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Album: ''Christhunt'' (1991 Demo)
1. Hordes of Lucifer
2. Cadavers
3. God Dethroned

The Christhunt

Album: ''The Christhunt'' (1992)
1. Intro: Necrosapiens
2. Hordes of Lucifer
3. Christ Carnage
4. Infernal Sights of A Bloody Dawn (Morbid Rites)
5. Necromagnon
6. The Christhunt
7. Cadavers
8. Unholdin of Hewe
9. God Dethroned

The Grand Grimoire

Album: ''The Grand Grimoire'' (1997)
1. The Art of Immolation
2. The Grand Grimoire
3. The Luciferian Episode
4. Under A Silver Moon
5. The Somberness of Winter
6. Sickening Harp Rasps
7. Into A Dark Millennium
8. Coloseum Serenades
9. Fire (Arthur Brown cover)

Bloody Blasphemy

Album: ''Bloody Blasphemy'' (1999)
1. Serpent King
2. Nocturnal
3. The Execution Protocol
4. Boiling Blood
5. A View of Ages
6. Soul Capture 1562
7. Under the Golden Wings of Death
8. Firebreath
9. Bloody Blasphemy

The Ancient Ones

Album: ''The Ancient Ones'' (2000 Best of/Compilation)
1. Hordes of Lucifer
2. Cadavers
3. God Dethroned
4. Infernal Sights of A Bloody Dawn
5. Morbid Rites
6. God Dethroned (Live)
7. Unholdin of Hewe (Live)
8. The Christhunt (Live)
9. Cadavers (Live)
10. Christ Carnage (Live)
11. Necromagnon (Video-Clip)


Album: ''Ravenous'' (2001)
1. Swallow the Spikes
2. The Poison Apple (Eve and Serpentio In the Garden of Eden)
3. Villa Vampiria
4. Consumed by Darkness
5. The Mysteries That Make You Bleed
6. The Iconoclast Deathride
7. The Crown For the Morbid
8. Ravenous
9. Autumn Equinox / Winter Campaign 2002 (Part I)
10. Autumn Equinox / Winter Campaign 2002 (Part II)
11. Evil Dead

Into the Lungs of Hell

Album: ''Into the Lungs of Hell'' (2003)
1. Into the Lungs of Hell
2. The Warcult
3. Enemy of the State
4. Soul Sweeper
5. Slaughtering the Faithful
6. Subliminal
7. The Tombstone
8. Gods of Terror

The Lair of the White Worm

Album: ''The Lair of the White Worm'' (2004)
1. Nihilism
2. Arch Enemy Spain
3. Sigma Enigma
4. The Lair of the White Worm
5. Rusty Nails
6. Loyal to the Crown of God Dethroned
7. Last Zip of Spit
8. The Grey Race
9. Salt In Your Wounds

The Toxic Touch

Album: ''The Toxic Touch'' (2006)
1. Faithless
2. Hating Life
3. 2014
4. Falling Down
5. On Wings of Pestilence
6. The Day You Died
7. Away From Emptiness
8. Macabre World
9. Typhoid Mary
10. Fail to Exist

god dethroned


God Dethroned is a blackened death metal, and since their 2005 album The Lair of the White Worm, death/thrash metal influenced band from the Netherlands. God Dethroned was formed in 1990 in the Netherlands by lead singer Henri Sattler. After one demo, they released their debut album, The Christhunt (1992), on a tiny German label.

Due to problems with the other band members and the record company, Henri decided to split the band. He then formed Ministry of Terror, a thrash metal band, and released Fall of Life with them in 1994. After a European tour Henri left the band and re-formed God Dethroned.

With new band members and better songs in his back, Henri and the new God Dethroned recorded The Grand Grimoire and inked a deal with Metal Blade. Many successful tours followed in Europe, the U.S. and Japan with great death metal and black metal acts like Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Immortal, and Marduk, just to name a few. In 2006, God Dethroned released The Toxic Touch.

Blackened Death Metal

Death, War, Satanism, Ancient Ones, Dutch History

Netherlands (Beilen, AE), formed in 1991

Metal Blade Records


Henri Sattler - Vocals, Guitar (Ministry of Terror, guest for Imperia, ex-Lords of the Stone)
Isaac Delahaye - Guitar (Panopticum, Down Till Dawn, ex-Edgecrusher (Bel), Forcible)
Henk Zinger - Bass (ex-Grind Minded, Massive Assault)
Arien Van Weesenbeek - Drums (Aborted (Session Live Drums), ex-Delain, Epica (Session), ex-Edgecrusher (Bel), Down Till Dawn, ex-Imperia (Guest))

Oscar Carre (Adetar, Leader)
Jens Van Der Valk (Cantara, Autumn (Hol))

Marco Arends
Beef - also Vocals
Marcel Beukeveld
Remco Hulst (Ministry of Terror)

Ard De Weerd (Lords of the Stone)
Tony Laureano (ex-Acheron (US), Angelcorpse, ex-Astaroth (US), Aurora Borealis (US), Internecine, ex-Malevolent Creation, ex-Nile, Devolution (US))
Roel Sanders (Inhume, Disinfest, ex-Asphyx (Hol), Malignant)


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