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Album: ''Forlorn'' (1996 EP)
1. A Battle So Bright
2. Aerefull Ferd
3. Droemmefanger
4. Heroes
5. Ragnarok

The Crystal Palace

Album: ''The Crystal Palace'' (1997)
1. Lik Av Falne Menn
2. Aerefull Ferd
3. Baerer av Nordstjernen
4. The Magellanic Clouds
5. The Crystal Palace
6. Ragnarok
7. Gate of Mystic
8. Lunar Eclipse

Opus III - Ad Caelestis Res

Album: ''Opus III - Ad Caelestis Res'' (1999)
1. Distant Worlds & Distant Moons
2. Legions Of The Empire
3. Spiritshade
4. Shadow Cult
5. Phantoms
6. Necto Spiritus
7. Midnight's Overture
8. Legends Of Creation


Album: ''Hybernation'' (2003)
1. Ether Inside
2. Grow City
3. Stigmata Damnation
4. Agony Defiled
5. Cubes
6. Hybernation
7. Abuse
8. Disintegration
9. Silent Demise



There are at least 2 bands with the name Forlorn.

1.) Through the band 122-Stab Wounds, Alvarin & C. Worhn hooked up to form the fundament of Forlorn. At this point, Forlorn was still a mere project in the developmental stages. While working on their debut EP.

Forlorn signed a deal with Head Not Found to release 2 CD's. Soon thereafter, Forlorn were joined by S. Aske on vocals and the first EP was completed. The work for "THE CRYSTAL PALACE", their full-length debut, began early after the recording of the EP; and was to be the final release on Head Not Found and with vocalist S. Aske.

In 1999, Forlorn signed a 2 CD contract with Napalm Records. The release
of their Napalm Records debut resulted in the piece "OPUS III - AD CAELESTIS RES", which took a new turn in the Forlorn saga, both musically and lyrically. Still dealing with epic stories, the music went on to become more intense, yet keeping the atmospherical elements intact.

After the release of "OPUS III", a major change happened in the Forlorn camp which would prove to be a turningpoint. C. Worhn announced his departure and from there on Alvarin sought out new members who could participate in evolving Forlorn and who was sure to be devoting, all as as all...

To correspond with the all new Forlorn, Alvarin changed his artist-name accordingly, and now goes under the artist-name "Hennex". Hennex found such members through engaging a talented BM drummer, S. Winter, whose dedication and seriousness would be an inspirational source for the band. Next to be recruited was Dolgar, who by then had just left Gehenna due to internal conflicts. When asked to join Forlorn, he did with extreme dedication and with new ideas which will rock the very foundation of BM. Next in line Forlorn found Vulpes, originally a devoted and brilliant guitarplayer, but was asked to join Forlorn on bass. He accepted and has from there on been a permanent and fully dedicated member.

Forlorn also recruited Iego to handle the keys, however, things did not work out the the band hoped for, so Forlorn subsequently recruited a new keyboardplayer; B. Lonafell - a talented and skilled musician, but once again it was the wrong man for the job. These days Forlorn are happy being the strengt of four, but have recruited Kine Hult (keyboard) for live shows. And by this Forlorn has come full circle. The machinery...the horsemen...the power is unleashed - prepare for metal worthy the gods of time!

Their latest audio-chapter "HYBERNATION" has gained massive acclamation around the world, and the band are now claiming new times as well as new ground!!!

- Forlorn

2.) Forlorn, a metal act from the West Midlands in England. Exploding on the metal scene in early 2006, they have created a sound which is powerful, yet remains unique compared to other metal acts. Forlorn are known for their heavy sound and strong live performances. They have recently recorded their debut E.P, 'Hearts To War'.

Melodic Black/Viking Metal

darkness , cold

Norway (Stavanger), formed in 1992

Napalm Records


Hennex - Guitar (formerly called Alvarin) (ex-122 Stab Wounds)
Dolgar (Steffen Simestad) - Vocals, Guitar (Gehenna (Nor), ex-Twin Obscenity, Shadow Season (guest), The Deviant)
Vulpes - Bass
S. Winter - Drums (A Winter Within, Eld, Aeternus (Nor))

Sanrabb Aske (Morten) 1996-1999 Vocals (Gehenna (Nor), ex-Satyricon, ex-Blood Red Throne, Shadow Season (guest), ex-122 Stab Wounds, ex-Cobolt 60, Haggis, The Deviant)
C. Worhn -1996-1999 Guitars, bass, vocals (122 Stab Wounds)
Blod (Jan Egil Fosse) 1999-1999 Drums (ex-122 Stab Wounds, ex-Gehenna (Nor), ex-Tsjuder, ex-Antaios, ex-Agony (Nor), Painted Silence, Infest, The Deviant)
Iego 2001-2002 Keyboards (See also Cognoscenti, Penitent)
Bladorthín Lónafell (Kjell Haavard Høie) 2002-2003 Keyboards
Frode Sivertsen (ex-122 Stab Wounds, ex-Gehenna (Nor), ex-Antaios, ex-Agony (Nor), The Deviant)


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