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Cemetary Rain

Album: ''Cemetary Rain'' (2004)
1. Below The Darkness
2. Deviant
3. Wildwood
4. Benighted Shadows
5. Grey Skies Of Eternal Bliss
6. Thy Comfort Remains Betrayed
7. Spiritual Pain
8. Morbid Winter
9. Holy Hell
10. Cryptica
11. Hallow's Eve

Cemetery Rain II-The Melodic Darkness Diary

Album: ''Cemetery Rain II-The Melodic Darkness Diary'' (2005)
1. Bleeding Grey Skies
2. A Shard Of Remains
3. Tombstone Cradle
4. Desolate Path
5. The Celestial Garden
6. Burning Leaves Of Grief
7. Levitate
8. Wither Love Note
9. Decomposed Elements
10. Pain Acre
11. Melody Reactor
12. Rapture Soliloquoy
13. Benevolence In Fear

Traverse Thru Realms Of Nevermore

Album: ''Traverse Thru Realms Of Nevermore'' (2005)
1. Arrival Of Festacorium
2. The Nevermore Realm
3. Spirits Asunder
4. Lucid Nightmare
5. Rosemöör: Her Infinite Sadness
6. Churlbrood Dweller
7. Obsidian Choker
8. Meadow Of Sorrow
9. Perpetuity: Nature's Reversed Movements "the everlasting mist remains coherent"
10. 10. Morrigan's Lament *

Weeping Redolence

Album: ''Weeping Redolence'' (2005)
1. Bloodmourn
2. Epiphania
3. The Labyrinth's Atrium
4. Marionnette's Tears
5. Her Blue Eyes Blisten With Exquisite Sadness
6. Symphonies Of My Beloved
7. Left Betrayed
8. Intertwined Embrace
9. So Seductive
10. You Wilt To Bloom
11. Chastity
12. Bleedeve

Past Seasonal Hallucinations

Album: ''Past Seasonal Hallucinations'' (2005 Best of/Compilation)
1. I, Hallucinate
2. Aerial Melodica
3. Back from the Dead
4. The 5th Season
5. Isolation Cyclone
6. Fall
7. Hollow Emptiness
8. Deviant (Erotic Pain Remix)
9. Blood Rinse (Unreleased Instrumental)
10. This winter asylum
11. Her fear breathes an enlightened touch
12. Blossom
13. Forebode
14. Melody Reactor (Unreleased)
15. You, Hallucinate

Ethereal Eternity

Album: ''Ethereal Eternity'' (2005 EP)
1. Ethereal Eternity
2. Fade
3. Fairytaleland
4. Depressive State

Pillars Of A Scornful Creation

Album: ''Pillars Of A Scornful Creation'' (2005 EP)
1. Pillars Of A Scornful Creation
2. Feeding The Black
3. Crystalize
4. Pulsate: Equilibrium
5. The Serenade Vault Of Mysterious Tranquility


Album: ''Marionnette's Tears'' (2005 Single)
1. Marionnette's Tears


Album: ''Godforsaken'' (2006)
1. Dead Amethyst
2. Agromania
3. Malignity
4. The Forlorn Sanctuary
5. Perpetual Tears
6. Quietus
7. A Mystical Vision
8. Vitriolic Intensity
9. Melancholic Willows
10. Dysphoria

frozen mist


Dark Melodic Fantasy Metal = mixtures, elements & influences of gothic, black, doom, death, melodic, technical, speed, thrash, progressive, acoustic, and of course... fantasy.

Frozen Mist started off as a solo project in February 2004 by Jamie, because I felt a need to write music and to support the metal scene by utilizing a few PC programs to compose the music. It is an ongoing process. I write all original music and all original lyrics. Musically & lyrically, Frozen Mist is a genre of music that I classify as "Dark Melodic Fantasy Metal." Frozen Mist is influenced by bands such as Overkill, Serpentia, Orphanage, Eternal Gray and The Project Hate MCMXCIX just to name a few.

A year later in the wintery beginnings of 2005, I've drastically changed my music styles bent on more of lush fantasy and beautiful horror environments from my mind onto pieces of paper and into the music that I write. Frozen Mist mixes the perfect balance of horror and beauty.

A few internet collaborations from women online have helped out with vocals in the past which has given Frozen Mist that sort of "gothic" feel torwards the music with their swinging, yet beautiful operatic/soprano melodies.

The Frozen Mist album entitled "Weeping Redolence" released right after Christmas 2005 has really turned some heads on quite a few people. The very first official review has been written by Matt Hensch and can be read over at his review site here.

The "Godforsaken" album released on August 19th, 2006 features front cover photomanipulation artwork done by Amanda Abram and matches exactly very well with the lyrics and music for this CD. The lyrical content behind "Godforsaken" is simply all about desolation, isolation, complete hatred and infinite sadness. Matt Hensch's review for this CD can be viewed over here.

The "Sapphiric" CD was pretty much a rush job. I started work on this during the "Godforsaken" sessions because I have recieved new guitar samples in the summer of 2006 and really wanted to quickly experiment with them. My vocals, in my opinion, are not up to par with say the "Godforsaken" CD because I just want to get this "Sapphiric" album out of the way, hence its release in late October 2006.

In November 2006, Walt Davis from Ditch Driven joins Frozen Mist to play lead guitar for the band now, the haunting female soprano voice of Katarina Rose from "Godforsaken" rejoins for the new CD, Brandon Howey joins and will be partaking in overdubs and death metal vocals and of course myself doing the rest of the instruments and lead vox.

Dark Melodic Fantasy Metal

Love, Hate, Bereavement, Isolation, Sorrow, Horror

United States of America (Montoursville,Pennsylvania), formed in 2004



Jamie Stonge - Vocals, Bass, Drums, Keys, Rhythm Guitar (Brumous)
Walt Davis - Lead Guitars
Katarina Rose - Vocals, melodies

Taryn Graybeal - Lyrics & Female Vocals
Robert ``Gecko`` Frank - Vocals
Kathryn ``Silver`` Lough - Female Vocals
Matt Dunkleberger - Co-Composer
Sofia Baklatzi - Soprano


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