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a.Nimal f.Lesh - Looma Liha

Album: ''a.Nimal f.Lesh - Looma Liha'' (2001 EP)
1. K-Os Tik-Tak
2. Vhatsoewer
3. Surroundcosmos
4. My First Day Was My Birthday
5. Christ Your Name
6. Surroundcosmos [Clean Version]
7. K-os Tik-Tak [End Of The Reverse Side remix by Karmo Koppel]
8. Christ Your Name [Drastic remix by Karmo Koppel]


Album: ''Ru:mipu:dus'' (2004)
1. Outumnyo:nic
2. Never(k)now
3. The Doubletalker & The Sle:perspe:ker
4. Vhatsoewer
5. (Life) 24 h
6. Surroundcosmos
7. Into Flesh I Was Born
8. Thou-Sand-Men
9. Ple:se Disco-Nnect Me
10. Over The Deathbringer Stars
11. The Doubletalker & The Sle:perspe:ker (Rage Filled Remix by Ghost from G.G.F.H.)


Forgotten Sunrise was born in the summer of `92. The band did not have a name yet and a rehearsal room was just a dream. In the beginning of 1993 the dream became a reality and F.S. started playing on the regular basis in the new (and the first decent) rehearsal room. In the June of `93 the band recorded their first demo "Behind The Abysmal Sky". After that F.S. signed a record deal with a small label in Finland, "Rising Realm Records". In December 1993 they started to record material for a mini-Cd called "Forever Sleeping Greystones". Since "RRRecords" had slown down the release of this mini-Cd for over a year, the material which was not so fresh anymore finally saw the light in December 1994. The mini-album was received with a warm welcome in several places around the world. The spring of the year 1995 brought with it a famous local music contest "Rock In" for young Estonian groups. F.S. played several times in that contest and at the end even at the finals where they achieved the third position (there was more than 40 participants). This was followed by the most depressing period during which there was practically no band activity at all.
After this long pause there was a long-expected rebirth in August `96.The line-up was changed a lot and also the style wasn`t same as before. There wasn´t only death metal anymore, but had a many influences from trip-hop, breakbeat, techno, ebm, synthpop, shoegaze, industrial, jazz etc. The current F.S. is a mixture of all these styles. With this style (you can call it trip metal, deathbeat or whatever…) the band has released two recordings. One promo-cd back in `98/`99 (including 5 songs and 3 remixes) and one self-made mini-Cd "a.Nimal f.Lesh - looma liha" in 2000 (incl. 6 songs and 2 remixes).
In February F.S. released their new full-length cd-single "Ple:se Disco-Nnect Me" (released by ourselves in limited quantity) including also a remix by Ghost from the legendary dark-industrial band G.G.F.H..
Finally F.S. have got a deal for 2 albums with an italian label My Kingdom Music. The recording session for the first album begun in March 2003.
This long-awaited album "Ru:mipu:dus" including 10 tracks + video + remix/back-vocals by Ghost (GGFH) will see the daylight in of January (2004). :)
Over 50 live performances done, nearly everywhere in Estonia plus few times in Lithuania, Finland and Latvia. Including almost all the biggest local festivals and best places. FS has been supporting act for such a great bands as Katatonia, Hocico, Dimmu Borgir, Destruction, Moonspell, Accessory etc. Every time we play a live, we try to give 100% from us to audience and not only musically, but also visually......

Atmospheric Doom/Death Metal (early) - Electro / Industrial (now)

Estonia (Tallinn), formed in 1992

My Kingdom Music


Anders Melts - Vocals (Whispering Forest, Killemboth)
Renno Süvaoja - Guitar (Killemboth)
Andrey Voinov - Bass
Gerty Villo - Female vocals, keyboards

Margus "Kusti" Gustavson - Guitars (1992-1995) (Flytrap, East Trading Wang)
Jan Talts - Bass (1992-1999) (Killemboth, ex-Forfeit, ex-Catafalc, Solwaig)
Margus "George" Aro - Keyboards (1993-1995) (Flytrap)
Tarvo Valm - Drums (1992-1995) (Human Ground, ex-Flytrap, Misery (Est), ex-Shower)
Meelis Looveer - Programming (1996-2001)
Keijo Koppel - Guitars (1997-1999)
Alex "Drooms" - Drums (1999-2000)
Andrei Voinov - Bass (1999-2001)
Tiiu Kiik - Female Vocals, Keyboard (Solwaig)
Ott Evestus - Percussion (Solwaig)


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