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Album: ''Necrodisaster'' (2002 Demo)
1. Frostens Grimme Klør Om Vinternatten Holder
2. Unhuman Morbid Fantasy


Album: ''Maktesløs'' (2004 EP)
1. Maktesløs
2. Koma
3. Death - My Relief
4. Ravnestrik
5. Vandret


Album: ''Varg'' (2007 EP)
1. Varg
2. Tortured
3. Thrash Against Sin (One Bad Pig Cover)



Icey Past

The whole idea of Frosthardr was created during a walk through a blizzard night in January 1997. Jokull (now: Ravn) wanted to start an extreme metal band, based on black metal.
In March 97, he gathered some friends and started to compose some metal noise. In the beginning, Dr. E did the vocals and Jokull played the bass.
But the band met a lot of problems finding the right members, so the first years were all about searching for the right ones.
Dr. E switched from vocals to guitar, and Jokull did vocals while still playing bass.
After a while, Jokull followed Dr. E and switched to guitar, still doing the vocals.

For a couple of years, a lot of persons did audition for the band, but in some strange way the band remained as a two man project for a long time.

But in 2001, something started to happen. A good friend of Jokull and Dr. E, a drummer known as Savn, started to jam with the guys, and they finally decided to try some of the songs in studio. The 2-song demo Necrodisaster 2002 was recorded in the summer of 2001, with Savn on drums, Dr. E on guitar, and Jokull doing both guitar, bass and vocals! They even performed live as a three piece band at a birthday party at some friends, alongside Gr√łde and Diamondog.

In January 2002, Ozol joined Frosthardr on bass, and now the band was ready to bring their frozen noise to the world. Necrodisaster 2002 was released in March, and Frosthardr did their first real live performance at Askim Metal Night among bands like Drottnar, Mondo Revolver, Bleedience and Questor. Later that summer they played at DP-Arts & Music festival in Blaker, Norway, alongside more than 50 other bands and artists.

In between writing new songs during 2003, Frosthardr played at Destructionfest in London, and Nordicfest in Oslo, before entering the studio to record their debut EP Maktesl√łs. The EP was recorded and mixed during the winter, adding an extra frozen touch to it, and released through Momentum Scandinavia, in March of 2004.

Also in March 2004, Frosthardr teamed up with their friends in Drottnar, and did a small tour in Switzerland and Czech Republic, including a gig at the Elements of Rock festival in Switzerland. They also played Metalafton in Alingsås in April, and a couple of shows in December of 2004.

...And this is where the past becomes the present and future...

'Black' Metal


Norway (Ullensaker), formed in 1997

Momentum Scandinavia


Ozol (Oddmund): Bass
Dr. E: Guitar, Add. Vocals
Jokull (Daniel): Vocals, Guitar (Live Session Antestor)
Savn (Pål Dæhlen): Drums (Vaakevandring, ex-Antestor)
Morten Magerøy: Session Keyboards (Vaakevandring, Antestor)


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