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Album: ''Mindloss'' (1991)
1. Intro
2. Mental Misery
3. Putrid Stench of Human Remains
4. Foetal Carnage
5. Tangled In Gore
6. Confessions of A Serial Killer
7. Horrors In A Retarded Mind
8. Loss of Flesh
9. Decomposed
10. Gorefest


Album: ''False'' (1992)
1. The Glorious Dead
2. State of Mind
3. Reality - When You Die
4. Get-a-Life
5. False
6. Second Face
7. Infamous Existence
8. From Ignorance to Oblivion
9. The Mass Insanity


Album: ''Erase'' (1994)
1. Low
2. Erase
3. I Walk My Way
4. Fear
5. Seeds of Hate
6. Peace of Paper
7. Goddess in Black
8. To Hell and Back


Album: ''Fear'' (1994 EP)
1. Fear
2. Raven
3. Horrors In A Retarded Mind '94
4. Fear (live)

The Eindhoven Insanity

Album: ''The Eindhoven Insanity'' (1994 Live album)
1. The Glorious Dead
2. State of Mind
3. Get-A-Life
4. Mental Misery
5. From Ignorance To Oblivion
6. Reality - When You Die
7. The Mass Insanity
8. Confessions of A Serial Killer
9. Eindhoven Roar

Black Winter Day / Fear

Album: ''Black Winter Day / Fear'' (1995 Split)
1. Black Winter Day
2. Folk of the North
3. Moon and Sun
4. Moon and Sun Pt. II: North's Son
5. Fear
6. Raven
7. Horrors In A Retarded Mind '94
8. Fear (live)

Soul Survivor

Album: ''Soul Survivor'' (1996)
1. Freedom
2. Forty Shades
3. River
4. Electric Poet
5. Soul Survivor
6. Blood is Thick
7. Dog Day
8. Demon Seed
9. Chameleon
10. Dragon Man


Album: ''Freedom'' (1996 Single)
1. Freedom [single edit]
2. Tired Moon
3. Goddess In Black [orchestral version]
4. Freedom [album version]

Chapter 13

Album: ''Chapter 13'' (1998)
1. Chapter Thirteen
2. Broken Wing
3. Nothingness
4. Smile
5. The Idiot
6. Repentance
7. Bordello
8. F.S. 2000
9. All is Well
10. Unsung
11. Burn Out
12. Super Reality
13. Serve the Masses

La Muerte

Album: ''La Muerte'' (2005)
1. For the Masses
2. When The Dead Walk The Earth
3. You Could Make Me Kill
4. Malicious Intent
5. Rogue State
6. The Call
7. Of Death and Chaos (A Grand Finale)
8. Exorcism
9. Man To Fall
10. The New Gods
11. 'Till Fingers Bleed
12. La Muerte

Rise to Ruin

Album: ''Rise to Ruin'' (2007)
1. Revolt
2. Rise to Ruin
3. The War on Stupidity
4. A Question of Terror
5. Babylon's Whores
6. Speak When Spoken to
7. A Grim Charade
8. Murder Brigade
9. The End of It All



Gorefest is a Dutch death metal band which was founded by vocalist/bassist Jan-Chris De Koeijer and guitarist Frank Harthoorn in 1989. They released their debut album 'Mindloss' in 1991. After signing to Nuclear Blast in 1992, the band issued 'False' which had much more technical sound. They hired on drummer Ed Warby just two weeks before recording sessions of this album.

Gorefest appeared at Dynamo Open Air Festival in 1993, their live performance was recorded and released as 'The Eindhoven Insanity'. With the following album called 'Erase', the band slightly changed their musical style. Fans had different ideas but the sales of the album became a success.

With the next releases 'Soul Survivor' (1996) and 'Chapter 13' (1998) (Meanwhile Gorefest's association with Nuclear Blast ended, the band signed to Steamhammer/SPV) they abandoned their extreme sound and heavy image. Having no support from fans, these albums became quite unsuccessful. So they split up in 1999.

The idea of re-releasing entire Gorefest back catalogue brought the original line-up together, resulted in decision to continue as Gorefest once again. The following year (2005) they released 'La Muerte' which was one of their best albums up to date, keeping the glorious death metal sound alive.

In August 2007 they released their album 'Rise to Ruin' which has been quoted as 'A very raw and brutal death metal record. Gorefest have probably made their fastest and heaviest album so far!'.

Death Metal (1989-1995, 2005-), Death 'n' Roll (1996-1998)

Social Matters, Death

Netherlands (Goes), formed in 1989

Nuclear Blast


Jan-Chris De Koeijer - vocals, bass (Ayreon, ex-Sjolmord)
Boudewijn Bonebakker - guitar
Frank Harthoorn - guitar
Ed Warby - drums (Demiurg (Swe), Ayreon, Star One, ex-Impact (Hol), Aggressor (Hol), Tempter, ex-Valkyrie (Hol), ex-Elegy, Orphanage (Session, 1994), Thanatos (Hol) (Guest), Lana Lane, After Forever (Live, February 11, 2005), Hail of Bullets)

Alex van Schaik - guitar (1989-1991)
Marc Hoogendoorn - drums (1989-1991)
Rene Merkelbach - keyboards (1996-1998)


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