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Album: ''Mind's Door'' (2001)
1. Mind's Door
2. The Visitor
3. The Reveal - Part I
4. On Fire
5. Shine On
6. Longest Winter
7. Black Swan
8. Shade Of Akhenaton
9. Never Die
10. Flying High
11. Metzengerstein
12. The Reveal - Part II



Hemisphere comprised of the German duo of Ralf Knappe-Heinbockel and Thorsten Reinhardt, although Reinhardt did not appear until 1996. Most of their CDs are mastered by Ron Boots.

The music of HEMISPHERE is full of dark, ambient sound structures with sometimes percussion loops and rhythm patterns. Ralf was apparently inspired by Jim Morrison.

Early Reflections (1997) is a compilation of some older live material recorded between 1980 and 1990. In the liner notes they compare their style to Tangerine Dream (Zeit, Atem) and Klaus Schulze (Irrlicht, Cyborg) which seems fairly accurate.

Outdoors (1994) has some rhythmics and is somewhat more progressive and upbeat but it is true to their main theme of choral, symphonic, mysterious, slow enveloping synth and sampling effects.

Beyond the Darkness (1996) has some good melodic passages and even some electric guitar. It's more progressive and keeps your interest the whole album.

From Inside the Cyclone (1998) has some more rhythm, melody and guitar on 'Zombie' and 'Fool Grooves' but it is true to ambient form for the remainder of the album. It has the most diversity of any of the releases.

Because of their unique sound, HEMISPHERE was one of the leading bands in dark ambient music.

'From Inside the Cyclone' was re-released in January 1998 and a 20 bit remaster with bonus tracks) of 'Liquid Mirror' in April 1999.

In March 2000 they released the CD 'Inversion' and in April 2001 'Now'.
'Attachment X' was released in March 2002 and 'Beast in the Heat' in September 2003.
'Rambling Voyage' was released in January 2005 and a re-release of 'Destination Infinity' in May 2006.

Unfortunately this is where the story of Hemisphere ends...

Neo-classical/Progressive Metal

Italy, formed in 1999



Roberto Messina - Vocals (Secret Sphere, Highlord, Alkemyst, Avatar (Ita))
Fabio Cerrone - Guitars & Keyboards (ex-Tony Martin)
Pierpaolo Ranieri - Bass
Diego Argentin - Drums


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