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Monster In The Creek

Album: ''Monster In The Creek'' (2005 EP)
1. Monster In The Creek
2. Dead Man's Creek
3. Age Of Accountability
4. Throwing A Donner Party
5. Dare We Ask The Widow?
6. Lester Stillwell

giant squid


The self released debut from Giant Squid, Metridium Field, produced by Billy Anderson (Neurosis, High On Fire, Mr. Bungle, Melvins) in 2004, garnered the attention of highly eclectic progressive metal label, The End Records, and the band quickly inked a deal in 2005. Because Metridium Field is what hooked The End in the first place, the band felt like it was fit for their debut on the label. But, Giant Squid had gone through several members coming and going since that records completion, and had started to explore different creative spaces in their song writing. So, the band returned to the studio and completely re-recorded the album, taking full advantage of this second chance to re-interpret certain moments in this classic material, and make it sound and feel like they always knew it should.

The end result, now entitled Metridium Fields, showcases Aurielle Gregorys newest position as a full time guitar player, as well as revisiting and improving upon her hauntingly beautiful vocals and all of her original lush keyboard parts that she played on the first record. Aaron Gregory returns stronger than ever to his duties as angst ridden, main vocalist and down-tuned riff wielder, and original bassist, Bryan Beeson, stands his ground as always the unyielding institution of low end. A new flow of groove and rhythm played by the bands drummer at the time, Mike Conroy, reveals some of the biggest differences in feel in this new incarnation from its predecessor, in addition to the masterfully played trumpet work of Tim Conroy, tastefully inducing a vibe not commonly found in such heavy handed music.

Metridium Fields also saw the return of the legendary Billy Anderson, who engineered the record in Sacramento with the assistance of Robert Cheek (Deftones, RX Bandits, An Angle). Then half way through the recording process, Giant Squid moved to Austin, TX. There they finished tracking vocals with vocal guru and higly regarded and eccentric producer, Jason Rufuss Sewell (The Proles, Spider Silk Dress) at Nebulost Productions, who also produced and mixed the album, awakening a beast of a record that the band couldnt have imagined was still slumbering under their old songs.

In August of 2006, Giant Squid went through what it collectively feels will be the last member change in its career. At the tail end of a three-week tour of the west coast/mid west, and only weeks before Metridium Fields slithered in to stores, both Mike and Tim Conroy (Who, in addition to playing trumpet live, had taken over Aurielles keyboard parts on stage,) left the band for personal reasons. The band had gotten to tour across the entire country and into Canada, and recorded what they feel is the most important album of their career with the Conroys. Giant Squid is truly proud of the countless adventures, good times experienced, and excellent music made with them.

But, not one to flounder when left high and dry, the band immediately captured Scott Sutton and Kimberly Freeman as drummer and keyboardist, who, collectively known as the brilliant glam-metal two-piece, Ghetto Princess, had charmed both Aaron and Aurielle with their infamously explosive live performances around Austin. Now with a newly possessed energy not felt in years, and a mutual hunger for playing live, Giant Squid is more ready than ever to undertake a flurry of touring across the states and beyond, proudly playing behind their new record with their new family members.

Metridium Fields dropped in stores, August of 2006, in a gorgeous digi-pak, and to rave reviews, which in their own descriptive acclaim will describe the music of Giant Squid better than the band feels it can do itself.

Please note the following errors made in recent reviews, interviews, etc...

Metridium Fields features only TWO vocalists, Aaron and Aurielle Gregory, not three.

Billy Anderson only engineered Metridium Fields but did not produce it; it was produced and mixed by Jason Rufuss Sewell in Austin, TX.

Aurielle Gregory wrote and played ALL the keyboard parts on Metridium Fields, except for tiny guest appearances by Andy Southard and Jason Rufuss Sewell.

The band that influenced Giant Squid's middle eastern feel is Za'ataar, who play traditional Jewish music written by the Jews who lived in Arab lands, which is why it's rare.

If the copy of the record in your hands is from The End Records, it is Metridium Fields, (plural not singular) even if the glaring typo on the spine says, Metridium Field. Congratulations, you have a first pressing of the record!!

Progressive/Atmospheric Metal/Rock

Fantasy, Mythology

United States of America (Austin, Texas), formed in 2004

The End Records


Aaron Gregory (guitar, vocals, keyboards)
Bryan Beeson (bass)
Jason Di Vincenzo (drums)
Jackie Perez Gratz (vocals, cello)

Scott Sutton (drums)
Aurielle Gregory (vocals, guitar, keyboards)
Kimberly Freeman (keyboards)
Jason Rufuss Sewell (keyboards, producer)
Mike Conroy (drums)
Tim Conroy (keyboards, trumpet)
Andy Southard (keyboards, vocals)
Bill Hughes (guitar)
Dave Reynolds (drums) (ex-XL)


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