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Album: ''Gayda'' (1999 Demo)
1. Gayda
2. Dead Angel (Mertviy Angel)
3. Out Of Non-Existence (Iz Nebitiya)
4. Messiah (Messia)
5. Wild Hunt (Dikaya Ohota)
6. Polar Night (Polyarnaya Noch)
7. War Pigs (Black Sabbath cover)
8. Symphony Of Destruction (Megadeth cover)



The band was formed in August 1999 by keyboardist Sergey Banakh, guitarist/vocalist Andrey Banakh and guitarist Sergey Petrenko. In October 1999 keyboardist Eugene Lubinets came, Sergey took guitar, Andrey began to play bass. Music can be described as “gothic rock meets street punk”. It was fast but depressive and simple but symphonic.

In March 2000 rehearsal tape “Chaos” was recorded live in studio. It consisted of two songs with total playing time 12 min. Now it’s lost. Line-up in that moment: A.Banakh (bass/vox), S.Banakh (guitar), S.Petrenko (guitar), Elena Dubrovka (keys/vox); session guitarist, drummer and 2nd keyboardist. It was ultra-symphonic gothic/doom metal with growls and female voice. Some time after the name “GARDARIKA” appeared. In Autumn 2000 Elena left the band, but new
keyboardist Andrey Shaitanov & drummer Max Rukas came

In the beginning of 2001 music & lyric conception of the band was found: death/doom with folk melodies and pagan atmosphere. In January 2001 A.Shaitanov left the band. In Spring 2001 new drummer Piotr and bassist Artyom came. A.Banakh finally chose guitar. In August and October 2001 GARDARIKA played two live shows in Zaporozhye. The band stands quiet famous in its native city.

In Winter 2002 Artyom left the band and Andrey Grebennikov came. So, the core of present GARDARIKA was formed. Also new keyboardist Eugene Klyushnichenko came. In Autumn 2002 Piotr left the band. GARDARIKA remains without live drummer…

During years 2002-2003 the band worked hard on the first long-play album “Volkodav” based on the fantasy novels of Russian writer Maria Semenova. Final point was put in Summer 2003, when A.Banakh finished drum tracks to all songs. Eugene left the band. GARDARIKA stood a trio. In Autumn 2003 the first recording session begins.

Till May 2004 just two songs – “Volkodav” & “Otchego ne hodit’ v pohody?..” (“Why Not Going For Marching?..”) – & “Intro” were recorded. The quality of sound was quiet bad, and in Autumn 2004 the band started from the beginning. But demo called “Demo ’2004”, which consists of that three tracks, was self-released in CD-R format with printed b&w cover. 50 copies were spread and GARDARIKA got a lot of good reviews from different metal web-zines. Second recording session begins in October 2004 and today it still goes on.

The band plans to finish and release their debut album “Volkodav” in 2006.

Thrash/Progressive Metal

Russia, formed in 1995



Alexandr Izgarniy - vocals
Alexy Evstugov - guitar
Sergey Kuryavin - bass
Alexey petuhov - drums


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