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Album: ''Walpurgisnight'' (1985 Demo)
1. Intro
2. Walpurgisnight
3. Bursting Rest
4. Torches For Hire
5. Queen Of Siam
6. Death Bells
7. Heavy Metal
8. Outro

Queen of Siam

Album: ''Queen of Siam'' (1986)
1. Necropolis
2. Don't Mess Around with the Bitch
3. Devil's Dancer
4. Queen of Siam
5. Roadcrew
6. Walpurgisnight
7. Bursting Rest
8. Dear Little Friend
9. Torches of Hire

Album: ''The Bitch'' (1986 Demo)
1. Wisdom Of World
2. Roadcrew
3. Don't Mess Around With The Bitch
4. Torches For Hire (Instrumental)
5. Queen Of Siam
6. Walpurgisnight
7. Bursting Rest

Finished With the Dogs

Album: ''Finished With the Dogs'' (1987)
1. Finished With the Dogs
2. Current of Death
3. Criminal Assault
4. In the Slaughterhouse
5. Fortress of Desperation
6. Six Fat Women
7. Corroded Dreams
8. Life's Destroyer
9. Rest in Pain
10. Military Service
11. Road Crew

The New Machine of Liechtenstein

Album: ''The New Machine of Liechtenstein'' (1989)
1. Near Dark
2. Defcon II
3. Panic
4. Strange Deception
5. Lucky Popster
6. SSP (Secret Service Project)
7. State : Catatonic
8. The Brood
9. Lost in the Maze

World Chaos

Album: ''World Chaos'' (1990)
1. World Chaos
2. Diabolic Plot
3. Blood Sucker
4. Education
5. Guns n' Moses
6. Too Drunk to Fuck (Dead Kennedies Cover)
7. Summer Kills
8. Deutschland (Remember the Past)
9. Permission to Fire
10. Jungle of Lies
11. Dog Eat Dog

Terminal Terror

Album: ''Terminal Terror'' (1991)
1. Nothing for my Mum
2. Two Sides Terror
3. Theotocy (Terminal Terror)
4. Creation of Violation
5. Pool of Blood
6. Distress and Death
7. Adult Machine
8. Malicious Race
9. Tradition of Fatality

Reborn Dogs

Album: ''Reborn Dogs'' (1992)
1. Clash My Soul
2. Decapitated Mind
3. Welcome to the Real World
4. Reborn Dogs
5. Fuck You
6. Third Birth
7. Deadicate
8. Five Year Plan
9. Process of Pain
10. Reverse
11. Dancing With the Dead

Too Drunk to Fuck

Album: ''Too Drunk to Fuck'' (1993 Best of/Compilation)
1. Too Drunk to Fuck
2. Fight For Your Right (Beastie Boys)
3. Nothing for my Mom
4. Theotocy
5. Distress and Death
6. Clash My Soul
7. Five Year Plan
8. Welcome to the Real World
9. Finished With the Dogs (Rehearsal)
10. World Chaos (Rehearsal)
11. Waste or Try (Unreleased)
12. Black Metal (Warpath, Cronos & Sabina)

Master of Disaster

Album: ''Master of Disaster'' (2001 EP)
1. Master of Disaster
2. Taste My Blood
3. The Hand of Death
4. Feel the Pain
5. Down On Your Knees

Disorder of the Order

Album: ''Disorder of the Order'' (2002)
1. Intro
2. We Are at War
3. Disorder of the Order
4. Break the Evil
5. Deeper
6. Hell on Earth
7. I Bleed
8. Blood Bond
9. 1000 Lies
10. Princess of Hell
11. Verfolgungswahn
12. Heaven vs. Hell

Strength Power Will Passion

Album: ''Strength Power Will Passion'' (2005)
1. Angel Cry
2. End Of Time
3. Symbol Of Spirit
4. Examination
5. I Will
6. Space Clearing
7. Sacred Crystals
8. Lost Inside
9. Death Bells II
10. Rebirthing
11. Seasons In The Twilight
12. Say Goodbye

holy moses


Holy Moses is a German Thrash Metal band, who have approved theirselves in 25 years of being in metal scene.
Sabina's harsh vocals are one of the things that makes the band stand out from other thrash metal bands.
- Queen Of Siam (1986)
- Finished With The Dogs (1987)
- The New Machine Of Liechtenstein (1989)
- World Chaos (1990)
- Terminal Terror (1991)
- Reborn Dogs (1992)
- Too Drunk To Fuck (1992)
- No Matter What's The Cause (1994)
- Master Of Disaster (2001)
- Disorder Of The Order (2002)
- Strength, Power, Will, Passion (2005)

Speed/Thrash Metal

Religion, society, war

Germany (Aachen/Nordrhein-Westfalen), formed in 1980

Armageddon Music


Sabina Classen - Vocals (ex-Temple of the Absurd, X-Mas Project)
Michael Hankel - Guitars (ex-Erosion)
Oliver Jaath - Bass, Guitars (Reckless Tide)
Guido "Atomic Steif" Richter - Drums (Stahlträger, ex-Assassin (Ger), ex-Sodom, ex-Living Death, Sacred Chao, Violent Force) (1990-1992, 2007-)

Iggy (1981)
Tom Hirtz (four weeks in 1984)

Jochen Fünders (later in Darxon and Healer) (1980-1981)
Jean-Claude (1981)
Andy Classen (later in Richthofen) (1981-1994) + Vocals (1994 (X-Mas Project)
Georgie Symbos (1987) (Sacred Chao)
Thilo Hermann (ex-Faithful Breath, Grave Digger, ex-Glenmore, ex-Risk, ex-Running Wild) (1988)
Rainer Laws (1988-1990)
Jörn Schubert (Dark Age (Ger)) (2000-2002)
Franky Brotz (ex-Salvation (Ger))

Ramon Brüssler (1980-1986)
Andre Chapelier (ex-Atlain) (1986-1987)
Johan Susant (ex-Battlecry (Bel), Target (Bel), ex-Black Shepherd, ex-Crossfire (Bel)) (1987)
Thomas Becker (ex-Darkness (Ger)) (1988-1990)
Benny Schnell (1990-1992)
Dan Lilker (Nuclear Assault, The Ravenous, Crucifist, Overlord Exterminator, Brutal Truth, ex-Exit-13, ex-Harter Attack, ex-Hemlock (US), ex-Redrum (US), ex-Stormtroopers of Death, ex-White Heat (US), Extra Hot Sauce, Human Garbage, Venomous Concept, ex-Anthrax) (1993-1994)
Jochen Fünders (2000-2001) + Vocals (1980-1981) (Darxon)
Andreas Libera (ex-Aeternitas, Cold Embrace) (2001-2003)
Alex De Blanco (2003-2005)
Robert "Ozzy" Frese - Bass (ex-Temple of the Absurd, ex-Warpath (Ger)) (2005-2006)

Peter Vonderstein (1980-1981)
Paul Linzenich (1981-1984)
Joerg "Snake" Heins (1984-1985)
Herbert Dreger (Healer, Darxon) (1985-1986)
Uli Kusch (ex-Masterplan, Shock Machine, Sinner (Ger) (guest), ex-Helloween, ex-Gamma Ray, Mekong Delta, ex-Roland Grapow, Beautiful Sin, Axe La Chapelle, Ride The Sky) (1986-1990)
Sven "Meff" Herwig (1992-1994)
Julien Schmidt (2000-2005)
"Asgard Niels" Holub (2005-2006)


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