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Borrowed Time

Album: ''Borrowed Time'' (2007 EP)
1. This is the Suffering
2. Borrowed Time
3. Abandoned
4. Weak
5. Another Dead Man Walking (New Mix) (Bonus Track)


Hatetrend is:

Jaakko Suomalainen - Guitar
Tuukka Turunen - Guitar
Tomi Mäkelä - Bass
Markus Mutta - Vocals
Jukka Reinikainen - Drums


The band got started in January 2002 with the simple goal of wanting to create something different, something unique.
They wanted to create a band without boundaries, without any musical limitations. A band who’s music would be aggressive, extreme and relentless and beautiful.
And of course, when you want to do something different it’s hard to find guys who want the same.

After many changes in their line-up HATETREND, today are complete.

So far they have managed to record four demos: Unstoppable Life Trauma, Lost Faith Inc., My Own Private Hell and now Abandoned. All of this in less than four years.

You can expect a MCD release later this year.

When you’re trying to create something different and push the boundaries a bit further there are always going to be people who aren’t going to be pleased and they all are ready to throw shit at you tell you how much you suck. But the law of karma will apply and we’ll see who’ll get to laugh in the end when Ht will destroy all opposition on stage.
Just wait when you see the new Hatetrend live and hear the new stuff you are all going to go fucking nuts.

And yes the guys know that it’s almost impossible to create something new and unheard. But they are trying….

The Music:

HT's music is a mixture of different styles of metal. They have had a lot of influence from the American thrash/extreme metal scene (Slayer, Pantera, Slipknot etc.) and from the Gothenburg scene as well. Metallica has had an impact on all their lives, naturally.
But metal is not the only genre that has influenced HT. All of the members in the band listen other stuff as well, like pop, rock, blues etc.

They have songs that are just aggressive and brutal but also songs with a lot of melodic parts in them as well.

It’s hard to define what their style really is or what type of genre HT represent.
If someone asks me what kind of music othe band plays, the answer is METAL!


Abandoned is HT's 4th demo and the first demo with the new line-up: Mutta, Turunen, Mäkelä, Suomalainen and Reinikainen.
As a band and musicians they've made a lot of progress and you can hear that on this record..
This time around it was up to Mutta to produce the whole thing and record and mix it as well.
They recorded the drum tracks at their rehearsal studio and the rest at Mutta's basement studio, called Muttala.
The demo is very raw sounding, very primitive. Someone might even say that the atmosphere on the record is a bit cold.
All in all better songs, better everything.

You can expect more from HATETREND soon..........

Groove/Half-Thrash Metal

Aggression, personal struggles, reality

Finland (Vantaa), formed in 2002



Markus Mutta - Vocals (ex-Burden A.D., Murdershock)
Jaakko Suomalainen - Guitar
Tuukka Turunen - Guitar
Tomi Mäkelä - Bass
Jukka Reinikainen - Drums

Veli-Matti Koskinen - Drums
Ahola - Guitar
Niininen - Guitar
Mikko Vuori - Guitar


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