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Dragon Steel

Album: ''Dragon Steel'' (1997)
1. Introduction
2. Holy Dragons
3. King of Speed
4. Goblins and Knights
5. Wild Cat
6. Challenge Of Life
7. Sorry, Mama
8. Pharaon
9. Enjoy the Storm
10. Mr. Fat Rat
11. Elven's Holyday
12. Dragon Attack
13. Time Eats Silently
14. Coda
15. Holy Dragons (Bonus Track)


Album: ''Dragon's Ballads'' (1997)
1. Rainbow's Gold
2. Mighty Warriors
3. Midnight Sky
4. Silver Mountain
5. Dragon's Eyes
6. L L L
7. Christmas Song
8. Living on the Edge

Enjoy The Storm / Wild Cat

Album: ''Enjoy The Storm / Wild Cat'' (1997 Single)
1. Crazy Wild Cat
2. Enjoy the Storm
3. Mr. Fat Rat

Knights of Camelot

Album: ''Knights of Camelot'' (1998 EP)
1. Introduction
2. Legend of Gold Moon/Princess of the Valley
3. Don't Stop Rockin'
4. Robin Hood
5. Land of Dreams
6. Nobody's Fool
7. Knights of Camelot
8. Mystery

House of the Winds

Album: ''House of the Winds'' (1999)
1. Steel for the Steel
2. Prophecy of the Gods
3. You Hate It
4. Rage of the Dragon Lands
5. Metal Vikings
6. Go & Fly
7. House of the Winds

Thunder in the Night

Album: ''Thunder in the Night'' (2000)
1. In the Search of the Unknown
2. Starlight Race
3. Fury Under Control
4. Turbo (911)
5. Mr. Drunkenstein
6. X-Files
7. Legend of the Warriors
8. Glory War
9. Thunder in the Night


Album: ''Warlock'' (2001 Demo)
1. Sword of Destiny
2. Warlock
3. Tower of Rainbow
4. Cherno-belye dni


Album: ''Gotterdammerung'' (2003)
1. Blood of Elves
2. Steel Eagle
3. Heavy-Metal Maniac
4. No Future
5. Altairs of the Liars
6. The Templars
7. Cursed Spirit
8. Twilight of the Gods
9. Living On The Edge (bonus track)

Judgement Day

Album: ''Judgement Day'' (2003)
1. Judgement Day
2. The Old Legend
3. Sword of Destiny
4. Chronos
5. Beyond Your Reality
6. Warlock
7. Robin Hood
8. Holy War
9. Ride Through the Night
10. Never-Never Land
11. Tower of Rainbow
12. Kamelot
13. Mighty Warriors *
14. Rainbow's Gold *

Obitel Vetrov

Album: ''Obitel Vetrov'' (2004)
1. Stal za stal
2. Prorochestvo bogov
3. Dostalo!
4. Gnev drakonyih bogov
5. Vikingi metalla
6. Vstan i leti
7. Obitel vetrov
8. Naputstvie (bonus track)

Polunochniy grom

Album: ''Polunochniy grom'' (2004)
1. V poiskah edinoroga
2. Zvezdniy svet
3. Yarost pod kontrolem
4. Turbo 911
5. G-n Piankenshtein
6. Sekretnie materialy
7. Legenda o voinah
8. Voiny ledyanyh pustyn'
9. Polunochniy grom

Volki Odina

Album: ''Volki Odina'' (2005)
1. Psi Voiny (Dogs of War)
2. Valhalla (Valhalla)
3. Poslednij Den' Zhizni (The Last Day of Life)
4. Shtorm (The Storm)
5. Svet Kostrov (The Light of Fires)
6. Povelitel' Morei (The Lord of the Seas)
7. Prizrak Shabasha (Illusory Sabbath)
8. Ragnarok (Ragnarok)
9. Volki Odina (Wolves of Odin)
10. Poslednij Boj (The Last Fight)

Black Moon Rising

Album: ''Black Moon Rising'' (2006)
1. Black Moon Rising
2. Freedom
3. Tengri
4. Bullet And Bayonet Steel
5. Forbidden Horizon
6. Morok
7. Master Of The World
8. Dynamite
9. Black Moon Daughter
10. Sons Of Judas
11. Mirror Of Fate


Hailing from Kazakhstan, Holy Dragons are the country's first and possibly only heavy metal band. According to band leader and multi-instrumentalist Jurgen Thunderson their debut album "Dragon Steel" in 1998 was the first Kazakh hard rock/metal recording to be produced and released in their nation. They play a blend of 80s styled traditional metal with a middle-eastern streak and frequently sing in their native language as well as English.

Heavy/Power Metal

Fantasy, Dragons, Metal

Kazakhstan (Almaty), formed in 1997

Metalism Records


Jorg Thunderson - Guitars, Keyboards, backing Vocals
Chris Caine - Guitars
Holger Komarov - Vocals

Anders Kraft - Vocals
Gil Sheffield - Bass
Simon ``Sam`` -Drums
Daniel Throne - Vocals
Steven Dreico - Bass
Seva Sabbath - Drums
Chris Larson - Bass
Yurii Morev - Drums (Phoenix (Kaz))


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