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Album: ''Grindgod'' (1999)
1. Daemonic Exordium...
2. Perverted Intention
3. Exhumed Brutality
4. Evil Odium
5. Grindgod
6. Doomed Glorification of Blasphemy
7. A Piece of Flesh
8. Beautiful Enough To Kill
9. Kaz×dý z Nás (Master's Hammer cover)
10. Art of Horrification
11. Death And Dying
12. ...Final Desolation
13. I Will Grind Your Fingers
14. Dismembered
15. Eternal Suffer
16. Positive
17. Noise I.
18. Intro
19. Mental Dreams
20. Faces At Decomposition
21. Fleshless
22. Land of Emptiness
23. Sexual Carnage (remix)

Abhorrence of Cadaveric

Album: ''Abhorrence of Cadaveric'' (2000)
1. Intro
2. Blood of Whore
3. Pain Is Domain
4. Abhorrence of Cadaveric
5. A Damp Smell of Rotting Ovulation
6. Kdy× Ti Svítí Zelená (Olympic cover)
7. With Blood On The Hands (bonus track)
8. I'm The Part of You (bonus track)
9. Free Off Pain (bonus track)
10. Tears of Dying Children (bonus track)

Nice to eat you

Album: ''Nice to eat you'' (2001)
1. Nice To Eat You
2. The Body Bag Blues
3. Culture Meat
4. Noise Part III
5. Red Stars Hypocrisy
6. Where's Mine Resurrection
7. Defy The Fear
8. Headscratcher
9. A Roadkill Recipe
10. Breathe And Bleed
11. Hrbitov (Root cover)

Czech Assault

Album: ''Czech Assault'' (2002 Split)
1. Intro
2. Feature
3. The Story Continues
4. Two Different Ways
5. The Seat Of Waves Of Lowness
6. Outro
7. Energy Of Nucleus
8. Runtime Error
9. Chain Reactions' Domino AKA Termic Firer
10. Blue & White
11. On The Return Trip Home
12. Liars Are Winners
13. I.O.O. - Multilateral Agreement On Investment
14. Radicals
15. Acid Feelings
16. Dissolving Of Reality
17. Intro
18. Glimpses Into The Flesh Soul
19. Blood Psalm
20. Past Blossom Flesh
21. After World Obliteration (Terrorizer Cover)
22. Where Mine Resurrection
23. Defy The Fear
24. Slaughterhouse (Mortician Cover)
25. A Dank Smell Of Rotting Ovulation

To Kill For Skin

Album: ''To Kill For Skin'' (2005)
1. Intro
2. Contract Of Blood
3. Sanguinica
4. Ordo Verminosum
5. The Final Cut
6. Lifedrain
7. In Vitro / Dead End
8. The Grudge Gear
9. Amor In The Shards
10. To Kill For Skin
11. Outro



Fleshless was born in 1994 and first release was "Stench of Rotting Heads" (1993)demo and "Grinding"(1994) demo /we sold more than 1000 copies from each demo tape/ !!!
1996 : Our first split CD / MC with Mastic Scum on Ohne Maulkorb Production..we sold more than 2000 copies of this CD and about 800 pieces of cassetes..

The drum machine was a part of FLESHLESS for their two CDs: GRINDGOD and ABHORRENCE OF CADAVERIC. As of the new, 2001 CD, NICE TO EAT YOU, the band has a returned with a flesh ;& blood pulsing drummer, Vitys, in their line-up.

FLESHLESS played over 500 gigs in Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Germany, Belgium, Malta, USA,South America,Latvia, Serbia.etc.... The first FLESHLESS tour was entitled "PEDOPHILE PARADISO TOUR ┬┤98" and and the band had hit these countries - Czech Republic, Slovak republic, Germany, Malta - with such brutal bands as Beheaded (Malta), Resurrected (Germany), Bonehouse (Germany), Fleshcrawl (Germany), Centinex (Sweden) etc.

March/April 1999 - CD FLESHLESS "Grindgod" released, including complete demo "Grinding".

April 1999 : GRINDGOD OVER USA TOUR '99, about 10 gigs over all USA, also with Lividity,Pessimist, Deaden etc.

In 2000, the CD "Aborrence of Cadaveric" was released. As a bonus there was included the Fleshless part of the split tape w/Disfigured and an interactive CD-ROM track was added on the CD as well.

Summer 2000 and Milwaukee Metal fest was our second chance to play in USA and it was a great time for us..we enjoyed this festival.

November the 9th. The band flew to Los Angeles and performed 1 festival called NOVEMBER TO DISMEMBER there. On November the 15th, the band played as a Napalm Death's support back home in the Czech republic.

October 2001, the actual CD "Nice To Eat You" has been released. This time with a human drummer.

Summer 2002 : European Tour with Rotten Sound /grind masters!!!/ and Lykathea Aflame.

January/ February 2003 : South American Tour in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru..was absolutelly best time for Fleshless..many great gigs, crazy fans and great people and mystic places..thanks for everybody who help us there /Diego, Erika, Ruth, David/RIP/, Jarda, Curby..

Rest of year 2003 : many great gigs like a Obscene Extreme festival , many gigs with Haemorrhage, Lividity, Master in Czech republic,Switzerland, Germany, festival in Serbia / Montenegro

October 2003 : We recorded our new CD called "Sensual Death Immitation"

release date was December 2003

2004 : 2th April we played with Cannibal Corpse, Exumed , Kataklysm in Prag on NO MERCY fest 2004

European tour with Surgical Dissection and Laniena Mentis in April 2004 /germany, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Czech republic/

single gigs in Germany, Slovakia, Obscene Extreme festival, Volyne Open Hell, Brutal Assault fest etc...

FLESHLESS played also as support for: Cannibal Corpse, Sinister, Malevolent Creation, Six Feet Under, Hypocrisy, Vader, Samael, Fleshcrawl, Centinex, Dying Fetus...

Death/Grind (early), Melodic/Brutal Death (later)

Gore, torture

Czech Republic (Décín), formed in 1993

Metal Age Productions


Michal Filipi - Guitar
Ludek - Guitar (ex-Zvrator)
Vladimir Prokos - Vocals (ex-Zvrator)
Vitys - Drums (ex-Mortura)

Curo - Bass (ex-Zvrator)
Honza Cizek - Bass (Garbage Disposal)
Jarda - Guitar (DieChrist)


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