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A Dream of Death

Album: ''A Dream of Death'' (1998)
1. The Rack
2. Earthbound Goddess
3. The New God
4. Another Dream
5. Unholy Rapture
6. I Am The Destroyer Of Dreams
7. All In Flames
8. Where's The Sun?
9. A Wrench In The Works
10. One Last Kiss

Lovecraftian Nightmares

Album: ''Lovecraftian Nightmares'' (1999)
1. Beyond Zimbabwe
2. Nightmare Lake
3. The Ancient Track
4. The Outpost
5. Despair
6. Whispers in the Night
7. Hounds of Tindalos
8. Nemesis
9. Festival
10. Nathicana

Food for the Gods

Album: ''Food for the Gods'' (2003)
1. Gods of War I - The Wrath of Silence
2. Gods of War II - Written in Blood
3. Gods of War III - Praise to Isthar
4. Gods of War IV - Chariot
5. The Heretic Pharaoh I - Tribute
6. The Heretic Pharaoh II - Heresy
7. The Heretic Pharaoh III - Hymn to Aten
8. The Heretic Pharaoh IV - Nefertiti
9. The Heretic Pharaoh V - Stricken
10. Woe Is Israel I - Covenant
11. Woe Is Israel II - My Name is Joshua
12. Woe Is Israel III - Divine Punishment
13. The Servant of Pain I - Food for the Gods
14. The Servant of Pain II - Malediction
15. The Servant of Pain III - The Citadel must Fall
16. The Servant of Pain IV - Cut or be Cut
17. The Servant of Pain V - Atrocity



Fireaxe is a one-man musical project founded in 1995 and based in Chula Vista, California. Driven by a vision to produce metal music that invigorates the mind as well as the body, Fireaxe creator, Brian Voth, has slaved away behind an overburdened Mac G3 and a tall stack of gear for years crafting a hard driving yet elegant sound which matches his provocative religious and political themes. Brian sings the lead and backup vocals, plays lead, rhythm, and bass guitars, does all the keyboards and programs the drum machine as well, but despite all of the limitations of working solo in a home studio the final product jumps off of the CD with a force and fury that continues to impress, and sometimes overwhelm, a small but growing contingent of Fireaxe supporters.


Philosophical explorations of darkness, violence..

United States of America (Chula Vista, CA), formed in 1995



Brian Voth - all instruments and vocals


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