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January Stars

Album: ''January Stars'' (1999)
1. January Stars
2. My Pain
3. Lost within My Self
4. I Stay with You Forever
5. Lovefire
6. Like a Lonely Wolf

A Proud Bird

Album: ''A Proud Bird'' (2002)
1. Our Passion Is Everything
2. Something Remains
3. Cold But Magnetic
4. The Fire of Your Feelings
5. The Road I Saw (Instrumental)
6. Like a Lonely Crow
7. A Proud Bird
8. Escape From Myself
9. Targetheart (Instrumental)
10. My Pain (Bonus)



Flying is a collective of four artists translating magic words and mysterious noises into chaotically sweet and ardent performances. Howling, complex, disheveled, gentle and playful, their music is at once intimate and otherworldly. It is new-dream-out-jazz-pop-noise-folk, invoking spirits Stevie Wonder, Sun Ra, Brigitte Fontaine, and Os Mutantes. Contemporary points of reference include Animal Collective, Maher Shalal Hash Baz, and Deerhoof.

Just-one-second-ago-broken Eggshell is Flying's debut full-length is out now on Mill Pond Records. The album was recorded at home, on beaches, in barns and fields over 6 months. Old accordions, broken pianos, buzzing guitars, thickets of drum claps mingle with harsh trills and murky creaks. Influenced by everything, Eggshell is nonetheless a search and discovery mission, a set of narratives balanced between song and sound, a testament of anxiety and hope; a dense, fantastic adventure.

Based out of Brooklyn, Flying have been playing around NYC and the Northeast for the past year and a half with such bands as Deerhoof, Tunnel of Love, USAisamonster, Dirty Projectors, and Lavender Diamond.

"I was pretty much blown away." – music.for-robots

"A very special album." -

"Their instrumentation and delivery suggests people who were never told or cared to learn the usual or "proper" ways of doing things…One of the most charming and original-sounding bands I've heard in a long time."
– Echoplex

"One of the most original and complex indie-rock bands to have come out this millenium…Flying is a breath of fresh air." – Aural Minority

Heavy Melodic Death Metal

Ukraine (Kyyiv), formed in 1998

Moon Records


Viktor Ozolin - Vocals
Maksim Nabokov - Guitars
Nikolay Paharuk - Bass
Eric Sivolapov - Drums

Alexander Rodygin - Bass (left Oct - 1999)
Vasily Sivko - Guitars
Alexander Druker - Bass
Alexey Saltykov - Drums and Percussion
Nikolay Golik - Bass
Katerina Gubanova - Keyboards
Vyacheslav Kosarev - Guitars
Andrey Pilipenko - Drums


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