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Journey to the End of the Night

Album: ''Journey to the End of the Night'' (2000)
1. Falling Into Darkness
2. In the Realm of the Midnight Sun
3. My Dark Reflections of Life and Death
4. Under Eternal Stars
5. Journey to the End of the Night (Part I)
6. Echoes of Despair (Part II)
7. End of Journey? (Part III)
8. Shattered (Part IV)

Light of Day, Day of Darkness

Album: ''Light of Day, Day of Darkness'' (2001)
1. Light of Day, Day of Darkness

A Blessing in Disguise

Album: ''A Blessing in Disguise'' (2003)
1. Crushed to Dust
2. Lullaby in Winter
3. Writings On the Wall
4. Into Deep
5. The Boy in the Attic
6. Two Seconds in Life
7. Myron & Cole
8. As Life Flows By
9. Rain

Alive and Well? In Krakow

Album: ''Alive and Well? In Krakow'' (2004 DVD)
1. Into Deep
2. Crushed To Dust
3. Writings on the Wall
4. Light of Day, Day of Darkness (1st part)
5. The Boy in the Attic
6. Myron & Cole
7. Rain
8. As Life Flows By
9. Recording of drums "Into Deep" (Bonus Video)
10. "Crushed to Dust" bootleg video (Bonus Video)
11. "Boy in the Attic" bootleg video (Bonus Video)
12. "Writings on the Wall" bootleg video (Bonus Video)

The Quiet Offspring

Album: ''The Quiet Offspring'' (2005)
1. The Quiet Offspring
2. Between the Gentle Small & the Standing Tall
3. Just When You Think It's Safe
4. A Place for Me
5. The Everlasting Moment
6. Purple Door, Pitch Black
7. Childsplay Part I
8. Dead but Dreaming
9. Pile of Doubt
10. When I Was You
11. Childsplay Part II

The Burden Is Mine... Alone

Album: ''The Burden Is Mine... Alone'' (2005 EP)
1. Burden Is Mine... Alone
2. Sweet Leaf
3. Transparent Me
4. Six Ribbons (Jon English cover)

Acoustic Verses

Album: ''Acoustic Verses'' (2006)
1. Sweet Leaf
2. The Burden Is Mine...Alone
3. Maybe?
4. Alone
5. 9-29-045
6. Childs Play part III
7. High Tide Waves

A Night Under The Dam

Album: ''A Night Under The Dam'' (2007 DVD)
1. Child's Play (Part III)
2. Sweet Leaf
3. 9-29-045 (Part I, II and III)
4. Alone
5. Maybe?
6. High Tide Waves
7. Transparent Me
8. Six Ribbons
9. The Burden is Mine...Alone

green carnation


Green Carnation are from Kristiansand, Norway. They formed in 1990 as a death-metal act, but did not release their first album until 1999. This is because shortly after having formed as Green Carnation main composer Tchort left the band to join Emperor. The rest of the band continued/restarted under a new name: In the Woods.... Tchort decided to restart the band after In the Woods disbanded including some old In the Woods members back into the band.

Their style is most often described as progressive doom metal, with avant garde elements, though their more recent material has been tending away from the 'doom' side. This is perhaps best exemplified by their latest album, 'The Acoustic Verses', an all-acoustic album almost entirely devoid of the doom metal sound of their previous work. However in the Inlay to The Acoustic Verses main man Tchort stated that the band is in the process of producing a Doom album much in the vein of the early work. This will be part two of a three part “doom trilogy” that includes Light of Day, Day of Darkness.

Lyrically they are themed towards life and death, god and the questioning of religion, love and betrayal.

Green Carnation have recently disbanded due to financial and record label problems.

Gothic/Neo-Progressive Metal/Rock

Life, death

Norway (Kristiansand), formed in 1990

Season of Mist / The End Records

On hold

Tchort (Terje Vik Schei) - Guitar (ex-Emperor, Carpathian Forest, Blood Red Throne, ex-Satyricon)

Kjetil Nordhus - Vocals (ex-Chain Collector, ex-Trail of Tears)
Stein R. - Bass
Tommy Jackson - Drums (Naervaer, SoXpan, Zerozonic)
Michael Krumins - Guitar
Kenneth Silden - Keyboards
Christian "X" Botteri - Guitar (X-Botteri, Naervaer, ex-In the Woods...)
Christopher "C:M." Botteri - Bass (ex-In the Woods...)
Richart Olsen - Vocals
Anders Kobro - Drums (Carpathian Forest, Chain Collector, ex-In the Woods..., ex-Blood Red Throne, ex-Scariot)
Bjorn "Berserk" Harstad - Guitar, Slide, Ebow (Naervaer, ex-In the Woods...)
Geir Solli - Session Sakke Land (ex-Scariot, Naervaer)
Alf T. Leangel - Drums
Bernt A. Moen - Keyboards
Synne "Soprana" Larsen - Session Female Vocals (ex-In the Woods..., Naervaer)
Jan Kenneth "Transit" Transeth - Session Vocals, Piano (Transit, Black Bone Chapel, SoXpan, ex-In the Woods..., Naervaer, ex-Innhalator, session for Opus Forgotten)
Vibeke Stene - Guest Vocals (ex-Tristania)


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