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In Battle There Is No Law

Album: ''In Battle There Is No Law'' (1998 EP)
1. Partisan
2. Forthcoming Fire
3. Thoughts of Superiority
4. Mandatory Slaughtery
5. Remember The Fallen


Album: ''Asunder'' (2000)
1. To Inherit the Guilt
2. Cold
3. Betrayed Again
4. Deification
5. Pass Away
6. Open Arms to the Future
7. The Drowned and the Saved
8. Where is the Light
9. Asunder
10. The Fourth Crusade
11. Battlecries (Liar cover)

Whatever It May Take

Album: ''Whatever It May Take'' (2002)
1. Intro
2. Behind a Wall of Silence
3. The Worlds in Me
4. The Martyrs' Blood
5. It Burns Within
6. Implore the Darken Sky
7. The Few Upright
8. Whatever it May Take
9. Ecowar
10. Naked Among Wolves
11. The Fire
12. Casa de Caboclo (Point of No Return Cover)
13. Implore the Darken Sky (Classic Version)

In Battle... (There is No Law)

Album: ''In Battle... (There is No Law)'' (2002 Best of/Compilation)
1. Partisan 2002
2. Eternal
3. Demise
4. Competition in Hatred
5. Forthcoming Fire
6. Thoughts of Superiority
7. Mandatory Slaughtery
8. Remember The Fallen
9. Harmony Dies (demo '97)
10. An Ethic (demo '97)
11. Remember The Fallen (demo '97)
12. The Chaos Before (demo '96)


Album: ''Antigone'' (2004)
1. Echoes (Intro)
2. The Weapon They Fear
3. The Only Truth
4. Architects of the Apocalypse
5. Voice of the Voiceless
6. Numbing the Pain
7. To Harvest the Storm
8. Rìsandi Von (Outro)
9. Bleeding to Death
10. Tree of Freedom
11. The Dream is Dead
12. Deyjandi Von (Outro)

The Split Program II

Album: ''The Split Program II'' (2005 Split)
1. Unleash Enlightment
2. No One Will Shed a Tear
3. Nyfædd von
4. If This Is a Man
5. Downfall of Christ (Merauder cover)
6. Destroy Fascism (Endstand cover)
7. The Revenge
8. Arena of Concealment
9. One Day
10. A Summer Dream
11. One More Lie

Deaf To Our Prayers

Album: ''Deaf To Our Prayers'' (2006)
1. Counterweight
2. Trespassing The Shores Of Your World
3. Profane Believers
4. Stay The Course
5. The Final March
6. Of No Avail
7. Armia
9. Biogenesis (Undo Creation)
10. Dying In Silence
11. The Greatest Gift Of God

heaven shall burn


Heaven Shall Burn is a metalcore band from Saalfeld, Germany, that fuse together death metal and hardcore. They combine an aggressive metal sound with lyrics that show a militant support of anti-racism and fighting social injustice. Four of the band's members are vegan. They also have some obscure ties to Lee Dorian former singer of Napalm Death and leader of Cathedral.

Heaven Shall Burn were founded in autumn 1996 under the banner of Consense, the first demo was recorded about six months later. After some unimportant line-up changes, Erik ( Bass ) and Markus ( Vocals ) joined the band in spring '97 - the second tape was recorded little later. With a line-up finalized, the band began to play shows including some major festivals in their native Germany.

In 1998 the band released an MCD entitled "In Battle There Is No Law" followed by a split-LP with Fall of Serenity in 1999. Following these releases the band signed to Lifeforce Records for their 2000 debut album "Asunder". It was followed by a split-CD with their long-time friends Caliban in 2000 as well as 2002's album "Whatever It May Take". In 2002, "In Battle There Is No Law" was re-released through Circulation Records.

In 2004, the band released "Antigone" through Century Media Records, featuring more of a melodic edge due to more harmonies and Scandinavian style dual guitar work. The album was produced by Patrick W. Engel and engineered by Ralf Müller at Rape Of Harmony Studios, Germany, as well as mixed and mastered by Tue Madsen at Antfarm Studio, Denmark. The album also features intros and outros composed and recorded by Icelandic composer Òlafur Arnalds. The initial European pressing of "Antigone" was a limited edition with special slip-case packaging and two bonus cover-tracks, namely "Dislocation" by Disembodied and "Not My God" by Hate Squad.

In December of 2005, guitarist Patrick Schleitzer left the band amicably. He was replaced by Alexander Dietz, who had already peformed guest vocals on some of the band’s prior tracks.

In 2006, the band released "Deaf To Our Prayers" through Century Media Records. It was recorded and mixed by producer Jacob Hansen (Mercenary, Raunchy) and following its release, Deaf To Our Prayers entered the official LP charts in Germany at position 65 and in Greece at position 50. The band supported the album with touring throughout Europe on the Hell on Earth Tour featuring As I Lay Dying and Evergreen Terrace. Heaven Shall Burn is set to tour with Caliban in December of 2006 and already has been confirmed for the Rock Hard Festival and Wacken Open Air Festival in 2007.

Melodic Death/Metalcore

Social Issues, Anti-Fascism, Animal Rights

Germany (Saalfeld / Erfurt / Weimar), formed in 1996

Century Media


Marcus Bischoff - vocals
Maik Weichert - guitar
Eric Bischoff - bass
Matthias Voigt - drums
Alexander Dietz - guitar (Valve)

Patrick Schleitzer - guitar (Mourning Ends)
Patrick W. Engel - session bass (on "Whatever it may take") (Impending Doom (Ger), Nameless (Ger), Anael, Hatespawn, Signum Diabolis, Buried God, Charon)
Andre Moraweck - session vocals (live) (Maroon (Ger))
Christian Bass - session drums (live) (Deadsoil)


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