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Full Diesel Promo

Album: ''Full Diesel Promo'' (2003 Demo)
1. No Man's Land
2. Divine Streak
3. King of Defeat
4. The Sum of All...


Album: ''Gun-Shy'' (2005 EP)
1. Deathbed Lullaby
2. K.I.A. (Killed In Action)
3. Unchain Me
4. Gun-Shy


Album: ''187'' (2006 EP)
1. 187
2. 7th Day
3. 6 Feet Under
4. Black Trophy

full diesel


The grounds of Full Diesel were formed in Finland during the late Spring of 2003 after a former band Thing-In-Itself was laid to rest. Tuomas and Antti, the founding members of the deceased band, soon started looking for members in the capital city area to form a new group. Being a part of their previous band, Jesper was invited and gladly joined their mission. After a few weeks of searching for a vocalist to suit the new music, Ale was discovered. All in all, everyone in Full Diesel has gathered years of experience in a number of previous projects, performances, demo sessions and such.

The following summer and fall were spent arranging and rehearsing songs for Full Diesel's first demo. As the new material started to sound good, the band booked a few days at Clean Cut Studios, even though they still lacked a bassist. The few days eventually stretched into a week that was used to record four songs for a promo, on which Tuomas played the bass parts. It was painless to work with the studio owner Janne Kerminen, whose effort in recording and mixing the outcome was considerable.

After the promo CDs were pressed, the band started gigging and spreading the record around to gain interested listeners. Among other positive achievements, the efficient promotion of the demo led to cooperation with Bugbear Entertainment, a Finnish game developer. Their game FlatOut, which has been published worldwide by Empire Interactive on PS2, Xbox and PC platforms, includes two songs from the demo on the game soundtrack.

The first few gigs were played with Eric Lunden from The Mind of Doll on the bass, until Kim Blomberg took over the bass duties for a few months. Following Kim's departure from the band in May, Jamo was asked to join in as the new bassist and he accepted the offer. The next months were spent rehearsing and gigging with the fresh lineup.

In August 2004 Full Diesel hit the studio to record new material. The recording, mixing and mastering processes were completed in a few weeks, but the finishing touches on the stunning CD package artwork took more time. The EP, titled Gun-Shy, was finally released in January 2005. The outcome was a kick-ass recording featuring four songs worth of hard rock at it's finest! After the release of the EP, Gun-Shy has had good reviews and it also won a radio station's (YleX) demo contest plus stayed an extra week on the station's playlist thanks to voters.

Currently the band is doing various promotional tasks to gain interest from record labels in Finland and abroad in order to start negotiations about a deal. Upcoming gig dates are being booked for the next Fall as well, so come see the band when you get the chance to!

Heavy Metal

Finland (Vantaa), formed in 2003



Ale Von Diesel - Vocals
Antti Lustig - Drums (Thing-In-Itself)
Jesper Johnson - Guitars (Thing-In-Itself)
Tuomas Lustig - Guitars (Thing-In-Itself)
Jamo - Bass

Kim Blomberg - Bass
Eric Lunden - Bass (Diablerie (Fin), Mind of Doll)


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