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Ghouls of Grandeur

Album: ''Ghouls of Grandeur'' (2003)
1. Primal Aggression
2. Outlined in Black
3. A World of Wrath
4. From Hell & Back
5. No Compromise
6. Obsession
7. Lesser of Two Evils
8. Ghouls of Grandeur
9. Mosh-Pit Underground
10. Christ Denied



Pure Fucking Brutality

This brutal metal band hails from Norway, and the collaboration between guitarist Ole Walaunet (Deride), drummer and ex-member Horgh (ex-Immortal, Hypocrisy), and vocalist Frediablo (ex-Necrophagia, Gorelord, Hemnur), resultet in their critically acclaimed debut album 'Ghouls Of Grandeur'. 10 tracks of insane, grinding metal of the highest order, with absolutely no middleground. By combinding elements of death metal, black metal, & old school heavy metal, they managed to create a highly original style of their own. With 'Ghouls Of Grandeur' Grimfist once again proved that Norway is still one of the top leading countries to produce high quality extreme metal. Founded October 2001, and signed to Candlelight Records. Their debut was recorded in Abyss Studios in Sweden, March 2003, and was mixed by Peter TÃĪgtgren (Hypocrisy, Pain). With this album Grimfist set the standard for a new level of brutality, as well as the foundation for the bands musical future.

Two years later, and after the departure of drummer Horgh, Grimfist recorded the follow-up to Ghouls Of Grandeur.The highly anticipated 10 Steps To Hell was recorded in SubSonic Society, April 2005, and mixed in Fredman Studio. The three-piece further confirm their determination with a record that is molten and metal to the bloody core. 10 Steps To Hell takes the band to the next level combining speed, heavyness, and darker atmospheric elements in their sound. Introducing full time member Christian Svendsen on drums, this release will definately kick your ass from hell & back !! The album was released October 2005, and like GOG, it quickly recieved loads of positive feedback and reviews from the fans and music press.
Grimfist have toured with bands like Cannibal Corpse and Kataklysm, and have established a reputation for being a solid, professional and highly energetic live band. Now, with 2 killer albums up their sleeve, they are definately ready to spread the Grimfist plague. Pure fucking brutality is heading your way to infest your soul!! Expect the unexpected !!!

Thrash/Groove Metal

Satanism, Darkness

Norway (Oslo), formed in 2001

Candlelight Records


Ole Walaunet - Guitars (Deride, Deathcon, The Batallion)
Christian Svendsen (a.k.a. Anti Christian) - Drums (Tsjuder, Sturmgeist, ex-Black Comedy)
Morten M�ller - Vocals (Rambokk, Dead Trooper)
Birger Larsen - Bass (Dead Trooper)

Horgh - Drums (Hypocrisy (Swe), Immortal (Nor), ex-Pain (Swe) and ex-Lost at Last)
Dustin Perle - Drums
Ares - Session Bass (Aeternus (Nor), ex-Immortal (Nor), Gorgoroth,ex-Corona Borealis (Nor), live for Black Hole Generator)
Robin Eaglestone - Bass (ex-Cradle of Filth, ex-Criminal, December Moon, ex-Belphegor (Aut))
Frediablo - Vocals (Gorelord, ex-Wurdulak, ex-Necrophagia, Hemnur, Soul Forsaken, Ave Sathanas, Deride, session for Svartpest)
Dreggen - Bass (Aeternus (Nor), ex-Cult of Catharsis, Taake,Deathcon, Black Hole Generator)
Tommy Hjelm - Vocals (Filled on in vocals for live shows after Frediablo left) (The Cumshots)


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