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Emetic Cult

Album: ''Emetic Cult'' (1995)
1. Nekromantik/ Uncontrollable Proliferation of Neoplasm
2. Decrepit Dejection
3. Dilacerate the Sweet Diabetic Diabolism
4. Deranged for Loathsome
5. Excavating the iliac Fossa
6. Grotesque Embryon Pathology
7. Intravenous Molestation of Obstructionist Arteries (O-pus)
8. Via-anal Introspection
9. Fermented Post-Mortem Disgorgement
10. Cadaveric Metamorphose
11. Anatomized
12. Pernicious Dyseptic Invoculation
13. Foetal Mincer
14. Expectorating Pulmonary Mucu-Purulence


Album: ''Grume'' (1997)
1. Incinerator of Cadaveric Leftovers
2. Exquisite Eschatology
3. Torrent Like Eventeration
4. Dissect, Exhume, Devour...
5. Putrescent Necromorphism
6. Cartilageous Pulped Offals
7. Decom-posers
8. Fragments (Anatomical relics)
9. In Nephritic Blue
10. Ectopic Eye
11. Intravenous Molestation of Obstructionist Arteries (O-pus 2)
12. Rectovaginal Fistula
13. Formaldehyde
14. Far Beyond the Forensic Pathology

Anatomical Inferno

Album: ''Anatomical Inferno'' (1998)
1. Enshrouded in Putrilage
2. A Cataleptic Rapture
3. Surgery for the Dead
4. Treasures of Anatomy
5. Necrotic Garbage
6. Putritorium
7. Dawn in the Rotting Paradise
8. Aftertaste of Putrefaction
9. Worminfested Cavities
10. I'm a Pathologist
11. Cirrhoetic Liver Distillation
12. Witness of Forensic Horror
13. Dying on a Mass of Chyme and Rancid Excrement
14. Set the Morgue on Fire


Album: ''Haemorrhage/Ingrowing'' (1998 Split)
1. Putrefaction (I still remind)
2. Anatomized
3. Rectovaginal Fistula
4. Sexual Inferiority
5. Cyberspace Floats Through Me
6. Radio Hit [Anal Cunt cover]


Album: ''Loathesongs'' (2000 EP)
1. Intro-Megaton (Defecation)
2. Vestige Of Earthly Remains (Defecation)
3. Pyosisified (Rotten to the Gore) (Carcass)
4. Premature Autopsy (Entombed)
5. Disgorging Foetus (Regurgitate)
6. Oozing Molten Gristle (Haemorrhage)
7. Dear Uncle Creepy (Impetigo)
8. Fascist Pig (Suicidal Tendencies)
9. M.A.D. (Cryptic Slaughter)
10. Satanic Masowhore (Impaled Nazarene)
11. Doctor Doctor (UFO)

Morgue Sweet Home

Album: ''Morgue Sweet Home'' (2002)
1. Mortuary Riot
2. Oozing Molten Gristle
3. Midnight Mortician
4. Virulent Mass Necropsy
5. Funeral Carnage
6. Obnoxious (Surgeon Of The Dead)
7. Exhuming Impulse
8. Unlock The Morgue
9. Sublime Anatomy Of Revenge
10. Morgue Sweet Home
11. Mangled Surgical Epitaph
12. The Forensic Requiems
13. Dirge For The Sick
14. Intravenous Molestation Of Obstructionist Arteries (O-Pus IV)

Cut God Out / Feasting On Purulence

Album: ''Cut God Out / Feasting On Purulence'' (2005 Split)
1. Saw Me
2. Hell Yawns Before You
3. Feasting on Purulence
4. Disgorging Innards
5. Treasures of Anatomy



Haemorrhage is a goregrind/deathgrind band and was formed in 1990, then known as Devourment, by Jose and Luisma, with the first line-up being Jose on bass and vocals, Luisma on guitars, and Emilio on drums, though this only lasted until the summer of '91, when Emilio left the band. In 1992, the group reformed and released their first demo, Grotesque Embryopathology, as Haemorrhage. Grotesque Embryopathology featured Luisma as guitarist, Jose as drummer, and both as vocalists. Near the end of 1993, Lugubrious and Ramon joined the band, taking over vocals and bass, respectively. In May of '94, Haemorrhage recorded seven songs and sent a promo tape to Morbid Records, which resulted in a contract for two releases, and not long after, Ana joined the band as second guitarist. By 1995, the band recorded their first CD, Emetic Cult. In may of '96, Jose left due to personal issues and was replaced by Rojas, the current drummer.


Gore, Surgeries

Spain (Coslada (Madrid)), formed in 1990

Morbid Records


Luisma - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals (ex-Avulsed)
Ramón Checa - Bass (Greenfly)
Fernando Errazquin "Lugubrious" - Vocals (Heavenshore, Lugubrious)
Ana - Rhythm Guitar
Daniel Rojas López - Drums (Greenfly)

Jose - Bass (1990), Drums (1992-1996)
Emillio - Drums (1990)


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