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Heading For Internal Darkness

Album: ''Heading For Internal Darkness'' (1988)
1. We Had No Evidence
2. Civilised ?
3. Nazis Killed
4. Death Camp
5. Massacre...
6. Heading For Internal Darkness
7. The Pylons
8. Afrikkan Beggar
9. Rise Of Crust

Natural Order

Album: ''Natural Order'' (1990)
1. Interrogate Them
2. I Beg In Blood
3. A Minor Point
4. Justily Executed
5. Natural Order
6. Enslavers
7. Black Force
8. Neon Storms
9. There Is No God But Man (Or Woman)
10. T.A.F.
11. Live As Mortals
12. Deadlock
13. Schwarzeswasser
14. They Brought Death
15. Heading For Eternal Darkness
16. Death From Above
17. Death Camp

Demo Rehearsal 1992

Album: ''Demo Rehearsal 1992'' (1992 Demo)
1. Face it (the organization)
2. Laboratory of pain
3. Procession of the blind
4. Radical-riot
5. Die by the sword (Slayer cover)



After leaveing his guitar duties with the Apostles, Scruff went on to form Hellbastard in 1985. The first line-up included Scruff on guitars/vocals, Simo on bass and Phil on drums. No recordings were made.

For the next line-up, Scotty took over on bass and in 1986, Hellbastard recorded the "Ripper Crust" demo tape. The following year they went back to the same studio to record an album for Peaceville, which actually became their second demo tape "Hate Militia". Instead, a track from this demo went on to the Peaceville compilation LP "A Vile Peace".

In 1988, they recorded their debut album "Heading for Internal Darkness" on Meantime Records, which the band had meant to be vinyl only at the time but ended up being released on cd by Silent Scream.

The next recording would be the 7" single "They Brought Death" on Temple Of Love with Brian Newton taking over on drums. In 1990, with the addition of Drew Wright now on bass and Ali Lee on 2nd guitar, Hellbastard recorded the "Natural Order" LP on Earache, which featured a more thrash-metal version of the band.

Later on, a fellow called Hairy would replace Brian on drums and Nick Parsons replaced Ali on guitars. Some recordings were made, and after some not-so-good touring, the band split-up.

Crust/Punk/Crossover/Thrash Metal


United Kingdom (Newcastle, England), formed in 1986

Dirty Thrash Rec.


M.S. "Scruff" Lewty (Nero Circus, Sidewinder) - vocals, guitars
Ali Lee - guitars
Drew Wright - bass
Brian Newton (Nero Circus) - drums

Simo - Bass
Scotty - bass
Phil - drums
Martin ``Hairy`` Harrison - drums (see also Fist (UK))
Blobb - guitars
Grant - vocals (see also Debauchery)


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