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Album: ''Demo '91'' (1991 Demo)
1. Big God
2. Self Immolation
3. Soul Womb

Demo 1

Album: ''Demo 1'' (1991 Demo)
1. Sufferage
2. Crisis
3. Desecrate
4. Echoes of Innocence/Deforestation
5. Raped Souls
6. Piss Christ

Soul of a New Machine

Album: ''Soul of a New Machine'' (1992)
1. Martyr
2. Leechmaster
3. Scapegoat
4. Crisis
5. Crash Test
6. Flesh Hold
7. Lifeblind
8. Scumgrief
9. Natividad
10. Big God/Raped Souls
11. Arise Above Oppression
12. Self Immolation
13. Suffer Age
14. W.O.E.
15. Desecrate
16. Escape Confusion
17. Manipulation

Fear Is The Mindkiller

Album: ''Fear Is The Mindkiller'' (1993 EP)
1. Martyr (Suffer Bastard Mix)
2. Self Immolation (Vein Tap Mix)
3. Scapegoat (Pigfuck Mix)
4. Scumgrief (Deep Dub Trauma Mix)
5. Self Immolation (Liquid Sky Mix)
6. Self Immolation (LP version)


Album: ''Demanufacture'' (1995)
1. Demanufacture
2. Self Bias Resistor
3. Zero Signal
4. Replica
5. New Breed
6. Dog Day Sunrise
7. Body Hammer
8. Flashpoint
9. H-K (Hunter-Killer)
10. Pisschrist
11. A Therapy for Pain

Album: ''Replica'' (1995 Single)
1. Replica

Dog Day Sunrise

Album: ''Dog Day Sunrise'' (1996 EP)
1. Dog Day Sunrise (edit)
2. Replica (Electric Sheep mix)
3. Concreto
4. Dog Day Sunrise (LP version)


Album: ''Remanufacture'' (1997)
1. Remanufacture (Demanufacture)
2. National Panel Beating (Body Hammer)
3. Genetic Blueprint (New Breed)
4. Faithless (Zero Signal)
5. Bionic Chronic
6. Cloning Technology (Replica)
7. Burn (Flashpoint)
8. T-1000 (H-K (Hunter-Killer))
9. Machines Of Hate (Self Bias Resistor)
10. 21st Century Jesus (Pisschrist)
11. Bound For Forgiveness (A Therapy For Pain)
12. Refinery
13. Remanufacture (edit)


Album: ''Burn'' (1997 EP)
1. Burn
2. Cyberdyne (remix)
3. Transgenic (remix)
4. Refueled (remix)

Album: ''The Gabber Mixes'' (1997 EP)
1. New Breed [Steel Gun Remix]
2. Flashpoint [Chosen Few Remix]
3. T-1000
4. Manic Cure

Album: ''Machines of hate'' (1997 Single)
1. Machines Of Hate


Album: ''Obsolete'' (1998)
1. Shock
2. Edgecrusher
3. Smasher/Devourer
4. Securitron (Police State 2000)
5. Descent
6. Hi-Tech Hate
7. Freedom or Fire
8. Obsolete
9. Resurrection
10. Timelessness


Album: ''Resurrection'' (1998 EP)
1. Resurrection (edit)
2. 0-0 (Where Evil Dwells)
3. Soulwound


Album: ''Revolution'' (1998 EP)
1. Edgecrusher
2. Remanufacture
3. Replica
4. Your Mistake
5. Scapegoat (Pigfuck Mix)
6. Martyr

Album: ''Edgecrusher'' (1998 Single)
1. Edgecrusher


Album: ''Shock'' (1998 Single)
1. Shock


Album: ''Messiah'' (1999 Best of/Compilation)
1. Crash Test
2. Demanufacture
3. Self Bias Resistor
4. Zero Signal
5. New Breed
6. Flashpoint
7. H-K (Hunter-Killer)
8. Remanufacture
9. Machines Of Hate
10. Messiah


Album: ''Cars'' (1999 EP)
1. Cars (remix)
2. Descent (Falling Deeper mix)
3. Edgecrusher (Urban Assault mix)


Album: ''Descent'' (1999 Single)
1. Descent


Album: ''Digimortal'' (2001)
1. What Will Become?
2. Damaged
3. Digimortal
4. No One
5. Linchpin
6. Invisible Wounds (Dark Bodies)
7. Acres of Skin
8. Back the Fuck Up
9. Byte Block
10. Hurt Conveyor
11. (Memory Imprints) Never End

Digital Connectivity

Album: ''Digital Connectivity'' (2001 DVD)
1. Martyr (live)
2. Scapegoat (live)
3. Scumgrief (live)
4. Replica
5. Demanufacture (live)
6. Self Bias Resistor (live)
7. Dog Day Sunrise (live)
8. Resurrection
9. Shock (live)
10. Edgecrusher (live)
11. Cars
12. Linchpin
13. What Will Become? (live)
14. Damaged (live)
15. Digimortal (live)


Album: ''Linchpin'' (2001 Single)
1. Linchpin
2. Frequency
3. Machine Debaser


Album: ''Concrete'' (2002)
1. Big God / Raped Souls
2. Arise Above Repression
3. Concrete
4. Crisis
5. Escape Confusion
6. Sangre de Niños
7. Soulwomb
8. Echoes of Innocence
9. Dragged Down by the Weight of Existence
10. Deception
11. Desecrate
12. Suffer Age
13. Anxiety
14. Self Immolation
15. Piss Christ
16. Ulceration


Album: ''Hatefiles'' (2003 Best of/Compilation)
1. Terminate
2. Frequency
3. Demolition Racer
4. Machine Debaser
5. Invisible Wounds (The Suture Mix)
6. Resurrection (T.L.A. Big Rock Mix)
7. Edgecrusher (Urban Assault Mix)
8. Descent (Falling Deeper Mix)
9. Body Hammer (Colin Richardson Mix)
10. Zero Signal (Colin Richardson Mix)
11. Cars (Numanoid Mix)
12. Dark Bodies (demo)
13. Replica (live)
14. Cyberdyne
15. Refueled
16. Transgenic
17. Manic Cure
18. New Breed (Spoetnik Mix)


Album: ''Archetype'' (2004)
1. Slave Labor
2. Cyberwaste
3. Act of God
4. Drones
5. Archetype
6. Corporate Cloning
7. Bite the Hand That Bleeds
8. Undercurrent
9. Default Judgement
10. Bonescraper
11. Human Shields
12. Ascension (outro)

Bite the Hand that Bleeds

Album: ''Bite the Hand that Bleeds'' (2004 DVD)
1. Cyberwaste
2. Archetype (Narrative)
3. Archetype (Performance)
4. Archetype (Anime)
5. Bite the Hand that Bleeds


Album: ''Transgression'' (2005)
1. 540,000 Degrees Fahrenheit
2. Transgression
3. Spinal Compression
4. Contagion
5. Empty Vision
6. Echo of My Scream
7. Supernova
8. New Promise
9. I Will Follow (U2 Cover)
10. Millennium (Killing Joke Cover)
11. Moment of Impact

Live on the Sunset Strip

Album: ''Live on the Sunset Strip'' (2005 EP)
1. Slave Labor
2. Cyberwaste
3. Drones

Transgression Sampler

Album: ''Transgression Sampler'' (2005 Single)
1. 540,000 Fahrenheit
2. Moment of Impact
3. Spinal Compression

The Best Of

Album: ''The Best Of'' (2006 Best of/Compilation)
1. Martyr
2. Scapegoat
3. Scumgrief
4. Demanufacture
5. Self-Bias Resistor
6. Zero Signal
7. Replica
8. Shock
9. Edgecrusher
10. Resurrection
11. Cars
12. Linchpin

15 Years of Fear Tour

Album: ''15 Years of Fear Tour'' (2006 EP)
1. Transgression
2. My Grave
3. 540,000 Degrees Fahrenheit (Live)
4. Transgression (Live)

fear factory


There can be no doubt Fear Factory were pioneers in the world of heavy metal,also classified as cyber metal,their music being a direct reflection of their obsession with technology. The results remain harsh and chilling, and in the mid-90s their innovative stance influenced many bands that would go onto be branded with the Nu-Metal tag.

Influenced by the thrash explosion of the 80s Dino Cazares (Guitar), Burton C. Bell (Vocals) and Raymond Herrera (Drums) first got their proto techno-metal to the public via a couple of Bill Gould (Faith No More)-produced tunes for the "L.A. Death Metal Compilation". The material was strong enough to get them signed to Roadrunner and their career as champions of computer-assisted metal got under way in brutal style with Soul Of A New Machine (1992). The early style was coloured with the crushing power of death metal, Herrera's drumming provides a stainless steel framework for Cazares' synapse-frazzling guitars and Bell's deathrattle vocals spitting out tortured sci-fi inflected lyrics which only occasionally ventured into the clean and melodic realms. Crucially, the band were also experimenting with electronic flourishes and samples echoing industrial bands such as Nine Inch Nails, Ministry (who Burton recently did a couple of songs with *see The Last Sucker) and Godflesh; it was cold, clinical and utterly mesmerizing in an all-senses-pummeled kind of way. Cazares handled bass duties in the studio but Andrew Shives was recruited for live work.
Embracing the notion of technology-driven metal, the band handed half a dozen tracks over to Rhys Fulber and Bill Leeb of Frontline Assembly for a spot of sonic re-engineering; the result was the Fear is the Mindkiller EP (1993). It was a pattern that would hold for the next two albums. By the time of Demanufacture (1995) Christian Olde Wolbers had taken over on bass and Fulber was providing keyboards in the studio as well as on stage, augmented by Reynor Diego. Another towering silicon-hearted monolith of circuit-encrusted metal, the album was given a radical reinterpretation on Remanufacture (Cloning Technology) (1997), with some of the remixed songs virtually unrecognizable alongside the originals.
Their place secure as techno-metal pioneers, the way was clear for a spot of side-project work. Most notably, Cazares and Herrera were involved with death metal bandits Brujeria and Bell joined up with Black Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler in G//Z/R. Tangential creative desires sated, the Factory production line ground back into action again with 1998's Obsolete, a Fulber produced concept album with disticntly Terminator-esque undertones which featured a series of screenplay interludes linking the story together in the lyric booklet. The performance of Edgecrusher on MTV's Spring Break heralded a step into the relative mainstream of metal, and a cover of Gary Numan's "Cars", featuring Numan trading vocally with Burton was a radio hit. In addition, a slot on 1999's Ozzfest and their numerous appearances on the soundtracks of films and computer games made the lead up to the new millenium the bands most succesful period.
Fulber stayed on and produced 2001's Digimortal, their most melodic, though no less abrasive, sounding album. The synthesis of electronic and industrial metal was by now a seamless formula, but the album recieved lukewarm reviews and it was clear that all was not well in the Fear Factory camp. By 2002 they had effectively called it a day, a rift having formed between Cazares and the rest of the band.
With the band indefinitely out of action, Roadrunner began issuing whatever Fear Factory related material existed in its vaults; first up was Concrete, the band's previously unreleased first album, which had been recorded in 1991 at Blackie Lawless's (WASP) studio with the aid of soon-to-be nu-metal producer extraordinaire Ross Robinson who worked there as an engineer. Several of the tracks had been reworked and rerecorded over the years, but some were completely new to the fans. The Hatefiles compilation followed soon after.
Despite the fact the band had claimed they were finished, it gradually became clear that they wished to continue - minus Cazares. Archetype (2004) featured Wolbers taking on guitar and bass for what was essentially a classic-sounding Fear Factory release, while they cast around and found a permanent Bass Player in the form of Byron Stroud. The Factory was officially open for business once more. Their second album after the re-opening was Transgression. Transgression was released on the 22nd August 2005 in the United Kingdom, and on the following day in North America.

Categorization and Sound

Although "industrial metal" is usually applied, the true "metal" genre of the South-Central LA based band has been subject to moderate discussion.

Their first demos were strongly reminiscent of legendary British death metallers Napalm Death, along with Godflesh, who were not only tourmates but influences on the band as well. Ironically, some of Justin Broadrick's vocals are comparable to those of Burton C. Bell after he discontinued the death grunt and when he still used it, his vocals were comparable to Napalm Death's vocalist Mark "Barney" Greenway. His vocal style was considered ground-breaking on Soul of a New Machine because no one before had ever mixed death grunts with melodic singing and this influenced many other metal vocalists, such as Robb Flynn of Machine Head.

Moreover, as other traditional death metal song structures began to fade, they incorporated more of an "aggro-groove" or groove metal style into their sound, not so different to the style of Sepultura's 1996 release Roots - an album many long-time fans spelt as the end of the band's death/thrash metal days. This new direction put both bands on the map as nu-metal influences, even though both bands were never too closely associated with the genre, and their sound was still too extreme for radio standards. More recently on Archetype and Transgression the band have returned to the heavier less compromising style of Demanufacture.

In many ways, there was also a very limited industrial essence that made Fear Factory an industrial metal band. While Ministry were known for making industrial textures just as important as guitar riffs, Fear Factory were more conservatively heavy metal with some trance-like samples edited into cyber-fast production.

Regardless, the band has often been called a "stepping stone" leading mainstream listeners to venture into less-known/more-extreme bands, and one of few heavy metal bands consistently appreciated in the most polarizing and bitter music genre.

Current members

* Burton C. Bell - (vocals)
* Christian Olde Wolbers - (guitar)
* Byron Stroud - (bass)
* Raymond Herrera - (drums)

Industrial/Death Metal

Technology, Anti-Religion, Hate, Society

United States of America (Los Angeles, California), formed in 1990


On hold

Burton C. Bell - Vocals (Ascension of the Watchers, ex-Geezer, ex-Hated... And Proud!)
Christian Olde Wolbers - Guitars ((Bass 1994-2002 "Demanufacture" - "Archetype") (Asphyxia (Bel), Cyclone, Kush, guest in Soulfly, ex-Tour Guitars for Korn (2006))
Byron Stroud - Bass (Strapping Young Lad, Zimmer's Hole, ex-Devin Townsend, ex-Caustic Thought, ex-Unit: 187, ex-Physicist)
Raymond Herrera - Drums (ex-Brujeria, ex-Asesino, Phobia (US) (session), Kush)

Dino Cazares (Divine Heresy, Asesino, ex-Brujeria, ex-Excruciating Terror, ex-Hated...And Proud!, guest in Nailbomb, ex. Body Bag, guest in Soulfly)

Andrew Shives (never recorded with the band, despite rumors) (ex-Cool for August, Paperstreet)
Andy Romero
Billy Gould (Guest) (Brujeria, Faith No More)

Rhys Fulber (Front Line Assembly, Delerium, Conjure One, Synaesthesia, Will)
Reynor Diego
John Bechdel (Front Line Assembly, Ascension of the Watchers, ex-Prong, Killing Joke, Ministry)


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