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The Flag of Punishment

Album: ''The Flag of Punishment'' (2003)
1. Meditation for the Saga
2. Struggle for the Freedom Flag
3. Beyond of the Ground
4. In the Delight
5. Rebel Flag
6. Requiem
7. Holding the Broken Wings
8. Child of Free
9. Final Resolution
10. The Garden of the Goddess
11. United Flag

Advance To the Fall

Album: ''Advance To the Fall'' (2005)
1. Stillness Dawn (Intro)
2. Silent Revelation
3. Ancient Rage
4. Fate of the Sadness
5. Deep Affection
6. Dream Place
7. Glorious Aggressor (instrumental)
8. Whisper in the Red Sky
9. The Scenery
10. Eternal Regret
11. Quiet Wish
12. Fly with Red Winds (instrumental)
13. Under Threat (bonus track)

Beyond the End of Despair...

Album: ''Beyond the End of Despair...'' (2006)
1. Arise
2. Shriek of the Vengeance
3. Raid Again
4. Shiver
5. Point of No Return
6. In the Cage
7. Heavy Curse
8. Vanishing Hope
9. Dawn of Tragedy
10. My Last Farewell
11. Braving Flag
12. Rebirth...

Live for Rebirth

Album: ''Live for Rebirth'' (2006 DVD)
1. Shriek of the Vengeance
2. Raid Again
3. Shiver
4. Deep Affection
5. Vanishing Hope
6. Heavy Curse
7. My Last Farewell
8. Braving Flag
9. Glorious Agressor
10. Whisper in the Red Sky
11. Silent Revelation
12. Struggle for the Freedom Flag
13. United Flag

One For All - All For One

Album: ''One For All - All For One'' (2007)
1. Red Horizon
2. New Legend
3. The Night Craver
4. Aim at the Top
5. Everlasting
6. Last New Song
7. Don't Touch
8. The Flame
9. Chasing the Wind
10. Sign of Revolution
11. Cry for the Dark
12. The Sun Goes Down


Album: ''Everlasting'' (2007 Single)
1. Everlasting
2. Future Lights
3. Bleed in Chaos



Galneryus is a Japanese Power Metal band playing material inspired by metal legends Dream Theater, Sonata Arctica, and Japanese Visual Kei group, X JAPAN. The current members are Yama-B (vocals), Syu (guitar), Yu-to (bass), Yukhi (keyboard) and Satoh (drums.)

Veterans of the heavy metal scene, they set to work assembling a band. Syu, known as guitarist for the indie heavy metal bands VALKYR, ANIMETAL and AUSHVITZ, where he also served as lead vocalist, and vocalist Yama-B, who worked with bands Gunbridge and REKION, originally were joined by keyboardist A (of Valkyr) and drummer Toshihiro (Formerly of Honey Quest and Cemetary.) They soon were to recruit keyboardist Yuhki, of Ark Storm, and drummer Junichi Satoh. They were signed to VAP Records. Syu writes music for the band and contributed his deep, roaring vocals, while lead vocalist Yama-B contributes the songwriting, with lyrics and song titles in English. Galneryus has a dress style that borders on the style of visual kei, with medievally styled and leather dress, toting instruments with coloration to match.

Galneryus' first album was the Rock opera styled Flag of Punishment. Through a few loosely tied songs, this album seems to tell the story of a revolution to gain freedom, and its victories and losses. The second album, Advance to the Fall seems to be more of straightforward album, which doesn't tell a specific story, but rather tells a collection of smaller stories for the sake of standalone pieces. Cover art for both albums is that of Yoshitaka Amano, artist for the Final Fantasy series of video games.

Neo-Classical/Power Metal

Romantic, medieval, Fantasy

Japan (Osaka), formed in 2001

VAP Records


Yuhki - Keyboards (Ark Storm, Castle in the Air)
Yama-B - Vocals
Syu - Guitar (Animetal, Aushvitz, Valkyr)
Satoh -Drums
Yu-To - Bass

Shogo - bass (Shoutline)
Tsui - Bass


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