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When Daylight

Album: ''When Daylight's Gone'' (1997)
1. Awake
2. Lost Yourself
3. Far Away
4. Eternal Winds
5. Dark Silence
6. Tears from My Eyes
7. When the Sky Turns Black
8. Another Season
9. Aeons of Desolation


Album: ''Demo '97'' (1997 Demo)
1. Tears from My Eyes
2. Eternal Winds
3. Lost Yourself
4. When the Sky Turns Black

Eternal Winds

Album: ''Eternal Winds'' (1997 EP)
1. Eternal Winds
2. Tears from My Eyes

Underneath The Crescent Moon

Album: ''Underneath The Crescent Moon'' (1998 EP)
1. Awaiting the Shinning
2. Awake... Thy Angels of Sorrow
3. By the Grace of God
4. How Many Tears (Helloween cover)

As The Angels Reach The Beauty

Album: ''As The Angels Reach The Beauty'' (1999)
1. A Dreaming Beauty
2. Portrait of a Deadly Nightshade
3. Ceremonial Requiem (instrumental)
4. Nocturnal Hymns
5. Behind the Curtain of Darkness
6. Pandemonium (instrumental)
7. Prophecies in Blood
8. Into the Dust of Eden
9. Graveyard of Angels (instrumental)

Scourge of Malice

Album: ''Scourge of Malice'' (2001)
1. Dreaded Time
2. Unhallowed by the Infernal One
3. Abandoned by Heaven
4. Descending into Ethereal Mist
5. Threnody
6. Demonic Dreams
7. Fear of the Dark (Iron Maiden cover)
8. In Vengeance of Our Wrath
9. Ars Diaboli
10. Sanctity Within Darkness

Engraved In Black

Album: ''Engraved In Black'' (2003)
1. Dreaming into Reality
2. Legions Unleashed
3. Renaissance in Blood
4. Thorns of Desolation
5. Abhorrence
6. Losing My Religion (REM cover)
7. Drowned in Fear
8. Beauty of Malice
9. Apparition of Sorrow


Album: ''(N)Utopia'' (2005)
1. I - The Machine
2. (N)Utopia
3. Hateful Design
4. Never Enough
5. Timeless
6. Which Way
7. Deep Inside
8. Outside Down



Originating from Brunico/Bruneck, Italy, Graveworm are a melodic black (symphonic black) metal band with influence of gothic metal. They were formed in 1992, and are themed towards sadness, death, love and occult.

They stand for a melodic mixture of any dark and mystic metal sounds. With their fourth album "Engraved In Black" Graveworm once more show their extremely high musical level, which can hardly be found in this scene nowadays. "Engraved In Black" convinces due to his aggression, power and melodic impact. Without any doubt this record must be put on one level with classic albums like "Nemesis Divina" (Satyricon), "Enthrone Darkness Triumphant" (Dimmu Borgir) or "The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh" (Cradle Of Filth). Feel and discover this incredible atmosphere!

Even before Graveworm released any demo they got signed by Serenades Records, who saw an incredible show of the band close to their hometown Brunico. A demo was produced straight after, featuring classic hymns like "Eternal Winds" or "When The Sky Turns Black", which were featured on their debut album "When Daylight’s Gone". A great album, even more in the Gothic Metal vein, which increased a huge interest within the scene. A tour with Crematory, Therion & Lake Of Tears followed and proved the enormous power the band creates on stage. Shortly after the tour the MCD "Underneath The Crescent Moon" followed, featuring the bands hymn "Awaiting The Shining", as well as the classical version of the track "Awake" sung by Sarah Jezebel Deva (CoF and Therion), who became close friends with the sympathic Italians after their tour. A video for the track "Awaiting The Shining" was produced, featuring a documentation done by national Italian TV, who made a road report about the band when they played the Serenades Records festival along with Haggard and others.

Graveworm soon became popular, played the Wacken Festival in 1998 and started the songwriting for their second album "As The Angel Reached The Beauty", released in 1999. A German tour with Mystic Circle, Stormlord and Suidakra was done, followed by an European tour together with Agathodaimon and Siebenbürgen, as well as festival shows at the "Wave Gotik Treffen" and others.

In 2001 "Scourge Of Malice" was released, featuring their most brutal material, including the Iron Maiden cover, "Fear Of The Dark", which was released on the "Tribute To The Beast" compilation. A first headliner tour was played, supported by Vintersorg, Dornenreich and Darkwell, which turned out to be very successful. The band played the "Summer Breeze Festival 2001", as well as a headliner show at the Italian "Badia Rocks" in 2002. Graveworm decided to sign with Nuclear Blast and started the production of their fourth album "Engraved In Black".

The record was produced in March/April at Stage One Studio with Andy Classen (Die Apokalyptischen Reiter and others), who did an incredible job once again. "Engraved In Black" became an even heavier and more intense record compared to the band previous ones, but still with all typical Graveworm trademarks. Vocalist Stefan Fiori screams and growls as if his life would be in danger. Tracks like "Legions Unleashed" or "Renaissance In Blood" belong upon the best tracks ever written by the italian band. Once again Graveworm did another cover-version, this time "It’s A Sin" of the 80’s Pop act Pet Shop Boys.

In 2005, they released (N)utopia.

Current line-up:
Stefan Fiori - Vocals (ex-Abigor)
Sabine Mair - Keyboards
Harry Klenk - Bass
Martin "Marschtl" Innerbichler - Drums
Eric Righi - Guitar
Thomas "Stirz" Orgler - Guitar

Melodic Black/Gothic Metal

Sadness, Death, Love, Occult

Italy (Brunico, BZ (Trentino-Alto Adige)), formed in 1992

Nuclear Blast


Stefan Fiori - Vocals (ex-Abigor, ex-Shadowcast)
Eric Righi - Guitar
Orgler ``Stirz`` Thomas - Guitar
Sabine Mair - Keyboards
Harry Klenk - Bass
Maschtl Innerbichler - Drums

Stefan Peitner - Drums
Dietmar 'Didi' Schraffl - Bass
Stefan Unterpertinger - Guitar (1992-2003)
Eric Treffel - Guitar
Moritz Neuner - Drums (ex-Abigor, Darkwell, Korova, Leaves' Eyes, Korovakill, Angizia, ex-Enid, Atrocity (Ger), Siegfried (Aut), ex-Dornenreich, ex-Evenfall (Ita), Sternenstaub, Shadowcast, ex-Dark Embrace (Esp), Angry Angels, ex-Golden Dawn, ex-Samsas Traum)
Lukas Flarer - Guitar (2003-2005) (Voices of Decay)


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