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Enlightened By Darkness

Album: ''Enlightened By Darkness'' (2005)
1. The Premonition
2. Victory or Death
3. Enlightened By Darkness
4. Exiled From Heaven
5. Sin After Sin
6. A Plague Called God
7. 1867
8. Conquest For Supremacy
9. Black Choirs Of Melancholy
10. Spheres of Decadence


Heaven Ablaze is a melodic death metal band hailing from London, Ontario, Canada. Their unique style of death metal incorporates the aspects of heavy melodic guitar playing, captivating harmonies, explosive guitar soloing, heart pounding drums and guttural vocal melodies.

The band was initiated by Derek Haley, Jeremy Walsh and Jeff Wood. Shortly after Mike Grund was added for rhythm guitar duties and Conan Bulani for front man vocal duties. Heaven Ablaze was then spawned and ready for action.

Once the band was formed they began to work on a series of songs which would later appear on their debut release, Enlightened By Darkness. They then set out to play a series of shows within the South Western Ontario and Quebec area. Shocking people with their unique and massive melodies, the band received much praise for their live performance and managed to start a small, yet promising fan base.

Heaven Ablaze then later set out to record their first recording, Enlightened By Darkness, in the fall of 2004. The project was recorded, produced and engineered by Rainer Weichmann of Mole Studios in London. The album was later released in early 2005.

Heaven Ablaze entered the studio once again in the winter of 2005 to record their next sophomore release, Reborn Through Evil. This time around, the band recorded, engineered and mixed the project with J.F. Dagenais in Montreal, Quebec. The drums were recorded at Montreal's well known Victor Studios, where such acts as Kataklysm and Cryptopsy have recorded. The guitars, bass and vocals were later recorded at JFD Studios. Heaven Ablaze then sent the final mix to West West Side Music where Alan Douches began the mastering. Alan was well known for his work with Shadows Fall, God Forbid and Sepultura.

Reborn Through Evil captured the bands new found progressive sound, which incorporates brutal vocal overtones, along with heavy melodic riffing and soloing; tight and heart pounding drums, backed with a massive and professional production. The release date for Reborn Through Evil is set for late 2006 or early 2007

After recording the new album, front man Conan Bulani decided it was in his and his families best interest to part ways with the band and take care of his wife and newborn son. Shortly after Conan's departure Heaven Ablaze quickly scooped up former Eschatus front man Derek Lee to fill in for their show in London with Strapping Young Lad. After only one show with Derek on vokills, the band knew right away that he was the perfect fit. The band asked Derek to join permanently… and without hesitation Derek accepted the role.

With Derek Lee on vocals, the band continued to write new material and progress with their musicianship and writing skills. Before Reborn Through Evil was even released the band was already back in the studio to record yet another full length 3rd album entitled “Proclamation Armageddon”. During the recording process rhythm guitarist Mike Grund decided to leave the band to pursue some traveling plans he had been thinking about for quite some time. Mike took it upon himself to help find a permanent guitar replacement for the band… his name is Pat Davison.

Pat is a very dedicated, well-rounded and experienced guitarist; he fit in right away and began rehearsing and playing shows shortly after his recruitment. Since then, Heaven Ablaze has grown as a band and continues to write, party and play shows as much as possible. Keep an ear out for details on the 3rd album in months to come…

Heaven Ablaze is stronger now than ever, the band plans to keep playing shows to promote their new album "Reborn Through Evil"... as well as continue to write new material with new front man Derek Lee and new guitarist Pat Davison. This fine tuned metal machine has no plans of slowing down anytime soon.

Let the revelation begin...

Melodic Death Metal

Inner Struggles, Valor, Hate, Death

Canada (London, ON), formed in 1999



Derek Lee - Vocals
Derek Haley - Guitar
Jeremy Walsch - Bass
Jeff Wood - Drums
Mike Grund - Guitar

Conan Bulani - Vocals (ex-Blood of Christ (Can))


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