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Album: ''Introduction'' (1992 Demo)
1. Daddy Was Her First Man
2. Unborn


Album: ''Progressive'' (1994 EP)
1. Charity Absurd
2. Mind Mutilation
3. Incapsuled
4. Progressive
5. Daddy Was Her First Man

And Thou Shalt Trust... The Seer

Album: ''And Thou Shalt Trust... The Seer'' (1997)
1. The Day As Heaven Wept
2. Origin of a Crystal Soul
3. Requiem In D-Minor
4. In A Pale Moon's Shadow
5. Cantus Firmus In A-Minor
6. De La Morte Noire
7. Lost (Robin's Song)
8. A Midnight Gathering

Awaking the Centuries

Album: ''Awaking the Centuries'' (2000)
1. Rachmaninov: Choir
2. Pestilencia
3. Heavenly Damnation
4. The Final Victory
5. Saltorella La Manuelina
6. Awaking the Centuries
7. Statement zur Lage der Musica
8. In a Fullmoon Procession
9. Menuett
10. Pt.I: Prophecy Fulfilled, Pt.II: And the Dark Night Entered
11. Courante
12. Rachmaninov: Choir

Awaking the Gods - Live in Mexico

Album: ''Awaking the Gods - Live in Mexico'' (2001 Live album)
1. Intro/Rachmaninov Choir
2. Mediaeval Part
3. Lost
4. Prophecy Fullfilled
5. Menuett
6. Origin Of A Crystal Soul
7. Awakening The Centuries
8. Courante
9. In A Fullmoon Procession
10. Final Victory
11. In A Pale Moon´s Shadow

Eppur Si Muove

Album: ''Eppur Si Muove'' (2004)
1. All'inizio è La Morte
2. Menuetto In Fa-Minore
3. Per Aspera Ad Astra
4. Of a Might Divine
5. Gavotta In Si-Minore
6. Herr Mannelig
7. The Observer
8. Eppur Si Muove
9. Largetto / Epilogo Adagio
10. Herr Mannelig (short version)



Haggard is a German symphonic metal band founded in 1991. Haggard combines folk, classical, renaissance and medieval music with modern doom metal.

The band started playing death metal in 1991. They then changed their style after their first demo tape Introduction in 1992, becoming a symphonic metal band and producing two albums dealing with the seer Michel de Notredame in the dark days of The Black Plague in Europe. The album And Thou Shalt Trust... The Seer marked their breakthrough in 1997. After their second album Awaking The Centuries, they toured through Mexico twice. They are quite famous and well known in South America, almost more so than in Germany. In 2004 they released their third album Eppur Si Muove which is about the life of Italian scholar Galileo Galilei.

Just before their album Awaking The Centuries the band had it's highest number of musicians at 21. Currently the band consists of 16 musicians. All their songs are written by vocalist and guitarist Asis Nasseri.

Current members(Edit 29.08.2006 from
Asis Nasseri - Guitars / Vocals
Luz Marsen - Drums
Claudio Quarta - Guitar
Michael Stapf - Violino
Susanne - Soprano
Steffi Hertz - Viola
Veronika Kramheller - Soprano
Hans Wolf(or Ingrid) - Piano / Keyboards
Ivica - Violone
Fiffi Fuhrmann - Tenore / Flauto / Fire
Florian - Oboe / Englischhorn
Judith - Violino
Johannes Schleiermacher - Violoncello
Mark - Clarinetto
Michael - Timpani / Percussion
Doro - Violino

Death Metal (early), Classical/Orchestral/Symphonic Metal (now)

History, Astronomy, Astrology

Germany (Munich / Bavaria), formed in 1991

Drakkar Productions


Bartl - Oboe
Karin Bodenmüller - Soprano
Fiffi Fuhrmann - Crumhorn
Kathrin Hertz - Cello
Steffi Hertz - Viola
Danny Klupp - Acoustic Guitars (Taraxacum)
Kerstin Krainer - Violin
Luz Marsen - Drums & Kettledrums
Robert Müller - Clarinet
Andi Nad - Bass
Asis Nasseri - Vocals, Growls, Guitars
Kathrin Pechlof - Harp
Susanne - Soprano
Florian Schnellinger - Bass Vocals
Hans Wolf - Piano, Cembalo, Keyboards
Christoph v. Zastrow - Flute
Claudio Quarta - Guitar

Markus Reisinger - Guitar, Vocals
Taki Saile - Vocals, Piano
Vera Hoffmann - Violin
Katharina Quast - Cello
Sasema - Soprano (1997-1999)
Gaby Koss - Vocals (1998-2004) (SpiRitual (Ger), Koyaanisqatsy, Equilibrium (Ger) (Guest), Death Army)
Robin Fischer - Bass (2004-2005) (ex-Red To Grey, ex-Aeons End, Solemnity)


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