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Satanic Doom 2002

Album: ''Satanic Doom 2002'' (2002 Demo)
1. Into the Bowels of Hell (intro)
2. Castle of the Tyrant
3. Summoning the Apocalypse
4. Warhead (Venom cover)
5. Black Riders
6. Ninth Gate (movie theme)

The Halo Of Burning Wings

Album: ''The Halo Of Burning Wings'' (2003)
1. Under the Pagan Hammer
2. Annointed in Flames
3. Red Moon, Black Magic
4. Black Riders
5. Baptized in Goat Blood
6. Tomb of the Black Witch
7. Oldschool War
8. Castle of the Tyrant
9. Return to the Castle
10. The Halo of Burning Wings


Faustcoven was started in 2002 by Gunnar Hansen, who longed for the 80's approach to black metal.
Out of a burning interest for the more riff based 80's style, and a general weariness of the trebly, synth-based, blast beat infested and tremolo-intense style of modern BM, Faustcoven was born.
Aknowledging the enormous legacy of Black Sabbath and the heavieness and atmosphere of classic doom, these elements were thrown into the mix. The lyrics are typically inspired by occult/evil 80's metal and old-school horror movies and novels.

Discography :

- The first Faustcoven release was the demo Satanic Doom released in 2002.
It included the song "Castle Of The Tyrant" and Venom cover "Warhead" among its 6 songs (counting an intro and outro).

- Next up in early 2003 was The March of Cloven Hooves, a highly limited demo with tracks like "Under The Pagan Hammer" and "Phantom Sun". The limitation was due to a lack of interest in working as a distributor of music, Faustcoven's main focus being writing and recording.

- After this Faustcoven signed with underground label Barbarian Wrath, home of a lot of great oldschool metal, with a philosophy very much in tune with that behind Faustcoven.
The debut CD is called The Halo of Burning Wings, and was the first release to feature a real drummer.
Terje Kraaboel from bands like Bethzaida and Anti Depressive Delivery expertly handeled this duty.
The CD contained 3 rerecorded songs from the demo-days and 7 other tracks (counting an instrumental).

Then ensues a long silence, soon to be broken.
A split 7'' with fellow norwegian black metallers Koldbrann will be released by Greek label Cryptia Productions.
Faustcoven recorded the heartfelt tale of a heavenly STD called Orgy In Sodom, this time with Johnny Tombthrasher behind the drumkit.
Johnny will also be the drummer of choice on the next Faustcoven album; Rising From Below The Earth.
The writing process is nearing completion, but no release date is set yet.
Due to the amount of material its still unsure which tracks will make it to the album, but titles include "Winged Messenger Of Doom", "Onward To The Bloodfields", Curse Of The Voodoo Priest" and "Throne Of Bones".

Stay tuned for this heavy and creepy journey into the deep, dark and lurid underworld of black and doom metal!

Website :
MySpace :

Black/Doom Metal

Antireligious, Horror, Satanism

Norway (Trondheim, Sør Trøndelag), formed in 2002

Barbarian Wrath


Gunnar Hansen - Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Johnny Tombthrasher - Session Drums (Ghoul-Cult, Blot)

Terje Kråbøl - Session Drums (Anti-Depressive Delivery, ex-Bethzaida, Minas Tirith (Nor), ex-Thorns)


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