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Destined For Defilement

Album: ''Destined For Defilement'' (1997)
1. Whacked
2. Burning Your World
3. Chamber Of Obscurity
4. Sordid Degradation
5. Rape Culture
6. Lurid Impurity
7. Organ Harvest
8. Frozen In A Voiceless Scream
9. Litany Of Murder

The Seeds Of Abysmal Torment

Album: ''The Seeds Of Abysmal Torment'' (2000)
1. Destroying Your Will
2. Desire For Control
3. Monarch Of Misery
4. Disdain The Mournful
5. The Deviating Ceremonies
6. Hatred Embodied
7. Seas of Harrow
8. A Legion Of Illusions
9. The Supreme Art of Derangement
10. Hogtied And Hatefucked

Live in Germany

Album: ''Live in Germany'' (2002 Live album)
1. Sorrow Breed Hatred...Bleed on Me
2. Litany of Murder
3. Ejaculate on Entrails
4. The Supreme Art of Derangement
5. Anger

Murder Without End

Album: ''Murder Without End'' (2003)
1. Murder Without End
2. Sycophantic
3. Duct Taped And Raped
4. Enslaved To My Wrath
5. Displayed Decay
6. Perversion of Innocence
7. In Sickness Intertwined
8. Libertine Atonement
9. Pistolwhipped
10. Holy Pedophile [2003]



It is very rare to find a band that can properly translate their hatred and brutality onto disc, but this Chicago-based quartet have accomplished this seemingly impossible task with ease. Taking brutal one step further with "Murder Without End", Fleshgrind proves they are out for blood.

In March of 1993, Rich Lipscomb (Guitarist/Vocalist) and Dave Barbolla (Drums) formed to help revive a stagnant death metal scene. Upon recruiting Steve Murray (Guitars) and Casey Ryba (Bass), Fleshgrind was born. In November 1993, they entered the studio to record their now infamous "Holy Pedophile" demo; "Holy Pedophile" earned Fleshgrind a spot amongst the underground, selling over 2500 copies. Their next demo "Sorrow Breeds Hatred... Bleed On Me" was recorded in April of 1995 and helped the band secure their first record deal with Pulverizer Records.

The group immediately headed to Quali-Tone Studios with Brian Griffin (Broken Hope, Internal Bleeding) to record "Destined For Defilement", their first full-length album. During the recording process they also enlisted the skills of Ray Vasquez to handle bass duties. This album was released in August of 1997 featuring nine brand-new brutals. Pulverizer Records fell on financial problems, no longer able to press their disc. Fleshgrind decided to take it upon themselves to print their own copies.

Soon after the albums release Vasquez decided to leave the band and Dave Barbolla was asked to leave for personal reasons. The group wasted no time in acquiring new bassist James Genenz and new drummer Alan Collado and promptly proceeded to hit the road. After numerous shows with the likes of Broken Hope, Dying Fetus, Internal Bleeding, Malevolent Creation, Six Feet Under, Deicide, Cannibal Corpse and a five week long US tour with Mortician, the group developed a loyal underground fan base. Refreshed with new members, they began composing new material that was just as catchy as the classic Fleshgrind material, while incorporating more chaotic and technical elements. Due to their relentless self-promotion and rabid underground fanbase they caught the attention of Olympic Recordings, who immediately offered them a deal.

With a bigger labels support, Fleshgrind quickly entered the studio to record their second full length album. In November 2000, "The Seeds Of Abysmal Torment" was released and this the groups most diverse and pummeling release to date. Unfortunately, the band was unable to perform many shows in support of this record, as just before release Rich Lipscomb broke his leg, requiring three surgeries and almost 18 months recovery time. Once he recovered and the band was ready to get back on it's feet, they were hit with another roadblock in May of 2002 when their drummer abruptly left the band.

Fleshgrind soon enlisted former Gorgasm skinsman Derek Hoffman and then began composing new material. In early 2003, the group entered Studio One with producer Chris Djuricic (Origin, Jungle Rot, Novembers Doom) and came out with an album filled with an utter contempt and hatred for everything around them. The new effort, "Murder Without End", is a ten track slab of aggression that will proceed to beat the listener mercilessly with each track that passes by.

Fleshgrind's tours have included US Tours with Mortician, Dead for Days, Canadian mini tour with Suffocation, European tour with Germany's Resurrected and Sweden's Coercion. In 2004 the band was again hit with the unfortunate dilemma of losing a drummer, as Derek decided to split just before touring was to commence. A few months have passed and finally the band is back on it's feet with some new young blood. Fleshgrind welcomes Jesse Kehoe (SCREAMING AFTERBIRTH, FOETOPSY) to the fold as the new drummer. Currently the band are rehearsing songs new and old for shows and festival appearances and also writing new material for the forthcoming album. Having overcome numerous personal issues throughout their career Fleshgrind takes all of that negative energy and turns in into the most volatile death metal there is. Be prepared because war is about to be unleashed!

Brutal Death Metal/Grind

Death, Rape, Brutality...

United States of America (Chicago, Illinois), formed in 1992

Olympic Recordings


James Genenz - Bass (ex-Dysphoria (US), ex-Avernus, Dead of Winter (US), ex-Jungle Rot)
Jesse Kehoe - Drums (Screaming Afterbirth, Foetopsy)
Rich Lipscomb - Vocals, Guitar
Steve Murray - Guitar

Dave Barbolla - Drums
Alan Collado (ex-Euphoric Evisceration) - Drums
Derek Hoffman - Drums (ex-Gorgasm (US), ex-Incestuous, Putrid Pile, Worms Inside You)
Casey Ryba - Bass
Ray Vazquez (ex-Agamas) - Bass


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