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In Solace Enthroned by Thorns

Album: ''In Solace Enthroned by Thorns'' (2007 Demo)
1. In Solace Enthroned by Thorns

grieving age


It all started back August/2003, when Ghassan met up with Ahmed in Rotana's music store, where Ahmed works. It was clear they shared an appreciation of metal music in general and doom in particular, they met few times later ,discussed the local metal scene in Saudi Arabia ''which is unknown widely'', and the possibility of having a mid success band, they wanted to start something but due to circumstances they did not . October/2004, in a moment of pure impulse Ahmed called Ghassan it seemed completely out of the blue since the two have not spoken nor met in such a long time . Immediately Ahmed started off by proposing the idea of starting a band again, they met up a few hours later Not wasting anytime and got down to working on the bands theme and headlines ,their determination was visible. Ahmed assigned song writer/lead vocal. Ghassan lead Guitarist. Ghassan suggested (Emad-Wasted land) as a drummer. The serious work started with a song entitled (The house of gloomy Anna), rehearsing sessions lasted for weeks ,passionate and eager they began working on another track (Which was Un-named) during this time they were looking for a name to suit the band's attitude, they came up with a few names such as (Weeping Winter, Dark Vision) But it felt unoriginal. Little they knew their name was already there ''Grieving Age'' it was picked up from their own music lyrics the three agreed. While working on their single, they met Abdullah, They liked the way he played the piano and approached him with their band's idea in a few days he joined playing on the keyboards. Ghassan again made a suggestion but this time for a second guitarist, he thought who better for the job than Ayman(wasted land) ,He accepted and was welcomed. For some reason they neglected the two first songs, and chose to focus on their new one, titled (My River). Looking to record they went to Yazid-drummer of Panjiah ''another Local band'' , Along with Khalid(ex-Panjiah's guitarist)which worked on the song as a sound engineer/producer, It was complete during one month end of Feb/2005. Re-titled under the name of (My Hopeless River) By that time Diya came from Al-Dhahran and joined the band as a rhythm guitarist/violinist, while Ayman held the bass position. My hopeless River received great reviews from the metal fans in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Lebanon. Working on their second project entitled (Have I sinned); they got back to their doom/death metal roots which were clearly their influenced by ''My Dying Bride and Old Anathema''. Diya's impression was so obvious on this song, He did an astonishing job. The song was recorded as a live demo. Well known by now in the local metal scene the band got an invitation to perform in the SA Metal gig they couldn't make it according to the band ''they didn't have time'', The line up has been settled for a while till they started working on the third track previously entitled, (A nightmare within a nightmare) And recently (Nocturnal realm of desolation), Mohammed Shata joined the band as a bassist after Aymans deparute to focus more on Wasted Land,Mohammed lasted for a short time then he left because some personal problems and Ayman came back again.

Doom/Death Metal

Death,mythology,dark romance and suffer.

Saudi Arabia (Jeddah), formed in 2003



Ahmed Shawli - vocals
Ghassan Fudail - guitars
Deya'a Azoni - guitars, Violin
Ayman Al Ghamdi - bass (Wasted Land (SA))
Abdullah Sabab - keyboards
Emad Mujalled - drums (Wasted Land (SA))

Mohammed Shata - bass


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