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The Nightcomers

Album: ''The Nightcomers'' (1981)
1. Smokin' Valves
2. Death or Glory
3. Come on Back
4. Mavrock
5. It Don't Matter to Me
6. Cryin' Shame
7. Heavy Metal Mania
8. Push It Around
9. The Nightcomers

Live from the Raw Loud

Album: ''Live from the Raw Loud 'n' Live Tour'' (1981 EP)
1. Lovin' Feelin' Danger
2. No Nonsense
3. Death or Glory
4. Forcedown Breakdown

Live (Hot Curry & Wine)

Album: ''Live (Hot Curry & Wine)'' (1983 Live album)
1. No Nonsense
2. Smokin Valves
3. Long the Bell Will Toll
4. Jirmakenyerut
5. The Small Hours
6. Forcedown Breakdown
7. Heavy Metal Mania
8. The Nightcomers

Hypnosis of Birds

Album: ''Hypnosis of Birds'' (1992)
1. Hypnosis of Birds
2. The Tower
3. Book of Seasons
4. Mercier and Camier
5. The Small Hours
6. Into Lebanon
7. Summer Tides
8. Mortal Mother
9. Cairnpapple Hill
10. In the Dark Places of the Earth
11. Caledonia

Spirits Fly

Album: ''Spirits Fly'' (1996)
1. Into Lebanon
2. The Small Hours
3. Hypnosis of Birds
4. The Tower
5. Book of Season
6. Mercier and Camier
7. Summer Tides
8. Mortal Mother
9. Cairnpapple Hill
10. In the Dark Places of the Earth
11. Caledonia
12. Heavy Metal Mania
13. Death or Glory
14. Master of Puppets (Metallica cover)


Album: ''Primal'' (2003)
1. Iron Will
2. Black Box
3. Hell on Earth
4. Transcendence
5. Fools (Bring on the Light)
6. Made Righteous
7. It's Your Dream
8. They Colonize
9. Colossus
10. Lost Horizons


There are two artist named holocaust, 1. A Heavy Metal band from Edinburgh 2. A wu-tang clan affiliate.

1. Holocaust is one of metals most influential and pioneering bands. Tributes have been paid by no less than Metallica ("The Small Hours"), Six Feet Under ("Death or Glory"), and Gamma Ray ("Heavy Metal Mania"), among others. These few examples illustrate -- with the subtlety of a brick to the head -- how many different styles of metal Holocaust has impacted.

Founding member and principal songwriter John Mortimer (guitar, vocals) has written some of the genres most intelligent and unique works. For example, 1997's concept album Covenant is based on The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever by Stephen R. Donaldson. Mortimers styles are diverse, and his presentation of stellar musicianship and thoughtful lyrics combine to make music that cannot simply be heard; it must be experienced.

Lead guitarist John McCullim, like Mortimer, hails from Edinburgh. A longtime friend and supporter of Holocaust, McCullim joined the band in 2000. He brings an incredibly smooth and fluid style, evoking thoughts (at least for this listener) of a heavy metal Hendrix. Without his guitar, McCullim would cease to exist.

Drummer Ron Levine is Holocaust's newest member. An 11-year fan, Levine jumped at the opportunity to join in April 2001. His Holocaust web page, originally published as a tribute site, now serves as the official Holocaust band page. Levine lives in his native Boston, MA and played with area bands in the 80s and 90s. Originally formed in the late 1970s in Edinburgh, Scotland, Holocaust has become one of the most revered acts from the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) period. Their two NWOBHM-era full-length releases, The Nightcomers (1981) and Live: Hot Curry and Wine (1983), should be in anybody's top ten list of "must have" items for an NWOBHM collection. The live LP from 1983 includes the first release of The Small Hours, later covered by Metallica. The Sound of Souls EP from 1989 is a brutal, thrashing trip through futuristic progressive metal. Upon hearing the album-closing thirteen-minute-plus epic Three Ways to Die, you might have trouble believing that this is the same band that put out The Nightcomers. This is largely because it isn't; only guitarist John Mortimer is the common link between the two (he had also taken over the vocal duties by this point). Hypnosis of Birds (1992) is a much more thoughtful, introspective release. Sometimes doomy, sometimes depressing, but often eerily beautiful, this is a real treasure which is something of a "dark horse" Holocaust release. While the remake of The Small Hours is more than passable, it is the songwriting and lyrics on tracks like In the Dark Places of the Earth, Caledonia, and the title track that make this CD a real prize. While the original Hypnosis release is long out-of-print, it was reissued by Neat Records as Spirits Fly and includes several bonus tracks.The next full-length release of all new material was 1997's Covenant. The band's first concept album, this is based on The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever (with emphasis on Lord Foul's Bane) by Stephen R. Donaldson. This release is an absolute ASSAULT, a real return to the brute force introduced by The Sound of Souls. Make no mistake, this is a dense album and will take most listeners several journeys to start getting into it. Some of Holocaust's greatest moments, however, will be discovered on these journeys. Leper's Progress, Salt Heart, and Alexander are more examples of killer material...but I truly feel sorry for anyone who has never had the chance to hear the seven-part 16:40 epic The Battle of Soaring Woodhelven. This masterpiece is capped off with Victory?, one of the greatest things I have ever heard (both musically and lyrically). If it doesn't give you the chills, you don't have a pulse. Holocaust's most recent outing is The Courage to Be (2000). It's as simple as this: if you like The Sound of Souls and Covenant, you will definitely like this CD. It is very much a combination of those two releases, without quite as much density as Covenant. From the opening track The Collective, there will be no doubt that Holocaust has not lost a single step. A few tracks are mostly or entirely instrumental and will bring the style of The Sound of Souls to mind, while tracks like Fundamentalist are as heavy as anything they've done before. Another in a line of killer releases.


* The Nightcomers (1981)
* Heavy Metal Mania (1981, EP)
* Comin' Through (1982, EP)
* Live (Hot Curry and Wine) (1983)
* No Man's Land (1984)
* The Sound of Souls (1989)
* Hypnosis of Birds (1992)
* Spirits Fly (1996)
* Covenant (1997)
* The Courage to Be (2000)
* Smokin' Valves: The Anthology (2003, compilation)
* Primal (2003)

Current line up:

* John Mortimer - guitars/vocals
* John McCullim - guitars
* Bryan Bartley - bass
* Ron Levine - drums

2. Former member of the Black Knights, who had a relatively conventional style in his early days with the group as Holocaust, but after his departure when he abandoned the potentially offensive name and became Warcloud, he drastically changed his style to a more avantgarde, Ghostface-esque free association verse. He refers to this new style as "Old Jail Pajama Room", as opposed to his old style which is "Mixed Forest Zone". Together with his cousins Onslawt (Black Sun) and Leviathan (L-swift), and Skarekrow and Mantra they formed Da Monstar Mob.An underground Wu-Affiliated Hip-Hop crew.Da Monstar Mob released the album "Da Nightmare B-4 X-Mass" in 2003 but Warcloud did not appear on this album which left the fans with the question wether Warcloud is, or isn't a member of Da Monstar Mob.Those questions got answered by an interview with Da monstar Mob who informed the fans that Warcloud will always be a Monstar Mobster.Warcloud did however appear on an early Monstar Mob work called "Operation Takeover" which leaked all over the internet and never got an official release till 2006.Warcloud appears on two tracks, "Blue Apples" and "Creepin'" where technically we can hear the first real "Old Jail Pajama Room" style cause the album was created during a period between 1998 - 1999.In 2002 Warclouds two first albums suddenly got sold over the internet,which emediatly left the fans wanting more of Warcloud.Those two albums "Nightmares That Surface From Shallow Sleep" and "Smuggling Booze In the Graveyard" eventually had a re-release in 2006 with cover art on Chambermusik including a bonus track on each album.In between this period Warcloud kept himself busy working alongside his partner The Professional and appeared on 2 of his albums. "Pro's Laboratory" was the first one which had it's release over the internet in 2003.The album earned itself a very good name in deep underground hip-hop which was loaded with dark, raw beats by The Professional and Skarekrow, and guest appearances by Vulgar, Leviathan, Onslawt, Bootface and ofcourse Warcloud. In 2005 The Professional released his short album "Hip-Hop Endurance" where we can hear Warcloud rhyme in his Alcatraz style.In 2004 Warcloud also appeared on Vulgars album "Hammer Pattern".Another great raw underground hip-hop release with Pro & Skarekrow productions. Since 2004 a fan based forum was created dedicated to Warcloud by Cipher Born aka Skellington, Holy Ghost & Intellectual at www.warcloud-forum.r8.organd the forum started a My Space page dedicated to Warcloud at Soon the forum turned into the official home for the die-hard Warcloud fans. During 2005, Warcloud resurfaced from a hiatus to work on an album tentatively titled Hole in the Sky 2012 in the persona of Holocaust. Under his alias Alcatraz he made an appearance on The Professionals album "Hip-Hop Endurance" as on Contribution X's "Gun". Birth name Anthony Creston Brown, also known as Holocaust, Architect, Dr. Killgrave, Mr. Appleby, Alcatraz, Warcloud, Trembling Eagle, Tony Holocaustal, Frank Holocaustal and Robot Tank.

Heavy Metal (1977-1984), Progressive Metal (1989-present)

United Kingdom (Edinburgh, Scotland), formed in 1977

Edgy Records


John Mortimer: Vocals, Guitars
John McCullim: Guitars
Bryan Bartley: Bass
Ron Levine: Drums

Gary Lettice: Vocals

Ed Dudley: Guitars (Hologram)
Iain McKenzie: Guitars

Robin Begg: Bass
Graham Hall: Bass
David Rosie: Bass
Graham Cowen: Bass

Raymond Marciano: Drums (Hologram)
Paul Collins: Drums (Apparition (UK))
Nicky Arkless: Drums
Steve Cowen: Drums


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