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The Promise

Album: ''The Promise'' (2001)
1. Intro
2. Word of Truth
3. Cold Heart
4. Far Away
5. Gates Beyond Reality
6. Sanctuary
7. The Tale of Neeris - Part I: She Is Falling
8. Part II: Deadly Grasp
9. Part III: Endless Dream
10. Part IV: The Promise

All the Sinners

Album: ''All the Sinners'' (2004)
1. Part 1 - The Hideaway (Intro)
2. Part 2 - Lady of the Forest
3. Part 3 - All the Sinners
4. Part 4 - Wind Oh Wind
5. Part 5 - The Message
6. Part 6 - March For Freedom
7. Three Wishes
8. Fairytales
9. My Soul
10. Magic Fountain

forgotten tales


Forgotten Tales was formed in Quebec City in October 1999 as the result of a music project proposed by Rene Pineault (manager), as a tribute to the Power Metal movement well-known in Europe. As pioneers of this style in Canada, and eager to promote this type of music with enthusiasm, Forgotten Tales produced a few sold-out concerts before doing the opening act for the Finnish band of international renown, Nightwish, when visiting Montreal in november 2000. From then on, the idea of producing an album of original material rapidly takes shape in the minds of the band members.

In April 2001, the band enters the studio to record their first album entitled « The Promise » with the Quebec sound engineer : Pierre Remillard. The album will be mixed at the very reputable Victor studio in Montreal. In October 2001, the band officially releases their first album on the Canadian market. A few months later, one can read excellent reviews in important international metal magazines : Heavy oder was !? (Germany), Dark City (Russia), Burrn! Magazine (Japan), Hard Rock magazine (France), etc. In less than a year, the album is distributed in Japan by M&I, in Russia by CD Maximum, and in Europe by Just for kicks music.

This group made up of fervant musicians, Sonia Pineault (vocal), Martin Desharnais (guitar), Patrick Vir (bass), Mike Bélanger (drums) et Frédérick Desroches (keyboards) display some daring in producing a sound coming from the old countries. The outstanding talent that dwells within them along with the originality of a female vocal in a world dominated by men, gives them a sound that is very much their own, which propels them to the ranks occupied by bands of international calibre. Forgotten Tales music offers, the heavy metal enthusiasts as well as those fond of whatever is new, a musical performance with hints of classical, baroque and, at times, progressive influences. It stands out with its energy and rapidity without neglecting musicality. The power of its catchy refrains simply makes you want to sing them.

Following the large number of positive reviews found in various types of media (web sites, fanzines, radio stations, specialty magazines) from around the world, the band tackles the composing of music for their second album. In May 2002, the group has once again proved its worth in concert by doing the opening act for the German group Edguy on a visit to Quebec City. In November 2002, the group has returned on stage with the legendary power metal group : Gamma Ray. They made the fans vibrate to the sound of their energetic music.

The year 2003 marked the group’s return to the studio to record their second album entitled : « All the Sinners » at the end of October of that year. With the assistance of the sound engineer, Pierre Talbot, Forgotten Tales has spent six months at Menzo studio, recording, refining and putting the finishing touches to their music. The result is not waited upon. The Japanese record company M&I announces the official release of the album in August 2004; the 18th, to be more precise. This, two weeks before the release in Canada. Already, reviews start coming out from everywhere, and the list of collaborators for large scale distribution does not stop lengthening…

Today, it is with great pleasure that Forgotten Tales, a Canadian power metal band, continues their relentless work toward the attainment of their objectives. And this, to the great pleasure of the fans here and elsewhere.

Be part of the tale...

Power Metal

Canada (Quebec City, Québec), formed in 1999

Union Metal International (UMI)


Sonia Pineault - Vocals
Martin Desharnais - Guitars
Patrick Vir - Bass
Mike Bélanger - Drums
William Simard - Keyboards

Cédric Prévost - Drums
Fredéric Desroches - Keyboards (MAG (Can) (Live))


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