco Negonda - guitars
Roberto Orlando - bass
Rodeath - drums (S.R.L., Subliminal Crusher)

Omar Ceriotti: drums
Riccardo Crespi: bass
Mauro de Brasi - drums (also in Power Symphony)


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