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Everybody Dies

Album: ''Everybody Dies'' (1998)
1. Everybody Dies
2. Stalker
3. Prison Bitch
4. $20.000 blowjob
5. Challenged
6. The Gift Giver
7. Crackdown
8. In The Ditch
9. Ass to Mouth
10. Compound
11. Ante Up
12. Anally Annie
13. Denial
14. Born With Both/ Sunshine of Your Love/ Pepe Lopez song



Hate Plow is an American thrash/death/grind metal band. Hateplow was put together in 1994 as a Malevolent Creation side-project. A four-song demo was recorded and distributed freely. Some time later Scott and Symons were recruited. The band got a recording deal with Pavement Music, Malevolent Creation's label, as a result of a new nine-song demo and recorded a debut. Hawke was incarcerated just after the completion of the debut album however. He would later die ostensibly while trying to save the life of his pet who was trapped in a house fire. Another account had him dying because of inhalation of chemicals. Ironically, his death occurred just when Barrett had left Cannibal Corpse and was gearing to concentrate on Hateplow.
Culross (again formerly of Malevolent Creation) and Humlack were recruited for The Only Law Is Survival. In the meanwhile, Symons would also join Malevolent Creation. Humlack left the fold unwilling to tour and the band opened for Malevolent Creation in Europe with Julian 'Xaphan' Hollowell of Kult Ov Azazel and Demonic Christ. Another tour would be scheduled for Europe in the summer of 2003. This would be followed with the announcement that a new album is being planned.
2004's Mosh Pit Murder featured live recordings captured on the band's 2000 tour with SOD. The set was taken from a Michigan show. The CD featured a 1996 demo as bonus material.

Death Metal

Every day atrocities

United States of America (Ft. Lauderdale, Florida), formed in 1994

Pavement Music


Kam Lee - Vocals (Death, Mantas (US), Massacre (US), Denial Fiend, Abhorred Existence)
Phil Fasciana - Guitars (Malevolent Creation)
Jon Rubin - Guitars (Malevolent Creation, Monstrosity (US))
Julian Hollowell - Bass (Kult Ov Azazel, Teratism, session for Demonic Christ)
Dave Culross - Drums (ex-Malevolent Creation, Disgorged (US), Gorgasm (US) (session), guest for Suffocation (US) (session), Incantation, Malebolgia)

Kyle Symons - Vocals (Sickness (US), Malevolent Creation)
Rob Barrett - Guitars (Cannibal Corpse, Eulogy (US), ex-Malevolent Creation, Solstice (US))
Doug Humlack - Bass (Hibernus Mortis, Acrimonium)
Tim Scott - Bass (Revenant (US))
Larry Hawke - Drums (Malevolent Creation) (R.I.P. 24 May 1997)


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