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Resisting Success

Album: ''Resisting Success'' (1987)
1. The Leaders?
2. Nightstalker
3. Legal Tender
4. On to Illiad
5. Widow's Mite (Chapter Eleven)
6. Resist $uccess
7. Sweet Revenge
8. The Cross
9. Masque of the Red Death (Red Death - The Prince's Master Plan - The Masquerade)

If at First You Don

Album: ''If at First You Don't Succeed...'' (1988)
1. Opinionate!
2. In the Mean Time
3. Rebel Without a Brain
4. King in Exile
5. Face the Fat Reality / Outro
6. I Too Eye
7. Diplomatic Immunity
8. Process of Assimilation
9. Tears of Orpheus
10. Aftermath of Betrayal (The Tragedy of Hamlet)
11. Finale
12. M.E.S. (Technical Difficulties)

Live on Location

Album: ''Live on Location'' (1991 Live album)
1. The Leaders?
2. King in Exile
3. On to Illiad
4. In the Mean Time
5. Oppinionate!
6. Rebel Without a Brain
7. A
8. Rape of Persephone
9. The Cross
10. Face the Fat Reality
11. I Too Eye
12. Aftermath of Betrayal
13. Nightstalker

Exist to Resist

Album: ''Exist to Resist'' (1995)
1. Exist to Resist
2. Rape of Persephone
3. Doubt
4. Colorblind
5. Deter-My-Nation
6. Throughout Me, Threw Out You
7. Second Degree Sleepwalking
8. A (G)
9. The Other
10. The Leaders '95

The Lost Fox Studio Sessions

Album: ''The Lost Fox Studio Sessions'' (1998 Best of/Compilation)
1. The Leaders?
2. Sweet Revenge
3. Nightstalker
4. Resist Success
5. Gambli' With Your Life
6. Deter My Nation
7. Rape Of Persephone
8. Not A Part Of Your Life
9. Bete Noir
10. Thoughout Me, Threw Out You
11. Amerasian Reparation
12. King In Exile
13. Opinionate!
14. A
15. Easy Way Out


Album: ''$avior$elf'' (1999)
1. $avior$elf
2. Decline & Fall of the American Empire
3. Our Father
4. Active Contrition
5. To Know One
6. In the Words of the Profit
7. The Agnostic
8. Y2K
9. End of the Bargain
10. Fall
11. The Atheist

The Downside

Album: ''The Downside'' (2000)
1. Ground Zero N.Y.C.
2. Align the Planets
3. Bitter Suite #1
4. Hoax
5. Pay the Price
6. Hail To the Thief
7. Shove It
8. It's A Wonderful Lie
9. Become Dust
10. Responsible
11. The Me That Might Have Been
12. Ground Zero (Reprise)


Album: ''DamNation'' (2001)
1. Bloast
2. Out the Window
3. DamNation
4. Absorbed
5. Force Quit
6. Stressfest
7. Biocaust
8. This I Know
9. Momentary Clarity
10. California Song
11. Stop and Go
12. Bad Vibrations

1982 - 2002

Album: ''1982 - 2002'' (2002 Best of/Compilation)
1. Biocaust
2. Ground Zero N.Y.C.
3. Active Contrition
4. Exist To Resist
5. I Too Eye
6. The Leaders?
7. Rebel Without a Brain
8. Process of Assimilation
9. Colorblind
10. The Cross
11. Gloomy Sunday
12. Nightstalker (live)
13. Fiend (performed by Cassius King)
14. Something's Wrong (performed by All Time Low)
15. (unknown)
16. (unknown)
17. (unknown)
18. (unknown)



There's at least three bands with the name Hades. One from Paramus, NJ, USA which is a Thrash Metal band, another Death Metal band from China and a Black Metal band from Norway.

1) HADES (NORWAY), founded in 1992 by Erstwhile Immortal guitarist Jorn Inge Tunsberg along with ex-DARK drummer Remi, adopted the addition of their home country to their name after their 1993 demo 'Alone Walkyng' appeared following protests from the American HADES. This opening session saw the founding duo joined by Janto Garmanslund on bass and vocals with Nagel on guitar. 'Alone Walkyng' saw a commercial issue through the Vantgarde subsidiary Wounded Love Records. The band's debut album, issued in December of 1994 and finding Stig usurping Nagel as second guitarist, had the group offering familiar Norwegian Black Metal based around Viking and pagan themes.

With the release of the 1997 album 'Dawn Of The Dying Sun' the record company took the opportunity to reacquaint the public with the 1994 debut, releasing both albums together as a double vinyl album set limited to 1'000 copies. To back up this release the band put in extensive touring, which saw a burst of dates across not only Europe but also Mexico and the USA. The transition from HADES to HADES ALMIGHTY was marked in September of 1998 as the band entered the Prolog Studio in Dortmund, Germany to record the exceptionally dark and ominous album 'Millenium Nocturne', released under license from Nuclear Blast by Hammerheart Records. A Benelux tour allied with MAYHEM and PRIMORDIAL preceded a further campaign across Europe in league with Immortal and Benediction.

Heavy/Power Metal (earliest times), Thrash Metal (later)

United States of America (Paramus, NJ), formed in 1978

Metal Blade Records


Alan Tecchio - vocals (Non-Fiction, ex-Watchtower, All Time Low, Power (US), Seven Witches, Jack Frost (US))
Dan Lorenzo - guitars (Non-Fiction, The Cursed)
Ed Fuhrmann - guitars (System Addict)
Jimmy Schulmann - bass (ex-Attacker)
Ron Lipnicki - drums (ex-HavocHate, Overkill (US), Dan Lorenzo)

Dave Lecsinsky
Tom Coombs

Scott LePage
Lou Ciarlo (ex-Attacker, Jersey Dogs)

Joe Casilli - guitars

Paul Smith
John Bomma (Rivera/Bomma)


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