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Album: ''Death of the Vatican'' (2005 Live album)
1. Intro
2. Infernal Punishment
3. The Absolution
4. Black Magic (Slayer Cover)
5. The Blugeoning of Christ
6. he Trooper (Iron Maiden Cover)
7. Death of the Vatican


Hierarchy was formed back in December of 2003 by Guitarist Vernon Boward, Drummer Sal Varisco, and Bassist Alfred Mulle. Soon, we formed a Slayer cover band known as "The Final Command".

Soon later we accquired Rythym Guitarist Jeremy Soganics and Vocalist Wes Bradshaw. Hierarchy was now a 5 piece band. They soon dropped "The Final Command" and evolved into "HIERARCHY" The band soon then began playing shows at house partys and open mic nights just to get the name out there.

Unfortunatly in late 2003, singer Wes Bradshaw was moving back to California. The band was devastated, but continued as a 4 piece with guitarist Vernon filling in on Vocals.After a few months later we heard that ex-singer Wes was moving back to Long Island, NY and Hierarchy was back in full force! Then after a few months the band had a live recording done at "The Downtown". Soon again a few months later, Wes moved again back to California and we were in need of a singer. So Hierarchy called upon a really good friend of theirs, Dylan Jewell who wanted to be in a band for a long time. Soon we started playing more and more shows and eventually leaving Long Island to go playin in NYC!

Unfortunatly, Problems erupted between band members and had to ask rhythm guitar player Jeremy to leave the band. So we went on playing shows with one guitarist. In late 2005, a school friend Andrew Fischer came into the band. And with this new line up Hierarchy played a show at the Village Pub South. This was Andrew's first show and he loved it. Soon after bassist Alfred Mulle left the band due to personal conflicts between members and musical differences. For a shot while, Hierarchy accquired bass player Chris D' Agostino. Then, 2nd Vocalist Bill Santariello was added to the lineup.

Mid-2006, the band took a turn for the worse. Chris quit the band due to other interests and work. Soon later, Dylan quit due to conflicts. And then Andrew Fischer quit due to conflicts between home life. Hierarchy's newest addition, Greg Omara, has taken Andrew's place and has added skill among intellect to Hierarchy's lineup. And then...due to physical ailments at this time Greg has taken time off to recover. Soon then, Bill has quit the band due to conflicts with past and present members.

July 2006, Original bassist Alfred Mulle rejoins the band

October 2006, Vocalist from the band Dry Heave joins Hierarchy on stage during one of their songs and from there on has become the NEW vocalist for Hierarchy!

May 2007, Due to complications with his other band, vocalist Mike Googey leaves Hierarchy and NYDM/LIDM Member ANTHONY steps up as the new vocalist. Guitarist Andrew leaves the band to persue personal obligations.

September 2007, After accquiring long time friend Phil as their manager. HIERARCHY decides to let lead guitarist and founding member Vern Boward go and leave the band. There are no hard feelings between member and now the band is having a fresh start and is currently on the search for 2 guitarists.

October 2007, Vern rejoins the band.

Thrash/Death Metal

United States of America (Long Island, New York), formed in 2003



Sal Varisco (Azazel) - Drums
Anthony - Vocals
Alfred Mulle - Bass

Wes Bradshaw - Vocals/Lead Guitar
Vern Boward (Astorath) - Lead Guitar
Jeremy S. - Rhythm Guitar
Dylan Jewell - Vocals
Andrew Fischer (Oriax) - Lead Guitar and Lead Death Metal Vocals
Greg Omera (Baal) - Bass
Bill Santariello (Blazfemur) - Lead Black Metal Vocals


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