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Album: ''Fozzy'' (2000)
1. Stand up and Shout (Dio cover)
2. Eat the Rich (Krokus cover)
3. Stay Hungry (Twisted Sister cover)
4. The Prisoner (Iron Maiden cover)
5. Live Wire (Mötley Crüe cover)
6. End of Days
7. Over the Mountain (Ozzy Osbourne cover)
8. Blackout (The Scorpions cover)
9. Feel the Burn
10. Riding on the Wind (Judas Priest cover)


Album: ''Happenstance'' (2002)
1. Whitechapel 1888
2. To Kill a Stranger
3. Happenstance
4. Freewheel Burning (Judas Priest cover)
5. The Mob Rules (Black Sabbath cover)
6. Big City Nights (The Scorpions cover)
7. Crucify Yourself
8. L.O.V.E. Machine (W.A.S.P. cover)
9. Balls to the Wall (Accept cover)
10. With the Fire
11. Where Eagles Dare (Iron Maiden cover)


Album: ''Enemy'' (2004 Single)
1. Enemy
2. Lazarus
3. Enemy (Instrumental)
4. Interview with Chris Jericho and Rich Ward

All that Remains

Album: ''All that Remains'' (2005)
1. Nameless Faceless
2. Enemy
3. Wanderlust
4. All that Remains
5. The Test
6. It's A Lie
7. Daze Of The Weak
8. The Way I Am
9. Lazarus
10. Born Of Anger



Fozzy is a heavy metal band, fronted by inactive professional wrestler Chris Jericho, and also including musicians from Stuck Mojo and on their recent album, guests from other established metal bands.

Fozzy started out as Fozzy Osbourne, a cover band assembled by Rich Ward from whatever musicians he could find on a given week.

In 1999, Jericho met Ward in San Antonio after a wrestling show, and was invited to play with the band. Jericho sat in on a few sessions, but did not plan to play with them permanently.

In 2000, unable to wrestle for four months due to a severe ankle injury, Jericho re-joined the band and became its front man (under the persona of "Moongoose McQueen"), and the band went on tour. Later that year, the band shortened its name to Fozzy, and adopting the satirical back-story that the songs they covered were originally their own, but were stolen from them by other bands.

In 2002, Fozzy played on an edition of WWE Sunday Night Heat (filmed at WWE New York), and played "To Kill a Stranger" on WWE Raw is War (followed by an angle involving Ric Flair beating up Jericho). The video of "To Kill a Stranger" aired on WWE Confidential.

Fozzy's first two albums, Fozzy and Happenstance, consisted mostly of cover songs. Their third album, All That Remains, consisted entirely of original tracks (though a few of the songs were recorded by Ward's old side project Sick Speed).

In 2004, Jericho dropped the McQueen persona in favor of his wrestling stage name (his real name is Christopher Irvine). Previously, he had sometimes pretended that McQueen and Jericho were two different people.

Fozzy's song "Enemy" was the official theme song of WWE's No Way Out pay-per-view event in February 2005. The music video for "Enemy" was released on the bonus disc of GuitarOne's February 2005 edition. The song was also featured on the TNA iMPACT! show, just a few days before TNA Bound for Glory 2006.

Heavy Metal

Life, Society, People

United States of America (Atlanta, Georgia), formed in 2000

Ash Records


Chris Irvine aka Moongoose McQueen (Chris Jericho) - Lead Vocals (guest for Nasty Savage)
Rich Ward - Lead Guitar, Vocals (Stuck Mojo, The Duke, Sickspeed)
Mike Martin - Guitars
Sean Delson - Bass
Eric Sanders - Drums (ex-Dååth)

Lord Edgar Bayden Powell (Andy Sneap) - Guitar (Sabbat (UK), Godsend (UK))
Keith Watson (Watty) - Bass (ex-Sickspeed)
Ryan Mallam - Guitar
Frank "Bud" Fontsere - Drums (ex-Stuck Mojo, Sickspeed)


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