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True Stench Never Dies

Album: ''True Stench Never Dies'' (2006)
1. Anal Grinder (the stench inrupts)
2. Grinding Gremlin (agony and gorefaction of a gremlin)
3. Anal Khult (khult of ahnus)
4. Anal Khult (cult of anus)
5. Anal Stench of Nocturnal Defecator (a story about very important person)
6. Confecal Stench Emission (defecation properties)
7. Grol (Grol de Nocte)
8. Khult ov 997 (666+331=997. Khult)
9. 5 o'clock vomit (take a rest before vomit)
10. Nurture of Gore (internal decay, external absorbtion)
11. Regurgitator (khult de khulte obscuritus khultathum)
12. Sunken In Putridity (saturation in the rotting)
13. Analinis Parshiukas (fairy tale about a grandma and anal piggy)



GROL is a propagandic gore black/death/grind metal band worshiping the great Beerkhult. GROL (firstly named "Grinding Gremlin") was founded in 2002 by Disruptor. The real regurgitation started in 2004 when the mad scientist Thrigger joined as a guitar grinder. A month later a bass guitar crusher Necrocannibal joined the band and later vocalist Pizius appeared as a brutal gore regurgitator.

In October 2004, GROL supported CANNIBAL CORPSE during their visit in Lithuania. Intensive concert activities did not prevent from studio works. In February 2005 GROL presented the first album "True Stench Never Dies". The very small run of only 130 self-released copies got sold out. In collaboration with Japan label BloodBath Records, the awaited factory release is now available to public.

Vocalist changed to Guthural in 2005 and bass player to Tasspias and later to Defleshed. Second guitarist Bachas was taken aboard for a while, but was retired and replaced by Tasspias in 2006. GROL started experimenting with death/grind and gore/black sound by actualy "splitting" a band in two pieces GROL (death/grind) and GROL de Nocte (gore/black).

GROL is like a troll but drinks as much as 2 and defecates/vomits/stinks as 3 (having in mind that a troll is already more capable than a human). GROL is nothing unreal. It's reality, the mirror of what is going on in everyday's life - the METAL way of life.

Grind/Death Metal (early), Black/Death Metal (now)

Anus, Pigs, Vomit, Gore, Faeces

Lithuania (Vilnius), formed in 2002

BloodBath Records


Disruptor (Mangirdas) - Drums (2002-) (D.A.R., Flames of Arborea)
Trigger (Rimtautas) - Guitar, backing vocals (2004-) (Burying Place)
Guthural (Aleksandr) - Vocals (2005-) (Flames of Arborea)
Defleshed (Linas) - Bass (2006-) (Murder Site)
Kostas - Guitar (D.A.R., Night) (2007-)

NecroCannibal (Mindaugas) - Bass (2004-2006) (Mandragora (Ltu))
Bachas - Guitars (2006) (GodZero, ex-Mandragora (Ltu), ex-Burying Place)
Pizius (Dalius) - Vocals (2004-2005, 2007(live vocals))
Tasspias - Guitar (formerly Bass) (2006-2007)


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