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Homicidal Intent

Album: ''Homicidal Intent'' (2001 Demo)
1. Rest in Pieces
2. Bastard Child
3. Cynical Philantrophy
4. The morbid deceased
5. Despair

Destructive Entitlement

Album: ''Destructive Entitlement'' (2004 EP)
1. The Lisboa Man (Rossio Square)
2. Genital Screwdriver Mutilation
3. Ingrained Frenzy
4. Slaves of Society



Headmeat (translated in our Flemish dialect Uufflacke) is a delicious recipe made from boiled pigheads which tastes really well with mustard. It's also the bandname of six wacko fuckers from Belgium.

Autumn 1998, Headmeat arose out of the ashes of black metalbands Faustian Moon, When Autumn Ended and Morto Perpet. Koen and Stoffel played guitars and Pui did drums. In summer 1999 Toats stopped playing in black metal band Faustian Moon and was looking for a death metal band. He took over the drums and Pui began to play bass. Miraculously Headmeat began to play faster and more technically or maybe it was just because Toats is a much better drummer than Pui. Nuyt, who also played in Faustian Moon, took the mic at a rehearsal and since then never left. Things were going fine and a couple of new songs were written. In summer 2000 Stoffel quitted. Now there was place for another guitarist. Because Pui sucked as a bassplayer he took over the guitars, like he also did in grindband Anal Torture (now Leng t'che), and Rys (ex Morto Perpet) came in on bass. In February 2001 the first demo was recorded, called Homicidal Intent. The 200 copies were sold out in three months getting orders from Belgium, Germany, Holland and France.

A year later and having played a bunch of gigs with bands like Welkin, Aborted, Pyaemia, Disavowed, Pandemia, Destroyer 666, Yacopsae, Polluted Inheritance, Houwitser, Inhume, Cock And Ball Torture, Sanitys Dawn ... it was about time to put some new songs on a mini-cd.

The new songs contain more subtle elements from desert rock, doom, crust and sludge but are still pretty brutal death metal the way you haven't heard it yet. The lyrics deal about the weirdest things going on in Nuyts head ...

Destructive Entitlement, contains 4 songs which were recorded in August 2002 at the CCR studio (Aborted, Liar, Welkin, Leng Tch'e, In Quest ...) in Belgium. Headmeat got the attention of America's Baphomet Records, the label of Killjoy (Necrophagia, Wurdulak, Viking Crown ...) and got signed for two cd's. The mini also contains a video for Ingrained Frenzy, don't search for a story or something that makes any sense in it, it's just Headmeat ...

Mid 2003, old friend Nieke came in to brew effects, keys and samples. A new step further and another impulse which made Headmeat more technically mature. It was a bit of a search but Headmeat found a mix between death metal, black, grind, doom, stoner, rock etc … people compare it to a mixture of Necrophagia and Immolation.

Summer 2004: Headmeat entered the CCR-studio again to record the first full-length CD Mass Sociogenic Illness. The new songs show a darker Headmeat, a bit slower, less grind, more horror without ever losing their sense of humour and the deep growls ... During spring 2005 the eight songs got mastered and are now released worldwide through Baphomet Records and Red Stream … The full-cd contains a video for Perfect Murder Sequence, directed by Dietros Lupos and Jaxxxon from Kruagre, featuring Cindy Frey and Piet's Opel Mantas…

That's it … for now …

Brutal Death/Grind (early), Dark/Death Metal (now)

death, gore, morbidity...

Belgium (Maldegem / East Flanders), formed in 1998

Baphomet Records


Koen - guitars
Rys - bass (from 2000)
Pui - drums (1998), then bass (1999-2000), then guitars & backing vocals (from 2000) (ex-Anal Torture, Leng Tch'e, Alkerdeel)
Toats - drums (from 1999) (ex-Faustian Moon)
Nuyt - vocals (ex-Faustian Moon)
Nieke - keyboards, effects & samples (Alkerdeel)

Stoffels - guitars (1998-2000)


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