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Demo 2002

Album: ''Demo 2002'' (2002 Demo)
1. Adorers of Blood
2. A Cruel Verse
3. Immortals

Pure As The Blood Covered Snow

Album: ''Pure As The Blood Covered Snow'' (2003 EP)
1. Notions of Insanity
2. A Cruel Verse
3. Adorers Oo Blood
4. After Forever (Black Sabbath Cover)


Album: ''Tophet'' (2005)
1. A Terrible Visitation
2. Desecrator
3. Of Spirit And Power
4. Nightfall's Cold Kiss
5. A Cruel Verse
6. Crucifixion
7. Execution By Fire
8. Shattered Gods
9. Lord Of Darkness

Live in Omaha

Album: ''Live in Omaha'' (2006 DVD)
1. Of Spirit and Power
2. Shattered Gods
3. Rose Colored Stain Glass Window (Petra Cover)
4. Lord of Darkness

frost like ashes


Spring of 2001 saw the forming of a vision deep within the personage of a man called Sebat. This vision had a moniker given, some have thought, by divine inspiration. Frost Like Ashes. Though Sebat had experience in bands such as World Funeral and Coven as vocalist, he would begin this musical manifestation on guitar. Enlisting the talents of Eric on drums and Syntyche on bass, Sebat formed the embryo of his vision. Hailing from Kansas City, Missouri, Frost Like Ashes looked to complete its form with a vocalist. They found this completion in what seemed like a divine appointment to this Black Death Metal post. Fellow Kansas City metaller Azahel, former vocalist for the Death Metal quintet Possession, joined in the summer of that same year and within days, Frost Like Ashes finished their first song, “Immortals”.

A short time later a mutual separation occurred between the band and their drummer. Amazingly, Adonijah (former Possession drummer) had just been informed of the demise of his band Steadfast. Things seemed ordered once again. With Adonijah’s experience being added to this young band, it wasn’t long until they had recorded “Immortals” for release on the Internet. And soon a solid collection of songs was written. “Immortals” had more than 1100 downloads in the first few months of its release. Frost Like Ashes recorded three more songs in the summer of 2002. “Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence” is featured on a compilation entitled “A Brutal Christmas”. “Adorers Of Blood” was released on a British compilation called “Arachnid Terror” and the final song “A Cruel Verse” was added to three songs that were recorded in the fall of 2002 to create Frost Like Ashes’ first CD entitled “Pure As The Blood Covered Snow”.

2002 also saw Frost Like Ashes joining the forces of Sounds Of The Dead Records for the release of “Pure As The Blood Covered Snow." Though "Pure As..." was a critical success, Frost Like Ashes and SOTD parted ways in 2003. Several songs had been completed for the planned Full-length, "Tophet". Due to the folding of SOTD, Tophet was put on hold as another label was sought. With all the material ready for the public's consumption, Frost Like Ashes was a prime band to be picked up by a label. Things came together with Frost Like Ashes signing to Psycho Acoustix Records in the summer of 2004.They also solidified their line up with the addition of a keyboardist from Omaha by the name of Quoheleth. They took some time to rework the songs, with the talent of Quoheleth adding a completely new spectrum to Frost's Sound. Winter of 2004 Frost Like Ashes was scheduled to begin recording Tophet, when it became evident that Syntyche was no longer interested in being a part of the band. Regardless of the personnel problems, Frost entered the studio in Dec 2004 and plans on having “Tophet” released early 2005.

Frost Like Ashes has chosen a different path from that of most of their counterparts. While the songs are steeped in cruelty and war, it’s the lifeless forms of pagan gods that lay scattered on the battlefield in the end. With many years of experience in the Death and Black Metal scenes this new power in the metal world is gearing up to be a shattering force that can lift American Metal back to glory. Frost Like Ashes is Death Metal at its heaviest, Black Metal at its most glorious, and melds it all together into a cacophony both beautiful and cruel at its very heart. Frost Like Ashes must be heard. Frost Like Ashes will be heard.

Death / 'Black' Metal

Christianity, Anti-Paganism/Satanism

United States of America (Kansas City, Missouri), formed in 2001



Azahel (Nyk Edinger) - Vocals (ex-Possession (US))
Sebat Frost - Guitars
Ruach - Bass
Adonijah (Shane Goade) - Drums, Keyboards (early) (ex-Possession (US))
Qoheleth - Keyboards

Syntyche - Bass


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