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Demo 2006

Album: ''Demo 2006'' (2006 Demo)
1. Bloodbath
2. Murderous Mind Circle
3. Parasites
4. Possessed by Evil
5. Winds



In the Beginning...

After the Fall started sometime on 1995 if my memory still works. The group has stayed the same since, allthough we've had a "little" break on rocking the shit out... and by "little" i mean some 4 years. We made a demotape on 4 track tape mixer on 1997 and i think we even sold a few copies, but that's about the farthest we've gone... we've done one show, which was total slaughter... i mean if you didn't see it, i pity you. Well after the show the band was gradually submerged to another band called "Reduced to Ash"... but enough about that one. We made a new demo later on, but as so happens our goddamn computer resigned and the hard drive said "Fuck you!"... there went the demo and we didn't play for... well you've heared the rest.

Harri played drums in an excellent finnish band called Naildown for a few years. Check them out if you haven't allready! Harri also does superb drumwork on their album World Domination. Juha also played guitar in Naildown, but due to geographical changes Harri and Juha had to step aside from the band.

We started jamming again on the break of 2005/2006 and came up with new material. We kicked ass as usual, but we found that without a bass player, we'd end up sounding like crap. Luckily we share a rehearsal place with another great local band called Chronic Pain, and their bassplayer was (A.) Interested, and (B.) good. Without further arrangements he joined the band on winter 2006 and the bass really rocks like hell.

Well shit hit the fan again on spring/summer 2006 as we discovered that there were a couple of bands also named as After the Fall. Not wanting to use a name some gay aor/pop/whatever band uses on somewhere far away, we decided that it's time to change the name. I (Timo) thought about it briefly (3 months) and came up with a new cool name "HateRed". I'll update the meaning for the name in the future in case you wish to know such metaphysics.

That about summs our brief history.

Death Metal

Finland (Mikkeli), formed in 1995



Juha Heikkinen - Guitars, Vocals (Casket (Fin))
Timo Silonsaari - Guitars, Vocals
Jussi Lyytikäinen - Bass
Harri Heikkinen - Drums (ex-Naildown)


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