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...And Then Comes Lividity

Album: ''...And Then Comes Lividity'' (1990 Demo)
1. ...And Then Comes Lividty
2. Haematological Allergy
3. Inflicted Maturity
4. Metempsukhosis
5. Calamitous Mortification

Considered Dead

Album: ''Considered Dead'' (1991)
1. ...And Then Comes Lividity
2. Stiff and Cold
3. Disincarnated
4. Considered Dead
5. Rottenatomy
6. Bodily Corrupted
7. Waste of Mortality
8. Drifting Remains
9. Hematological Allergy
10. Innoculated Life

The Erosion of Sanity

Album: ''The Erosion of Sanity'' (1993)
1. With Their Flesh, He'll Create
2. Condemned To Obscurity
3. The Erosion of Sanity
4. Orphans of Sickness
5. Hideous Infirmity
6. A Path Beyond Premonition
7. Odors of Existence
8. Dormant Misery


Album: ''Obscura'' (1998)
1. Obscura
2. Earthly Love
3. The Carnal State
4. Nostalgia
5. The Art of Sombre Ecstasy
6. Clouded
7. Subtle Body
8. Rapturous Grief
9. La Vie Est Prelude
10. Illuminatus
11. Faceless Ones
12. Sweet Silence

From Wisdom To Hate

Album: ''From Wisdom To Hate'' (2001)
1. Inverted
2. Behave Through Mythos
3. From Wisdom To Hate
4. The Quest for Equilibrium
5. Unearthing the Past
6. Elusive Treasures
7. Das Martyrium Des...
8. Testimonial Ruin

Demo Anthology

Album: ''Demo Anthology'' (2003 Best of/Compilation)
1. ...And Then Comes Lividity
2. Haemotological Allergy
3. Inflicted Maturity
4. Metempsukhosis
5. Calamitous Mortification
6. ...And Then Comes Lividity / Stiff and Cold
7. Considered Dead
8. Haemotological Allergy
9. Rottenatomy
10. Hideous Infirmity
11. The Erosion of Sanity
12. Dissecting the Adopted
13. La Vie Est Prélude (La Mort, Orgasme)
14. Rapturous Grief
15. The Art of Sombre Ecstasy
16. Nostalgia
17. Obscura (Instrumental)
18. Inoculated Life (Live)



Known as one of the most technical death metal bands ever, Gorguts was formed in 1989 by Luc Lemay (guitar/vocals), Sylvain Marcoux (guitar), Eric Giguere (bass) and Stephane Provencher (drums). They recorded a demo in 1990 entitled "And Then Comes Lividity", and then in 1991 released "Considered Dead" on Roadrunner, their first full length of death metal. The release was very promising, and even included a guest guitar solo by James Murphy and guest vocals by Chris Barnes. Two years later in 1993, they released their second full length entitled "The Erosion of Sanity". Similar in style to their debut, this album had showed Gorguts had indeed developed in musicianship. However, this album was overlooked and became an unheard classic for many years.

The band fell silent for five years. Many assumed Gorguts was no more, until 1998 when Luc Lemay assembled a new lineup and unleashed "Obscura", which many will agree is the most technical, chaotic and downright lucid metal album ever recorded. Filled with irregular beats, discordant riffing, and complex song arrangements, "Obscura" turned out to be either indigestible by many, or seen for its true beauty by few. Three years later, Gorguts returned once again with "From Wisdom To Hate". Some consider this release to be a digression from "Obscura", but it was still much in the same avant-garde/technical vein. Dan Mongrain of Martyr was recruited for the second guitarist on this album, contributing to the writing process and lead guitar work as well.

Gorguts has since disbanded. After being out of print for many years, Roadrunner Records re-released their first two albums on a single disc, and Galy Record re-released their 1990 demo along with many other demo tracks throughout the years.

In October 2002, drummer Steve MacDonald hung himself after suffering from years of depression.

Technical/Avant-garde Death Metal

Death, Mysticism

Canada (Quebec), formed in 1989

Olympic Recordings


Luc Lemay - Vocals/Guitars (Negativa)
Steve Cloutier - Bass (ex-Psychicthrob, ex-Damaged (Can))

Éric Giguère - Bass (ex-Thermik)

Steeve Hurdle - Guitar (ex-Purulence (Can), Negativa)
Sylvain Marcoux - Guitar
Daniel Mongrain - Guitar (Martyr (Can), ex-Cryptopsy, ex-Capharnaum (US), ex-Quo Vadis (Can))
Gary Chouinard - Guitar

Steve MacDonald (R.I.P 19th October 2002, suicide by hanging) - Drums (ex-Asgard (Can), ex-Sadistic Vision (Can))
Stéphane Provencher - Drums (ex-Damaged (Can))
Patrick Robert - Drums


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