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See You In Hell

Album: ''See You In Hell'' (1983)
1. See You in Hell
2. Dead on Arrival
3. Liar
4. Wrath of the Ripper
5. Now or Never
6. Run For Your Life
7. The Show Must Go On
8. All Hell Let Loose

The Show Must Go On

Album: ''The Show Must Go On'' (1984 Single)
1. The Show Must Go On
2. Dead On Arrival

The show must go on (USA promotion)

Album: ''The show must go on (USA promotion)'' (1984 Single)
1. The show must go on
2. The show must go on

Fear No Evil

Album: ''Fear No Evil'' (1985)
1. Fear No Evil
2. Never Coming Back
3. Lord of Darkness (Your Living Hell)
4. Matter of Time
5. Rock and Roll Tonight
6. Let the Thunder Roar
7. Lay it on the Line
8. Fight for the Last
9. Final Scream

Rock You to Hell

Album: ''Rock You to Hell'' (1987)
1. Rock You To Hell
2. Night of the Vampire
3. Lust for Freedom
4. When Heaven Comes Down
5. Suck It And See
6. Rock Me 'Till I Die
7. You'll Wish That You Were Never Born
8. Waysted Love
9. I Want More

Lust for freedom

Album: ''Lust for freedom'' (1987 Single)
1. Lust for freedom
2. Lust for freedom

Best of Grim Reaper

Album: ''Best of Grim Reaper'' (1999 Best of/Compilation)
1. See You in Hell
2. Fear No Evil
3. Rock You to Hell
4. Wrath of the Reaper
5. Lust for Freedom
6. Never Coming Back
7. All Hell Let Loose
8. Show Must Go On
9. Let the Thunder Roar
10. Run for Your Life
11. Waysted Love
12. Now or Never
13. Fight for the Last
14. Dead on Arrival
15. Lay It on the Line
16. Suck It and See
17. Final Scream

grim reaper


Grim Reaper is a British heavy metal band from the NWOBHM style and era. The band was formed in 1979 in Droitwich, England, by Nick Bowcott.

They were signed to Darryl Johnston's Ebony Records and their debut was See You in Hell. The album, with cover design by Garry Sharpe-Young, was released in 1984 and was distributed worldwide through RCA Records. Grim Reaper soon became readily identifiable with Bowcott's skillful guitar work and singer Steve Grimmett's not-always-quite-on-key banshee screams. Their successful world tour included a support shot at Texxas Jam playing to over 20,000 people. Their follow-up, 1985's "Fear No Evil" showed improvement on the production front and also enjoyed moderate success in both the U.S. and Europe.

Legal battles with Ebony delayed the release of the band's third album "Rock You to Hell" by almost 2 years. The album was released directly through RCA in 1987, again with a Garry Sharpe-Young cover design. However, by this time Grim Reaper's melodic power metal sound had fallen out of favor as much of the metal market moved toward heavier fare like Thrash metal and Speed metal. Even the major label distribution and popular video for the title track could not save the band. With production on their fourth album (reportedly to be called "Nothing Whatsoever to do with Hell") about to start, another round of legal action from Ebony effectively dealt the death blow to Grim Reaper.

Grimmett went on to front Onslaught and Lionsheart, as well as perform on several tribute albums. Bowcott became a freelance music writer and later staff contributor for publications like Circus and Guitar World. Bowcott also worked with Marshall Amplifiers' U.S. division.

Their 1985 video for "Fear No Evil", in which the band fights an evil wolfman and frees his slaves, was re-used by Weezer in 2005 as the video for their single We Are All On Drugs. Many Gen Xers may remember them as one of Beavis and Butt-head's least favorite bands.

In 2006 Eddie Trunk announced on Metal Mania that the band has reformed.

Grim Reaper "original" line up (without Nick Bowcott) played Keep It True VI festival in Lauda-Königshoffen the 08th April 2006.

They are not to be confused with a band of the same name, formed in Coventry, UK, who have songs such as "Cheese Pie", and "Gordon Brown Went To Town".

NWOBHM/Heavy Metal

Defiance, Darkness, Women, Beasts, Battle

United Kingdom (Droitwich, England), formed in 1979



Grim Reaper touring line-up 2006/2007:

Steve Grimmett - Vocals (Medusa (UK), ex-Chateaux, ex-Onslaught (UK), Lionsheart, The Steve Grimmett Band)
Ian Nash - Guitar (Lionsheart, Seven Deadly Sins, The Steve Grimmett Band)
Ritchie Walker - Bass (The Steve Grimmett Band)
Pete Newdeck - Drums (ex-Paul Di'Anno, Eden's Curse, The Steve Grimmett Band)

Paul DeMercado - Vocals (1981-1982)

Adrian Jacques - Drums (1981-1982)
Lee Harris - Drums (1982-1985)
Mark Simon - Drums (Health Warning, Virgin Star)

Nick Bowcott - Guitar

Phil Matthews - Bass
Geoff Curtis - Bass (Idol Rich)
Bernie Brittain - Bass (Health Warning)
Max Norman - Bass
Dave Wanklin - Bass


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