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Born Again

Album: ''Born Again'' (1983 Demo)
1. Live to Die
2. Legion of the Lost
3. House of Horror (early version)
4. Heavy Metal Breakdown
5. Back from the War
6. We Wanna Rock You

Heavy Metal Breakdown

Album: ''Heavy Metal Breakdown'' (1984)
1. Headbanging Man
2. Heavy Metal Breakdown
3. Back From The War
4. Yesterday
5. We Wanna Rock You
6. Legion Of The Lost
7. Tyrant
8. 2000 Lightyears From Home
9. Heart Attack

Shoot Her Down

Album: ''Shoot Her Down'' (1984 Single)
1. Shoot Her Down
2. Storming the Brain
3. We Wanna Rock You

Witch Hunter

Album: ''Witch Hunter'' (1985)
1. Witch Hunter
2. Night Drifter
3. Get Ready For Power
4. Love Is A Game
5. Get Away
6. Fight For Freedom
7. School's Out (Alice Cooper cover)
8. Friends Of Mine
9. Here I Stand

For Promotion Only

Album: ''For Promotion Only'' (1992 EP)
1. Ride On
2. Spy of Mas' On
3. Shadows of a Moonless Night
4. Fight the Fight

The Reaper

Album: ''The Reaper'' (1993)
1. Tribute to Death
2. The Reaper
3. Ride On
4. Shadows of a Moonless Night
5. Play Your Game (And Kill)
6. Wedding Day
7. Spy of Mas'On
8. Under My Flag
9. Fight the Fight
10. Legion of the Lost (Part II)
11. And the Devil Plays Piano
12. Ruler Mr. H.
13. The Madness Continues

The Best of the Eighties

Album: ''The Best of the Eighties'' (1993 Best of/Compilation)
1. Heavy Metal Breakdown
2. Shoot Her Down
3. Get Away
4. Paradise
5. (Enola Gay) Drop The Bomb
6. Back From The War
7. Witch Hunter
8. Keep On Rockin'
9. 2000 Lightyears From Home
10. Heaven Can Wait
11. Headbanging Man
12. Night Drifter
13. We Wanna Rock You
14. Yesterday
15. Don't Kill The Children
16. Tears Of Blood
17. Girls Of Rock 'N' Roll

Symphony of Death

Album: ''Symphony of Death'' (1994 EP)
1. Intro
2. Symphony of Death
3. Back to the Roots
4. House of Horror
5. Shout it Out
6. World of Fools
7. Wild and Dangerous

Heart of Darkness

Album: ''Heart of Darkness'' (1995)
1. Tears of Madness
2. Shadowmaker
3. The Grave Dancer
4. Demon's Day
5. Warchild
6. Heart of Darkness
7. Hate
8. Circle of Witches
9. Black Death
10. My Life (bonus track)
11. Dolphin's Cry (bonus track)

Tunes of War

Album: ''Tunes of War'' (1996)
1. The Brave
2. Scotland United
3. The Dark of the Sun
4. William Wallace (Braveheart)
5. The Bruce (The Lion King)
6. The Battle of Flodden
7. The Ballad of Mary (Queen of Scots)
8. The Truth
9. Cry For Freedom (James the VI)
10. Killing Time
11. Rebellion (The Clans Are Marching)
12. Culloden Muir
13. The Fall of the Brave


Album: ''Rebellion'' (1996 Single)
1. Rebellion (The Clans Are Marching)
2. Truth
3. The Dark of the Sun
4. The Ballad of Mary (Queen of Scots)

The Dark of the Sun

Album: ''The Dark of the Sun'' (1997 EP)
1. Rebellion (live in Athens) / The Dark Of The Sun
2. Heavy Metal Breakdown
3. Witch Hunter
4. Headbanging Man

Knights of the Cross

Album: ''Knights of the Cross'' (1998)
1. Deus Lo Vult
2. Knights of the Cross
3. Monks of War
4. Heroes of this Time
5. Fanatic Assassins
6. Lionheart
7. The Keeper of the Holy Grail
8. Inquisition
9. Baphomet
10. Over the Sea
11. The Curse of Jacques
12. The Battle of Bannockburn

The Battle of Bannockburn

Album: ''The Battle of Bannockburn'' (1998 Single)
1. The Battle Of Bannockburn
2. Baphomet
3. Knights Of The Cross
4. The Keeper Of The Holy Grail


Album: ''Excalibur'' (1999)
1. The Secrets of Merlin
2. Pendragon
3. Excalibur
4. The Round Table (Forever)
5. Morgane Le Fay
6. The Spell
7. Tristan's Fate
8. Lancelot
9. Mordred's Song
10. The Final War
11. Emerald Eyes
12. Avalon

The Round Table (Forever)

Album: ''The Round Table (Forever)'' (1999 Single)
1. The Round Table (Forever)
2. Excalibur
3. Mordred's Song
4. Emerald Eyes

The Grave Digger

Album: ''The Grave Digger'' (2001)
1. Son of Evil
2. The Grave Digger
3. Raven
4. Scythe of Time
5. Spirits of the Dead
6. The House
7. King Pest
8. Sacred Fire
9. Funeral Procession
10. Haunted Palace
11. Silence

Die Definitiv Biografie

Album: ''Die Definitiv Biografie'' (2002 Best of/Compilation)
1. 57
2. Heavy Metal Breakdown
3. Yesterday
4. Headbanging Man
5. Witch Hunter
6. (Enola Gay) Drop the Bomb
7. Fallout
8. Keep on Rockin'


Album: ''History'' (2002 Best of/Compilation)
1. Tribute to Death
2. The Reaper
3. Ride On
4. Shadows of a Moonless Night
5. Play Your Game (and Kill)
6. Wedding Day
7. Spy of Mas 'On
8. Under My Flag
9. Fight the Fight
10. Legion of the Lost (Part II)
11. And the Devil Plays Piano
12. Ruler Mr H
13. The Madness Continues


Album: ''Masterpieces'' (2002 Best of/Compilation)
1. Rebellion (The Clans Are Marching)
2. Heavy Metal Breakdown (re-recorded)
3. The Round Table (Forever)
4. The Battle Of Bannockburn
5. Circle Of Witches
6. The Dark Of The Sun
7. Witch Hunter (re-recorded)
8. Symphony Of Death
9. Heart Of Darkness
10. Fight The Fight
11. Lionheart
12. Headbanging Man (re-recorded)
13. Excalibur
14. Scotland United
15. The Reaper
16. The Ballad Of Mary (Queen Of Scots)

Tunes of Wacken

Album: ''Tunes of Wacken'' (2002 Live album)
1. Intro
2. Scotland United
3. The Dark Of The Sun
4. The Reaper
5. The Round Table (Forever)
6. Excalibur
7. Circle Of Witches
8. The Ballad Of Mary (Queen Of Scots)
9. Lionheart
10. Morgane Le Fay
11. Knights Of The Cross
12. Rebellion (The Clans Are Marching)
13. Heavy Metal Breakdown


Album: ''Rheingold'' (2003)
1. The Ring (Overture)
2. Rheingold
3. Valhalla
4. Giants
5. Maidens of War
6. Sword
7. Dragon
8. Liar
9. Murderer
10. Twilight of the Gods

Lost Tunes from the Vault

Album: ''Lost Tunes from the Vault'' (2003 Best of/Compilation)
1. My Life
2. Dolphin's Cry
3. Don't Bring Me Down
4. Heavy Metal Breakdown
5. Witch Hunter
6. Headbanging Man
7. Children of the Grave (Black Sabbath cover)
8. Hellas Hellas (live)
9. Kill the King (Rainbow cover)
10. Sin City (AC/DC cover)
11. Parcival
12. Starlight (Accept cover)
13. We Rock (Dio cover)

The Last Supper

Album: ''The Last Supper'' (2005)
1. Passion
2. The Last Supper
3. Desert Rose
4. Grave In No Man's Land
5. Hell To Pay
6. Soul Savior
7. Crucified
8. Divided Cross
9. The Night Before
10. Black Widows
11. Hundred Days
12. Always And Eternally

25 To Live

Album: ''25 To Live'' (2005 DVD)
1. Passion (Intro)
2. The Last Supper
3. Desert Rose
4. The Grave Dancer
5. Shoot Her Down
6. The Reaper
7. Paradise
8. Excalibur
9. The House
10. Circle Of Witches
11. Valhalla
12. Son Of Evil
13. The Battle Of Bannockburn
14. The Curse Of Jacques
15. Grave In The No Man's Land
16. Yesterday
17. Morgane Le Fay
18. Symphony Of Death
19. Witchhunter
20. The Dark Of The Sun
21. Knights Of The Cross
22. Twilight Of The Gods
23. The Grave Digger
24. Rebellion
25. Rheingold
26. The Round Table
27. Heavy Metal Breakdown

Silent Revolution

Album: ''Silent Revolution'' (2006 Single)
1. Silent Revolution (Radio Edit)
2. Highland Tears


Album: ''Yesterday'' (2006 Single)
1. Yesterday
2. The Reapers Dance
3. No Quarter (Led Zeppelin cover)
4. Yesterday (Orchestra Version)

Liberty or Death

Album: ''Liberty or Death'' (2007)
1. Liberty or Death
2. Ocean of Blood
3. Highland Tears
4. The Terrible One
5. Until the Last King Died
6. March of the Innocent
7. Silent Revolution
8. Shadowland
9. Forecourt to Hell
10. Massada

grave digger


Grave Digger is a German heavy/power metal band formed 1980 in Gladbeck, a small town in Germany. While the band has released many albums since 1984, their most recent was this year's "Liberty or Death".

The line-up has changed many times since the beginning. The band also split up once in 1986 and reunited in 1993. The only original member from the early days is vocalist Chris Boltendahl, whose rough voice has become a kind of significant trademark of Grave Digger.

On October 8th 2007, the band revealed Thilo Hermann as their second guitarist.

Classic/Speed Metal

Horror, war, mythology, European history, metal

Germany (Gladbeck/Nordrhein-Westfalen), formed in 1980

Locomotive Records / Soundholic


Chris Boltendahl - Vocals (Genius (Guest))
Manni Schmidt - Guitars (ex-Rage (Ger))
Thilo Hermann - Guitars (ex-Faithful Breath, ex-Glenmore, ex-Holy Moses, ex-Risk, ex-Running Wild)
Jens Becker - Bass (ex-Running Wild, ex-Roland Grapow (Guest), ex-Crossroads (Guest), X-Wild, Zillion)
Hans Peter ''H.P.'' Katzenburg - Keyboards
Stefan Arnold - Drums (ex-Capricorn (Ger), ex-Grinder (Ger), ex-Wallop, X-Mas Project)

Peter Masson (1980-1986)
Uwe Lulis (Rebellion (Ger), (1986-2000)

Martin Gerlitzki (1983)
Willi Lackman (1983-1984)
René ''T-Bone'' Teichgräber (1984)
C.F. Brank (ex-S.A.D.O.) (1985-1987)
Tomi Göttlich (Exray, Rebellion (Ger), ex-Asgard (Ger)) (1991-1997)

Lutz Schmelzer (1980)
Philip Seibel (R.I.P. 5th April 2003, heart attack) (1981-1983)
Albert Eckardt (1983-1987)
Peter Breitenbach (Warhead (Ger)) (1991-1993)
Jörg Michael (Avenger (Ger), ex-Axel Rudi Pell, Beto Vázquez Infinity (Guest), Der Riß, Headhunter (Ger), House Of Spirits, ex-Mekong Delta, ex-Rage (Ger), ex-Running Wild, ex-Saxon, Stratovarius, ex-Tom Angelripper, ex-Unleashed Power, Laos, Schwarz Arbeit) (1993-1994)
Frank Ulrich (Living Death, X-Wild, ex-Mendacious Messiah) (1994-1995)


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