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Discoing The Dead

Album: ''Discoing The Dead'' (2001)
1. Ninja Sweater
2. Proud To Be A Canadian (Dayglo Abortions cover)
3. Disco Rage
4. Wake Up Call
5. Whisper Dependancy
6. Rattlesnake
7. The Burning Side
8. 123-223
9. Appliance Jam Session
10. Perpetrator

Backstabber Etiquette

Album: ''Backstabber Etiquette'' (2003)
1. Second Hand Skin
2. Ballet Addict
3. A Few Words For The End
4. N.S.S.T.S.
5. Si-z'h
6. Lying Through Your Teeth
7. Living A Lie
8. Greed Whore
9. Smokin' A Fatty
10. The Burning Side
11. 23-17-41

Fuck The Facts/Feeble Minded

Album: ''Fuck The Facts/Feeble Minded'' (2003 Split)
1. Devastator (Godflesh cover)
2. Terminal Skullet
3. Fingers With Candy Tips
4. Don't Call Japanese Hardcore JapCore (Anal Cunt cover)
5. Leper Accountant
6. Merdarahta
7. The Jaquio
8. Whisper Dependancy (Video Game Version)
9. Screaming Plastic Pets
10. Rails of Freedom
11. Three Walls Maze
12. The Murderers of Psychic
13. Warynski
14. Nail Into Head
15. Dazed By Toxins

Jan Ag / Fuck The Facts split tape

Album: ''Jan Ag / Fuck The Facts split tape'' (2003 Split album)
1. JA - Blocked
2. JA - What Do you Expect?
3. FTF - Accessorized
4. FTF - Spoiled Human Race

Overseas Connection

Album: ''Overseas Connection'' (2004 Split)
1. Medicated Like A Motherfucker
2. This Means Nothing
3. La Tête Hors De L'eau
4. Born To Kill Live To Thrill
5. Unburden
6. Ventriloquist Complex
7. Second Hand Skin (live)
8. Smokin' A Fatty (live)
9. Watch Your TV, Stop To Live
10. I See Trendy People Everywhere
11. U.nion de S.ous A.brutis
12. Give Me Your Board Then I'll Break Your Skull With
13. Xtreme Music For Xtreme Posers
14. Pitchshifter Is Gay
15. Bush For Butcher
16. Chocoblast

Fuck The Facts / Subcut split 7"

Album: ''Fuck The Facts / Subcut split 7"'' (2004 Split album)
1. FTF - Secret Asian
2. FTF - Another Living Night
3. FTF - No One Remembered Who Started
4. SUBCUT - Use Seu Ódio Contra O Sistema
5. SUBCUT - Mais Um Produto de Consumo
6. SUBCUT - Em Nome de Deus
7. SUBCUT - Indústria Bélica
8. SUBCUT - Raça Humana
9. SUBCUT - Nutrindo A Esperança

Mullet Fever

Album: ''Mullet Fever'' (2005 Best of/Compilation)
1. All Hands On Deck
2. Don't Call My Slammin' Outfit Cool, Whitebread!
3. Doghead
4. Burning The Grindcore Rule Book
5. Cough Dropped From A Building
6. Mullet Fever
7. Gag Abflex
8. Honey Please! Not In Front of The Children
9. $4 Bill
10. Gated Community
11. I'm From (Europe)
12. Cue Bert And Ernie Reyes
13. Math Rock Superstar
14. Cartrata
15. Bowling
16. Yngwie vs. FTF
17. I Babysit For Drug Money
18. Red Mist
19. Me And Dani Filth In A 6-4
20. South Beach High
21. Cold Turkey
22. Instrumental (Hugs And Stiches)
23. The Words Myth
24. Unfocused
25. Fisherman's Fiend
26. If You're 555, Then You're Giving Me A Fake Number
27. You Smoke You Toke (Course of Action cover)
28. Running Outta Time
29. Day Dream
30. Mattochrondria
31. Fate of Man (Disgruntled cover)
32. Master of Puppets (Metallica cover)
33. Outro (Sonny Bono)
34. Battle Hymn
35. Revenge Tactics II
36. Just Say Yo
37. Released
38. Whisper Dependancy
39. Roach
40. Lack of Imagination
41. 409 (Beach Boys cover)
42. Whisper Dependancy (live) [*]
43. Blood Pulp [*]

Legacy Of Hopelessness

Album: ''Legacy Of Hopelessness'' (2005 EP)
1. City of Stone
2. Horizon
3. Dear Shit Book
4. Short Term Goals, Long Term Disapointments
5. Eclat-Boue-Sang
6. Make Your Grave
7. 132 And The Evil Jesus [*]
8. Armageddon Waltz [*]

Stigmata High-Five

Album: ''Stigmata High-Five'' (2006)
1. La Derniere Image
2. The Wrecking
3. Carve Your Heart Out
4. Taken From The Nest
5. What’s Left Behind
6. The Sound of Your Smashed Head
7. Dead In The Ruins of Your Own City

Collection of Splits 2002-2004

Album: ''Collection of Splits 2002-2004'' (2006 Best of/Compilation)
1. Secret Asian
2. Another Living Night
3. No One Remembered Who Started
4. Medicated Like A Motherfucker
5. This Means Nothing
6. La Tête Hors De L'eau
7. Born To Kill Live To Thrill
8. Unburden
9. Ventriloquist Complex
10. Devastator (Godflesh cover)
11. Terminal Skullet
12. Fingers With Candy Tips
13. Don't Call Japanese Hardcore Japcore (Anal Cunt cover)
14. Leper Accountant
15. Merdarahta
16. The Jaquio
17. Whisper Dependency (Video Game Version)
18. The Transformation
19. Confession (Unholy Grave cover)
20. Empty Words (Death cover)
21. What I Am

fuck the facts


FUCK THE FACTS first started taking shape in 1998 as a recording project of Topon Das. Many early recordings were made and released through various DIY labels.

In early 2000, the first full length was recorded; "Discoing The Dead" (Black Hole Productions), as well as a track for the "Worldwide Violence" 7-inch compilation (Zas! Autoprod).

Soon after, local drummer Matt Connell joined Topon and the two together decided to make FTF a full band enlisted the talents of Tim Audette (guitar), Brent Christoff (vocals) and Shomir Das (bass). Within just weeks Shomir quit and the band would never see another bass player.

The 4-four piece soon started playing shows regularly within Ontario and Quebec and in the fall of 2001, the band entered the studio to record for a split 7-inch with Italian grind band KASTRAT FOR ZAS! Autoprod/Nuclear Assualt Recs. Following the recording FTF parted ways with Brent. He was soon replaced by Mel Mongeon.

With the new line-up, the band then entered the studio to record the song "The Burning Side" for the "Goreland" CD compilation (Black Hole Productions). This was followed shortly by a Canadian tour in the summer of 2002.

Upon return FTF recorded for a split 7" with Sylvester Staline on ANVIL Of Fury Records, which also included a cover of DEATH's "Empty Words" for a DEATH Tribute CD on Mondongo Canibale Recs.

In December 2002, FTF embarked on an east coast Canadian tour. Following this they re-entered the studio to finish up recording of their full length CD; "Backstabber Etiquette", which came out on Grind It! Records.

After a small tour of east coast Canada in June 2003, Tim parted ways with the band.

The band continued on as a three piece, recording for a still unreleased split CD w/FEEBLE MINDED on Grodhaisn Records and then embarking on a US/Canada tour in August 2003.

The band is currently back in the studio working on new material for an upcoming split MCD w/SERGENT SLAUGHTER.

Newest Ep "Stigmata High Five" came out mid-2006.

Current Line-Up:
Topon Das - Guitar

Mel Mongeon - Vocals

Mathieu "Vil" Vilandre - Drums

Steve Chartier - Bass

metalcore, melodic death/groove metal, noise/grind

Life, Psychoticness, Comedy...

Canada (Ottawa, Ontario), formed in 1999

Relapse Records


Topon Das - Guitar (ex-Corpus (Can), ex-Fourth Dimension (Can), Troglodyte, ex-Vile Intent, ex-Rebulvonkenteple, ex-Kuru (Can), ex-Recondite, ex-Deamon, Time Kills Everything)
Mel Mongeon - Vocals (ex-Disjonction)
Mathieu "Vil" Vilandre - Drums (ex-Night Vision, ex-Rot in Pieces, ex-Insurrection (Can), BadTrippe, Time Kills Everything)
Steve Chartier - Bass (Organeyesed Chaos, Diefenbunker, Crack Sandwich, Kill The Stickman, False Lead, The Institute for the Correction of Current Human Evolution, ex-Botched Suicides, Disease of Tradition, Bako)

Shomir Das - Bass (ex-Evolution Fail, ex-Nefarious, Troglodyte)
Marc-Andre Mongeon - Bass (ex-Gothic (Can), ex-First of June, CrypTECH)

Brent Christoff - Vocals (ex-Kuru (Can), Fuzzybearoth)

Tim Audette - Guitar
Dave Menard - Guitar (Burnt Beyond)
Jean-Louis Wittinger - Guitar for tour in late 2006 (Putrescence (Can), Lykeum)

Matt Connell - Drums (Descend Into Nothingness, ex-Recondite, ex-Experiment In Terror, Exhumed (US))
Tim Olsen - Drums (The Donner Party, ex-Experiment In Terror, Dr. Wily & The Robot Masters, Deamon, ex-Disease Of Tradition)


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