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Hatred And Warlust

Album: ''Hatred And Warlust'' (2002 Demo)
1. Warmonger ( A mission of Vengeance and Terror)
2. Under Siege
3. Hatred Is My Strength
4. Son Of A King
5. The Shadow Over Innsmouth
6. Metallian

Hail to Hellas

Album: ''Hail to Hellas'' (2003 EP)
1. The Call To Arms
2. Molon Labe (Into Glory They Shall Ride)
3. Defenders In The Name Of Hellas (Leading Three Hundred Heroes Through The Pass Of Thermopiles)
4. The Lion Of Sparta
5. Ta Deilina (Traditional Hellas)


The roots of Holy Martyr go back in the first months of 1994, under the initiative of the singer/guitarplayer Ivano Spiga.
The first name of the band was Hell Forge, but in 1997 the Monicker changed in Holy Martyr, inspired from a song of the Cult Band Omen.

In 2001, after some problematic changes in the line up, the band became a solid and united Combo with the former Ivano Spiga at the guitar, Carlo Olla (lead guitar), Alex Mereu (Vocals), Andrea Mucelli (bass), Giacomo Macis (drums & percussions).
Holy Martyr's style is so far and different from the New European Power Metal Scene of the 90's...

"We sound Metal like in the 80's but using our style and our own ideas, inspired from NWOBHM, BAY AREA AND U.S. EPIC METAL.
We are proud to consider ourselves an Underground Metal band after eight years of activity, we have some old 'homemade' tape but only in 2002 we decided to record a self produced Demo Mini CD entitled 'Hatred And Warlust', a raw Speed Epic Metal attack with the attitude of the eighties. The cd contains a Cirith Ungol bonus track (Frost And Fire) and was distributed from ourselves".

After this demo the band received a lot of enthusiastic comments, appreciations and good reviews. In the first days of 2004 the band released another self work titled 'Hail To Hellas'. "We have reached a incredible target, we have financed the release of this cd through a money collection from many maniacs everywhere...the friends, the brothers and the Real Metal supporters are our 'Label'. We are proud to be one of the few bands in Italy and in the World acting in this way". The first 200 copies contained a bonus track from 1994, re-recorded with the original line up of Hell Forge.
This work is a mini concept inspired from the 'Battle Of Termophiles' (Ancient Hellas-480 B.c.).

In the same year Holy Martyr played during the second edition of the German Keep It True, playing with their (own)Gods Manilla Road and with Cloven Hoof in Athens. Actually the band is ready to release another Ep in 2005 titled 'Vis Et Honor', due to personal problems the line up is a little bit changed, with a new axeman, Eros Melis, and the faithful Roberto Frau at the bass, who is doing also the producer for the new work.
Holy Martyr still does not use keyboards and still does not recognize his music with the actual Metal scene, empty and commercial.
Holy Martyr never followed, does not follow and will never follow some fucking musical trend.

"Support us or Hate us.

We proudly hail our faithful militia of Epic Metal Maniacs.

You know who you are".

Epic Metal

History, mythology and warfare in ancient times

Italy (Cagliari), formed in 1994



Alex Mereu - Vocals
Ivano 'Muad 'Dib' Spiga - Guitars
Eros Melis - Guitars
Nicola Pirroni - Bass (ex-The Killing Machine (Ita))
Daniele "Tunno" Ferru - Drums (ex-The Killing Machine (Ita))

Giacomo Macis - Drums (Lightless Moor, ex-Aemeth, ex-Mutilated Soul, ex-Rymid)
Carlo Olla - Guitars
Andrea Mucelli - Bass
Roberto Frau - Bass


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